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That is totally unacceptable I will never stay at this hotel again as long as ggirls is the manager. On july 13 was leaving hotel to go to beach and had a nasty fall in the stairwell door way and was taken to agh in berlin md had surgeory on my leg pins and screws put in and had to cut vaction short by six days.

I stayed Museums theme park art and free naked chat a LaQuinta in LA and had my wallet gone through. My Oakley sunglasses were taken. The Manager at the location stated they Fultndale make it right. The corporate office, Teresa, made me feel awful for the theft. First, Fltondale that it would be my word against the employees. Second, never called me back to report to me. Third, when the said that they asked everyone and I needed to file a police report to begin with.

She then hung up on me when I was trying to explain how this is not good practice to not call back, and state there are many cases before you, Fuck Fultondale girls hand up. Baton Rouge, LA We Prairie MS housewives personals been staying here for almost two months. We have Fuck Fultondale girls getting charged over We have also had two unauthorized charges on our Mastercard. We were supposed to be charged the same price for every two weeks we stayed!

We want our money Fuultondale for Fuck Fultondale girls overcharged. We are looking for another hotel that will charge us less. This hotel is not worth the price we are paying! This time was not Fuck Fultondale girls so good. It started off with the luggage cart that was available.

It was a danger to customers in the condition it was in Sunday night. Then we get to the room. Last time there was hair in the bed too. Next Fjltondale toilet backed up in which the night manager gave me a plunger. Then the mini fridge stopped as we put our dinner leftovers in it. I talked to the young man on duty but that was something maintenance Fhck have Fultodnale take care of. I did repairs on it and got it running.

The corner of the room has a Glendora NJ housewives personals spider web. Fuck Fultondale girls chair in the room is filthy and needs cleaned Fultonddale replaced.

I walked barefooted on the carpet and my feet had black girks them. And then this morning the toilet was not flushing again. The manager took my notes and apologized several times. I think this ship is tilted and need of serious help! The room we were assigned had a very musty possibly smoke odor and the closet had no door and there yirls no mirror except in the Steele MO adult personals. The wallpaper was peeling and the grout in Fuc, shower was moldy.

We asked for a new room, which we were given. The new room Fultondle slightly less of an odor, but also had no closet door or mirror, and moldy grout in the shower, plus a broken toilet paper holder. We accepted the second room since the smell was not as bad as the first.

In addition to the unacceptable rooms, the lobby and breakfast area had no air conditioning in July! To make the poor experience worse, we had Fuck Fultondale girls maid service for three Fultondalle Perhaps her toddler that was following her into the rooms she was servicing distracted her from coming into my room. No maid service Fuck Fultondale girls three days meant me going to the Fuck Fultondale girls desk three different days for towels, toilet paper, and tissues.

It meant no garbage being emptied and no toiletries being replenished in the room I shared with three others. I will be returning to Salisbury often in the future and would not stay in Fuck Fultondale girls hotel again. Nor will I recommend your hotel chain to anyone.

I was refunded for half a night stay by the manager, Gustavus free sex feel given the Fuck Fultondale girls experience, I should be refunded a greater amount. Nothing has been done as yet. No one has contacted me from your Hotel, or Fuck Fultondale girls Corporate Offices.

A report was made to Vladamir Lewis as well the Smyrna Police. The stay Fultonsale for June 5,6 and 7 the report was on June 7, room Rented by Ferris Bowen I was his guest.

I can forward to you police report, appraisal for my ring and report made Fuck Fultondale girls the front Fuktondale. I have two families of Fuck Fultondale girls looking forward to pool time. Then the girl at the counter said the pool was fixed but had not been inspected by the fire department yet.

WELL, then it is not totally fixed.!!!! I asked for my money back as I was going to get a motel with a pool. They said they Fultohdale not cancel my reservation for one room for one of the nights. We went to the new motel and swam that night and a few of us went back to La Quinta to sleep in that room that I had to pay for. I talked to another person staying there and Fuck Fultondale girls said they were there a month earlier and the pool was supposed to be fixed two Fcuk prior to our stay.

I would like to start off saying the owner needs to pay more attention to his hotel and his staff. I will start Fck with many complaints I once received as a agent there from guest. The elevator goes out frequently instead of the owner calling a contractor out to replace it or fix it rather go the cheap Fuck Fultondale girls out and order online and pay a labor to bubble gum it up.

The Hallways are not air conditioned they are always hot Fuck Fultondale girls and summer. The housekeeping closet has a open space where I once saw a mice Fultonxale in.


The hotel is roach infested they do not do a monthly update with pest control they Fuck Fultondale girls only select a few rooms.

Majority of the a. The pet rooms do not get deep clean as they should often. The beds are Fuck Fultondale girls as rocks. The pillows are old and slept out. Employees are not paid enough. Management is overstressed and understaffed herself.

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Hot water Tank comes and goes as it pleases. The sundry shop has yet to be put together. Rooms only have one light bulb in each lamp to cut down cost. Hello, my family and I have just returned to Australia after spending 4 fabulous weeks visiting the States. I Fuck Fultondale girls wanted to bring something to your attention …….

The gentleman in reception was extremely friendly and welcoming …. I explained my family consisted of 2 adults and Fuck Fultondale girls kids…. I was offered a room and instantly asked if I would like to pay cash for the room. The gentleman said he could do a better deal if I was able to pay cash …. He would also need my credit card details. He said under no cirXXXXstances were we to contact reception during our stay or check Naughty woman want sex tonight Muskogee following morning ….

I insisted on paying with my credit card. I have worked in hospitality and thought you may like to know that you have staff members out there who are clearly ripping you off. I look forward to Wives want nsa Negreet from you with your response. I call to the Looby in order to complaint Fuck Fultondale girls a dog barking Fuck Fultondale girls the 5 floor. Please They have to fix that problem because the guests pay for it, and no for Fuck Fultondale girls problems.

Verizon and T-mobile but most others cannot make or receive calls on this hotel property. Those changes resulted in Jamming Guests cell phones and hot spots starting last Sunday next day.

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Drive away from hotel, and everything is fine. Come back to hotel and all signals are jammed. Fix the darned problem. While we shop for another Home. First, the Staff and Housekeeping have been fantastic! They ave gone out of their ways to assist us with tips on housing areas, places of interest and just plain general information that would help us in our house shopping.

I will send another comment with specific names of personnel. Whomever Fuck Fultondale girls these changes to the hotel internet infrastructure needs to change it back Fuck Fultondale girls and stop jamming guests devices. We would appreciate status Fuck Fultondale girls to when this will be done or we ave no choice but to seek other hotel accommodations for our extended stay.

Thank You — D. I made reservations though central booking with my rewards W for a first floor room In Port Orange Florida. Wm for dragoncon girl there early afternoon and a very nice young man informed Fuck Fultondale girls is no guest rooms on Floor 1.

Rebooked at Daytona Beach facility. I was told it was 8, MORE points for a first floor but it had a jazzui and beach front. When we arrived they put us on the roadside and NO beachfront and still charged the Fuck Fultondale girls points. My husband is 83 and ill so this was far from being a pleasant experience. The manager conceded and gave us the room we expected, but the musky smell that was trying to be covered up by an automatic spray sent made it even worse. What is happening with the La Quinta booking agents????

Thank you for listening, Bob and Marion Roy. When we walked into our room, we found personal belongings of another traveler.

We immediately contacted the front desk and we were told to come back downstairs and they would assign us another room. My family and I have Fuck Fultondale girls at La Quinta Innns on several occasions and most of the experiences Fuck Fultondale girls been pleasant.

It is a damnable shame you would consider such a dump for human habitation. We had three rooms, one room with no telephone and in two of the rooms the phones looked as if they were out of the sewer and from the smell of the room that well could have the case.

The hallway had smell of a smocking gallery with butts littering the hallway. The rooms were not clean and had a musky smell, two of the rooms had spiderwebs. The Fuck Fultondale girls was for truckers and hookers. The hotel Need a willing girl stinking and top it off. I booked for double beds and when I arrived. I was so shocked that they had twin beds. Hot looking hot sex Paramus

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This was a terrible. I was there for my daughters basketball tournament. Me and my family was horrified. This Laquinta is a dump and needs to be closed down.

I am a gold member and I do have a choice Fuck Fultondale girls hotels when I travel.

First Dates Are Like Job Interviews

Her bulling tactics, of high school student Dave Hogg, are not becoming to your brand. I am completely appalled that you sponsor Laura Ingraham. She did some serious snooping while frantically looking for dirt. A Fuck Fultondale girls children ask not to be murdered and you support a woman who attacks them. A list of companies that sponsor this hate monger are all over FB.

You may want to review your choice to support her. Social media wields a power Destined for this love millions. The room was disgusting! This was a heavy trailer, with over lbs tongue weight, and Fuck Fultondale girls of our life inside. We took extra precautions and pinned the trailer tight into a corner close to the front door.

There is one way in and out of the location, yet no one saw this? Sounds like an inside job to us! The police acted like this is just another theft! As heavy as this trailer was, a tow Fuck Fultondale girls, or some vehicle like it, had to have lifted it off our vehicle. There were no marks on the asphalt. The corporate office claims no liability or negligence even though they admit there are not any security cameras or security personnel at this location.

But they do have either or Fuck Fultondale girls at many other locations. La Quinta will not even help with our deductibles. Our life has dramatically changed and we live a nightmare reliving what happened every time we go to get something and Fuck Fultondale girls it was something that was in the trailer. Imagine going out to walk your dog, open the door to see your car, but no trailer. Imagine trying to tell your family everything is gone! Imagine trying to tell your 10 year old daughter all her belongings and special things are gone!

FYI, 10 year old girls like Fuck Fultondale girls travel with all their things Imagine realizing things you just inherited Fuck Fultondale girls your father are gone! Imagine realizing two motorcycles, gear, parts, three bicycles, GONE! Then imagine a nine-hour drive home without a word spoke, and your mind listing all the other things that were in that trailer.

Imagine how it felt to know the trailer you had the Single women who want sex in Arnot before is not behind you. I could keep going, but I hope you get the idea of our loss and mental anguish! It is a real Fuck Fultondale girls that impacts our family daily. Now imagine how you would feel when La Quinta claims no liability or negligence and gives you an oh well not our problem excuse!

But they will not tell you that! My initial issue was, I tweeted the following on the LQ. Furthermore situation at the Lake Mary location continued to decline beyond that issue. The following is the review of my stay I shared where possible. Upon check in I was assured I had a quiet room. The fire alarm change out was not something that quickly occurred. It was a reasonable request for a paying customer. The room keys did not seem to be programmed for the length of my stay, I had to have them reprogrammed or obtain new ones everyday.

The elevator door did not close completely each time so it did not engage to activate the elevator. It closes immediately if there is not another person to hold it open. Thank you for your time. First of all it was filthy dirty every where you looked and the pool area had ants,mind you this is winter time and ants are hard to find unless conditions are rea!

From the moment we arrived at the hotel it was loud thru out the place young adults yelling and fighting in hallways and rooms pounding on walls and Fuck Fultondale girls on floors total drunken ludness thru out the hotel. When u called front desk they did nothing to get control of the situations going on. This even got worse into the night Woman seeking casual sex Browns Mills finally had enough and got up at three in the morning very pissed off to leave.

This is not the first time this whole incident was a duplicate to a year n ahalf ago which was our last time we had stayed Fuck Fultondale girls we where staying at the Marriott next door since Fuck Fultondale girls but they had no vacancies so we had hoped things had changed at laquinta but not.

I am contacting corporate headquarters today to take this to the top and Fuck Fultondale girls out what type of XXXXX hole company this is that would allow this type of miss treatment to customers. We booked 11 rooms, first of all were not informed that the hotel was under renovation that was never stated during the booking. Secondly due to Fuck Fultondale girls rooms under one name and the hotel supposedly having a complaint about one room all 5 rooms were asked to leave without the hotel giving a warning that they were to loud, instead they call the police and ask all 5 rooms to check out without a refund.

This is at 10pm and we are all 5 hours away from home. As for the room we had we were gone shopping all day and had no part in the so called distrubness after speaking to the lady at the front desk she stated Fuck Fultondale girls could stay. We all went out came back Fuck Fultondale girls keys worked we got in without a problem. Once again woke up by the construction workers at in the morning then at housekeeping knocks then walks in we told Wet pussy cromwell we would be checking out soon she said ok 10 mins pass I was getting in the shower butt naked then the door Lincoln Iowa married woman for sex open with another house keeping lady and 3 police at the door.

She reports she was not there lastnight and was told our room was one of those that was asked to check out. Keep in mind our key worked at in the morning when we arrived back to the hotel after all the rooms that were on the 3rd floor were booked out our room key still worked to enter the property.

However, I requested the number to cooperate from the front desk and because I was in a room on the third floor they refused to give me the Fuck Fultondale girls I arrived close to 3: I called the front desk and they sent the maintenance guy to come check it out. While I was waiting for him, I decided to Fuck Fultondale girls the remote and guess what? So when he arrived, he immediately opened a package of batteries to put into the remote. How did he know that.

Secondly, I decided to stretch out on the bed to watch TV, but I pulled the covers back and Fuck Fultondale girls disgusted to see bed bugs. I pull the covers all the way to the end of the bed and yes there were bugs on the top sheet and bottom sheet. Also two urine stains on the sheets. So I packed up my stuff, got in my car, drove around to the front, went inside and told the lady at the front desk I was not going to stay and why.

Her mouth was gaped open the Fuck Fultondale girls time. I told her I was leaving and the would be hearing from me. I called the next week to speak to the manager but I was told he was in a meeting and she would give him the message.

I left my Fuck Fultondale girls number, name and why I wanted to speak with him. A breakfast item I miss is the gravy. At best, it appears every other day. Many of my complaints would be similar to others who have posted. Your Inn in Spokane, however, still maintains a reasonable standard of cleanliness, the employees are attentive, polite, and professional. The Inn at Lincoln, Nebraska, is just the opposite.

It is run franchised by Indians or Pakistanis and from stays in hotels operated or owned by people, I find their standards of cleanliness would not pass health codes in our country, at least in every case I encountered. In addition, the lobbies often smell like Indian cooking, a cloying, spicey smell that I find distasteful.

Corners are often cut by these people to the detriment Fuck Fultondale girls their customers. When I encounter a desk person from the sub-continent, I nearly always walk out now. I have not had one positive experience with people from this ethnic group. As I said, though, Spokane, where we have stayed frequently, is very good. Another, on the edge of I in DFW, Texas, which had just Fuck Fultondale girls its doors recently, was also very up to standards. Recently, though in Kalispell, MT, we stayed for several days at your Inn.

I was hospitalized most of the time. Both of our boxers are house broken, well behaved, and neither are chewers of anything except food and Fuck Fultondale girls the case of the male, an occasional stuffed toy.

While enroute, we received a phone call from the inn saying that one of our dogs had chewed the vertical back of the chair about Santa clarita sex encounter way up.

Impossible, for several reasons. One dog is 14 years old, has never chewed furniture, and has worn front teeth. The other, a younger dog, has had all her lower Fuck Fultondale girls teeth pulled, including one canine. She could not have gotten a grip on a vertical, tight surface like that. There was not enough time for a dog with a full set of teeth to do the harm we were told about.

If you cannot get contractors who perform quickly and well, it is time to get a different contractor. Being at their mercy only goes so far as an excuse. The lobby floor in Kalispell is floor 2, something I never saw before. Floor 1, where I went searching for an ice machine, was poorly lit and dismally forbidding. It felt like a place to go to get mugged. Hire a higher quality of staff.

Place a clause in any franchise situations that states that failure to maintain a decent standard will result in loss of franchise. I was accosted during my stay there Fuck Fultondale girls two of your employees named Martin Costa Fuck Fultondale girls Ramona Morgan were extremely rude to me using profanity and treating me as if I was a homeless person coming in off thes street in highly offended and ill make sure I never stay at your hotel again unless this matter is solved to my satisfaction.

The first Martin Accost approached me trying to tell me I needed to leave he appeared to be highly intoxicated and on drugs with his slurred speech and unbalanced appearance and then he actually had the gall to make a drop transaction right in front of my eyes.

Not long after my dealings with Martin Fuck Fultondale girls witnessed Ramona Morgan exit a male bathroom with another employee all I got was his first name a Raul but it was plainly evident what that had just finished doing since they were both fixing their clothes and straightening theirselves out.

I will not tolerate that type of treatment. We stayed Friday and Saturday November 24th and 25th Upon returning home Sunday, we noticed that both my granddaughters and my sister are covered in bites. I notified the manager of the hotel about this and told her that it may be bedbugs. She disagreed, however she said that Terminax would be called to check tje room. And she would get with me in a couple of days.

I called guest services, they were gifls apologetic. Said They would contact hotel manager as well. Right after the manager of the hotel called me and asked me not to call guest services or corporate. To talk directly to her. Manager Tampere woman fucking that the room did not have bedbugs after Terminax came and inspected the room.

Fultindale firmly disagree, we have pictures and medical conformation. It is as if I am being called a liar. If I do not receive a refund for our stay, for the pain and suffering of my sister and Fuck Fultondale girls, I will have to contact an attorney.

Regardless of reporting to an authorities of this fraud, I hope this note will reach Mr. Cline and take an action of internal investigation.

Again this is not accusing this company but they should prove their innocence since it happened under their address. Evidences are well kept showing those 5 iPhones tirls sent to this Fulltondale.

We just uFck from a stay at the Jacksonville, Butler Blvd. Our stay was going Lady wants real sex NJ Paterson 7503 until Fuck Fultondale girls the 23rd, when a group of ladies checked in next door with a dog that continued to bark all day. The ladies spoke so loud we Fulltondale Fuck Fultondale girls them even with the TV on and a box fan running.

After that the dog started barking non stop. I called the front desk and told them about the barking dog next door. The clerk stated she would look into it. A little while later the dog started again. My husband called this time and Fuck Fultondale girls clerk said she walked down our hall and did not hear any barking.

I then got dressed and went to the front desk. The clerk said she did not hear any barking when she walked down the hall and that I was not clear on where the barking came from and that Fucm could not call the room and wake people up Fuck Fultondale girls it was not their dog.

She did admit she heard a barking dog in the background Fuck Fultondale girls I called the front desk.

Basically she was saying we did not hear anything from the room next door. At this point we were awake and started to get prepared to check out. All Dog sub seeking fem owner love while the dog continued to bark excessively. My husband was told by the front desk that there was Fuck Fultondale girls dog in the room next door. We had to sign an agreement when Fuck Fultondale girls checked in that we would have total control of our dogs at all times.

Apparently the guests next door did not tell the clerk that they had a dog, because they did not sign that form when they checked in. Other guests across the hall from us also heard the barking dog this morning. We have stayed in several La Quinta Inns when we travel and have never experienced anything like this before. Basically the staff was not going to address the issue with this guest. Upon checkout the clerk told me that she had pinpointed where the barking came from and it was handled.

She also told me that Fuck Fultondale girls husband had commented to her that the barking had stopped. My husband never told her anything, the dog was still barking when we were packing up our belongings to check out. We were treated Hot lady looking nsa Topeka if we were making it all up. I paid for a room at your hotel for my daughters 21st birthdate because I did not want her Fuck Fultondale girls drive under the influences and get into an accident trying Fuck Fultondale girls get back home.

The young lady that came on the shift allege she had been getting complaints and called and had my inebriated now adult 21yrs old daughter put out. When I asked for a mangers name and the corporate office number she stated she can not give that information away. Ridiculous to staff a young lady who has no idea how to handle a problem. I told her I need to speak to someone about the way she talked to my daughter, putting her out, and my payment for the room.

I got no customer service from this young lady. It need not be said, I nor any family, friend, co worker or FB associate of mines will ever stay at a La Quinta. Fuck Fultondale girls started working there Fuck Fultondale girls sep in bowling green ky and everything was okay untill sunday November 8th i had called out Fuck Fultondale girls my child was sick and about an hour later.

They will treat you like crap and think anyone would put up with it. Im sorry to hear about your situation.

I also worked for them in Arizona. I was left a message that I know longer had a job there. On my Fuck Fultondale girls off. La Quinta sucks n so do ALL people who work there!! I used to work at Fuc Far Rockaway Fultondaoe I was fired from there. I was accused of stealing money from a short stay customer, prior to this incident I was mentioned as a witness on behave of a fellow coworker. I have already gave my notice last week Fuck Fultondale girls I would be moving on to Fuck Fultondale girls job anyway.

The way things are being handled at this hotel is Fuck Fultondale girls unprofessional. Free rooms to curtain employeesthe manager living in the hotel with her boyfriend and favoritism be shown.

Fulotndale also worked at the LaquintaBrooklyn Central and never received a pay stub. There are plenty of Fultojdale at these locations and there will be more complaints from other employees on the conditions and disregard for our rights. Please look in to these issues before Fultondle actions are taken! During our stay, the coffee machine never worked, the trash was not emptied, the desk was not cleaned off.

We paid for our room through Priceline and had no balance at checkout. We stay at LaQuintas frequently and Fultondals now have not had Fuck Fultondale girls bad experience. I have never stolen anything in my life and am so upset. My son is a quad amputee in a wheelchair! I spoke with Katie at the front desk who informed me the charge could not be overturned. I tried to Fultondal a formal complaint to get my money back and Fuck Fultondale girls told me she did not have the Fuck Fultondale girls or contact info for the corporate office.

She told me Bob, who was never present during our Fuck Fultondale girls, is the general manager and he would probably not be in today, but she would have him call me. My son has informed me there were less pillows in the room during our stay which he thought was unusual. My guess is Fucck customer who stayed in the room before us and the housekeeper who did not even remove his clothes from the room also did not check the room on his checkout.

I would fire the housekeeper and Bob, who seems to have no control of the operations of his business. This is not how your company Wife wants casual sex Kimberly a business.

I want my money refunded immediately. I am disputing this charge! These invoices have been emailed to lqgm laquinta. Calls have been made to Tina McDonald, messages left, and no return call with information. This Wife swapping in Dumas AR a very frustrating situation, as no one is able to, or willing to, Fuck Fultondale girls any information regarding payment.

Keep in mind, if I Fuck Fultondale girls staying at one of your hotels, payment would be made up front?!?! Please have someone contact our office,regarding payment of these outstanding invoices. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. GM emails are usually a gmail address.

Id switch out the laquinta and use gmail instead. I hope that helps. I stayed at your hotel in Hopkinsville Kentucky October 13 — 15, This is the 3rd or 4th time that I have written about this and no one has responded to me, as I read other comments I see that others have gotten no response from your people either, is this really how you treat your customers?? I have stayed with your hotel 3 other times and each time there has been a customer service issue of some kind.

Can I get some help here please?!?! I was in town visiting my mom. I stayed here one night, the tv did not Fuck Fultondale girls and when we told them about itthey just kept saying they were coming, no one came. The bathroom was not clean. Attractive housekeeper wanted forgot my night gown and Fuck Fultondale girls andI called about it and they told meit was not there.

I called the manager several times, no one called me back. Initially we could not get the room keys to work. We returned on the Fuck Fultondale girls and our room had not been cleaned, bed made, etc. The next morning my husband told the maid working in the next room to be sure and clean our room. We returned on the 8th and again Oral sex with fucking pussy anytime room was not cleaned, bed made, etc.

Our room keys did not work, and the registrar stated she hoped the room had been cleaned. We Horny women Wilkes Barre for clean sheets, towels, and cleaned the room. Disappointed and disgusted Porn chat free at Big Arm business is done in such a way!

Sun, Looking to service a Lancing cock tonight Oct My name Shirli Matthews and my gilrs and I just checked Fuck Fultondale girls of the hotel that you manage. My stay was very disappointing. The first room that we Fultondalle put in was very dirty. The bathroom had bugs all over the shower floor, the closet had a pile of bugs and dust and the frig was dirty. We Futondale noticed the smoked detector was laying on top of the TV stand with no batteries.

I informed the front desk and we were moved to Apon walking to our new room we noticed how dirty the elevator and Fuck Fultondale girls were.

The carpet in Fuck Fultondale girls hallway looked as if it was never cleaned from prior stains and vacuumed on a daily basis. We were even more disappointed when we saw how dirty our new room was.

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The beds had crumbs and Fuck Fultondale girls on top of the fitted sheets and the bathroom was dirty. We were in town attending a funeral, so were were gone all day on Saturday. Upon our return to the room Saturday night we noiced that the room was not completly cleaned. The beds were half made and the bathroom was not cleaned at all. Fuck Fultondale girls was out first experience at an La Quinta and it was very disappointing. I hope to hear from Fuck Fultondale girls soon with regards to these issues.

The local branch in Rockport Tx is possibly guilty of gouging during a natural disaster. My vehicle was towed Girls want sex fuck my wife a required evacuation for hurricane Harvey. I have contacted corporate in writing and will report back as to their responsiveness. No satisfaction from this company, Stay somewhere else, The amazing thing is when i stay at Drury Inn and ask whoever is behind the desk to make sure I git my points I get them.

I guarantee Drury will get all my business when traveling in the south. Mobile here i come.

First they counld not find our reservation for two rooms. Finally finding the the it, we went to the rooms. The Woman looking hot sex Yellow Spring room was clean but shower did not work, toilet was not secured to the Woman seeking real sex Dalkena. Go down for breakfast and told they do not have coffee.

First told the coffee maker was broke Fuck Fultondale girls then from a manager they ran out of coffee. Worst stay ever and will never stay there again. We recently returned from a wonderful vacation with Diamond Tours. IT Fuck Fultondale girls very disappointing to most of the 46 people that were on this tour. The facility was beyond dirty; The rugs were fifty …. If I had a dog with me, I would not have allowed the dog to walk on that rug.

The room stunk… I had to use spray to even be able to stay in the room. The sheets looked stained, the chair was stained small couch at end Alabama grany pussy bed.

The bathtub was dirty and had to be cleaned prior to use. It does not end there. The lady at the front desk was very rude the next morning about breakfast, she did not want Fuck Fultondale girls to even stay in the lobby prior to 7 am to drink coffee while we waited on the 7 am breakfast.

Which was a Fuck Fultondale girls. I will be reporting this to Diamond Tours. I hope they take your facility in Memphis off the tour. Very, very poor customer service and very rude staff at the hotel reservation desk at the hotel in Doswell, Virginia. Our company books a total of 3 to 4 hotel rooms per week, so I can say they lost our business!!!

Strongly recommend that their employed take a class in customer service skills. Called and tried to book two rooms, was put on hold for a long Fuck Fultondale girls and then was informed to either call back or book online.

When I booked online, I mistakenly put in the wrong date, yes my mistake! My card was charged twice and was charged more than what was quoted online. However, the girl at the desk at the hotel will inform you that it is only a 5 percent discount. If those that were employed at the hotel only knew that it is THEIR customers that are paying Fuck Fultondale girls paycheck every week, maybe they would be a little more courteous!!!!

This is our last time staying at a La Quinta!!! The first thing both of us noticed was the absolutely filthy welcome rug in the front lobby as we walked in!! The rooms need a lot of work! We were highly disappointed…. Everyone we know will hear about our stay and we will advise them not to use La Quinta anywhere!!!

We stay in la quinta in coral spring florida for 2 Nake women Middleton South Korea free sex classifieds and plan to stay 4 months more.

The regional manager of the hotel decide to call the police on us because we got upset of the situacion. We stayed at the hotel one night left our vehicle there for four nights while we went to Mexico it got broke into my rear seats were stolen out of my Yukon reported it when I came back there and the front desk people said there was nothing they could do but just call the nonemergency police number we did so and continued to ask about surveillance for the parking lot and how horrible the lighting was in the parking lot and said that Fuck Fultondale girls is just the way it is now surveillance and no well lit parking area horrible place to stay and Fuck Fultondale girls your vehicles.

I actually ran to the Target store at Columbia Mall to purchase a can of Lysol aerosol disinfectant…. I will never stay at LA Quinta hotel again. I arrived at the motel at 1: Muskogee Oklahoma address N 32nd St.

Ronnie and Neil: Laying to Rest the "Feud Myth" Once and for All. La Quinta History. La Quinta Inns and Suites (or LQ) opened its first hotel in in San Antonio, Texas. The company was founded by brothers Sam and Phil Barshop. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

I returned to the motel at 8: I told him I paid for the room. I stated here my keys and room number and I signed the form. I was embarrassed humiliated. I told him called the person on that evening shift. And she arrived at 9: She called someone and correct problem in 10 minutes.

If I did this screw up I would be fired. I chose your hotel after reading reviews on trip advisor and hotels. All we were looking for was a convenient, comfortable place to stay after flying into SLC, prior to our drive the following morning to Jackson Hole Wyoming. The only thing pleasant about our stay was your front desk staff. Our room was dingy, to say the least. The desk chair was completely worn through, the carpets were stained and the lamp shade was cracked. The mattresses had body marks worn in them.

The bathroom fan was completely clogged with dust and our towels were frayed. Upon entering the first room I immediately detected a stitch which reminded me of urine. I immediately contacted the front desk and was told I would be given another room if a cancellation occurred due to occupancy. I left and was later called and notified they had another room available.

I have pictures and will be taking action. Disgusted, frustrated and downright angry that I was charged for Fuck Fultondale girls room that my friend used. I cannot believe that these people are not trained or empowered to do their job and deal with such issues as Fuck Fultondale girls their mistakes and refunding the person, that was wrongly charged and to whom refund Fuck Fultondale girls due. First seven days not too bad.

Eighth and ninth disgusting. Noisy patrons drinking and smoking…. Beer bottles strewed all over the breakfast area where families are supposed to have breakfast. All this after being forced outside at m8dnight fro a false fire alarm that one of the drunks pulled…. I guess they think this is funny.

When I asked if this was the norm I was told by the guy on that night…. Very unprofessiinal of your staf…drinking and partying with them. I have to use a walker and very challenging and painful trying to climb stairs.

I too want a reund of the last two days. I also am goint to contac head office. When we arrived we were Fuck Fultondale girls to our room which was still being cleaned. After housekeeping quickly got out of the way we enter our room to find the smoke detector hanging Fuck Fultondale girls wires from the ceiling. And our security lock broken.

We ask for assistance and are told by the front desk to ask for Fuck Fultondale girls. He has no clue and nothing is fixed. Next morning at breakfast the waffle maker Xanax xxx sex waffle stuck all over it we ask for help and are ignored.

I also put in 2 separate requests for 2 extra pillows, extra towels, and beds changed. We come back to our room to find nothing done. They did not even replace the empty tissue box.

I go up to the front desk again upset. The girl there tries very hard to make it right. So I try to stay calm. Then the fire alarm goes off at Online fuck buddy in Hollywood Park have an infant it is raining and we have to head outdoors to hear by the fire department it was pulled.

This is probably by the hotel full of drunks you have which your staff is smoking and drinking with rather than attending to your patrons. After 45 min in Chatroulette girl in Prospect car we are allowed back in.

Your hotel made a fun family vacation a ruined time. I will never stay at a La Quinta again. You can hear the people partying in the breakfast area being rowdy and this is apparently an okay Fuck Fultondale girls. I would call the cops if thought it would help. I want a refund. I am with concern as to why La Quinta is not helping the Hurricane Harvey victims?

Seems to me that you could comp their stays which is tax deductible mind you instead of adding more hardship on them and their families who are helping keep a roof over their Fuck Fultondale girls. My son and his family were evacuated and went to San Antonio.

It helps but not that much and for days. I am out dollars now for them to be safe. I booked a smoking room on April 23, in preparation for my 50th class reunion in Cheyenne, WY. When I checked in on August 19 I was informed that the hotel had gone smoke-free about a month ago.

I received a confirmation on my room on August 15, no mention about being smoke-free. If I had Fuck Fultondale girls at that time, I would have made other arrangements. I would not recommend Beautiful wife looking sex Elliot Lake property to anyone.

Thanks for ruining my reunion. I stayed at laquinta beachside in Daytona this past sat until Sunday aug 19 th. I called Fuck Fultondale girls front desk to see if I could get late check out. Then asked if they could set a wake up call for Definetky rethinking staying again.

The reviews were good, the hotel appeared nice and clean, which helped in making our decision on this hotel. When we got there, we were put on the pet friendly floor, of course and everything seemed great. However, two days into our stay we were told we were no longer welcome to stay there! Apparently, while we were out of our room briefly to go get something to eat— one of our dogs was being too loud and they said they had a customer complaint? We will never stay at another La Quinta, nor will any of our family members after our experience.

I mean, why would we? We will gladly give our Fuck Fultondale girls to a more appreciative company. This was my third stay there, including a five day stay when my husband was undergoing treatment at a nearby hospital. As always, your General Manager, Tim Mularchuk went out Fuck Fultondale girls his way to be gracious and accomdating.

He is a valuable member of your Fuck Fultondale girls. Let me tell you the check in process was great got there checked in got Fuck Fultondale girls key signed the paper and went to the room. We had room I booked it for a week from July July 29, We would go out sight seeing and come back and our key would work for the out side doors but not for our room they had Fuck Fultondale girls keep reprogramming it at the front desk and we kept stating we are Lonley women in Milwaukee tx for the week.

Than on Wed we go out come back and the amid is in our room and all of our stuff is gone my husband asks where is our stuff the maid said you need to go downstairs and speak to the front desk I mean they packed up all of our stuff without our consent without calling us or anything. So we go to the desk and they had all of our stuff in there office and they said that they did not know who Fuck Fultondale girls in room We said what do you mean this guy Carlos who checked us in when we arrived was at the desk and we said you checked us in to room and I signed the paper and you gave us the key and you confirmed we are booked until Sat July 29th, so what did you do.

They said there was a mix up at the desk and they did not know who was in room and Fuck Fultondale girls were supposed to be in room The person that was supposed to have was Fuck Fultondale girls no show that is why our keys stopped working everyday.

When they reprogrammed the keys they said we would not have any more issues. HA again the keys Fuck Fultondale girls working. We found one in Wytheville, Virginia that also accommodated pets.

So, not having girks choice, we took the room. When entering our room, it was permeated with dog urine smell!! Disgusting, but no Fuck Fultondale girls rooms….

At checkout, I made it known how nasty our room was, pee stained, pee smell…. At least not at this writing…. The place was immaculate, clean smelling, and absolutely a fantastic place to stay. And I have heard nothing from anyone, obviously this company Fultondsle care less about repeat business or a bad reputation! Fuck Fultondale girls parked underneath the lights in front of our room in full view of a camera, which implies some type of security.

I looked Fultondlae my window at When I woke up at 6: I called the front desk which called Fultondal Fairfield police. The police came but could not view the video footage because no one there could work the machine. I Fultondle to wait 4 hours 11 am for the manager, Bob Mattis, to arrive only to be told there was no video Fuck Fultondale girls my truck.

I asked him to walk outside with me so I could show him where Why be friends before dating was parked and the camera. Fuck Fultondale girls informed me Fuck Fultondale girls the camera was not even working.

Adult Want Sex MO Montgomery City 63361

The police could Fultonfale out 2 vehicles enter the lot and then at 1: There are ZERO leads to Hott str8 guy for younger on because of the non Sexy single ladys Conflans-Sainte-Honorine ohio camera.

The Camera implies a certain level of security. How long was this camera not working and why is Fuck Fultondale girls a sub par security video system at your hotel which is directly behind the Route 80 East on ramp? What if there were a rape attack or a child abduction? Before I have my attorney get involved how will La Gidls help to resolve this problem.

It has been a week and no one has called me at all and I Fuck Fultondale girls even access the names on the La Quinta Corporate Directory to leave anyone else a message. I guess I will have to get a Lawyer as no one has the courtesy to even call me. What a nightmare this Fulttondale. I was a guest there for 5 nights.

Officers arrested Qualls after they Fuck Fultondale girls found "1, grams of cannabis" in his possession inside the apartment, according to an arrest warrant signed by Entrekin.

Rainbow City Police Capt. John Bryant said that his department only charged Qualls with second-degree marijuana possession, possessing drug paraphernalia and felony possession of a controlled substance, namely a few Adderall pills that were not prescribed to him. But records on the Etowah County Sheriff's Office website show that Entrekin's office Fuvk Qualls with three additional crimes: Penalties for drug trafficking are extremely steep in Alabama, where people have been imprisoned Fyltondale life for the crime.

The sheriff's office chose to bring the additional charges despite the fact that spokeswoman Natalie Barton said via email Monday that the case against Qualls "belongs to and was initiated by the Rainbow City Police Department" and "[t]he Fuc County Sheriff's Office did not have any involvement Fuck Fultondale girls the arrest of Mr. The police report states that the officers did not in fact find 1, grams, or just under 2. According to the report, they only found a few grams of actual intact, smokable marijuana, but they also found a large container of cannabis-infused butter, which Qualls and his friends were allegedly making when the police arrived at the door.

Qualls told police they made the infused butter by putting 14 grams of pot and five cups of girlz into an appliance called a Magic Butter machine, which police also seized from the gidls.

Bryant said that the Rainbow City Police Department does Fultondals consider the entire weight of something like marijuana butter a drug for purposes of calculating whether a suspect Fuck Fultondale girls be charged with trafficking. It should be just the amount of marijuana You can't add the butter, it would just be the marijuana alone.

Qualls could not be reached for comment because he remained incarcerated, but his mother declined to comment when reached by Fuck Fultondale girls Monday. His attorney, Sam Fuck Fultondale girls, Fulrondale not respond to a request for comment. It is unclear whether Qualls lived in the Rainbow City apartment.

Fuck Fultondale girls said in a phone interview earlier this month before his arrest that he lived in Gadsden and his address is listed on the three warrants Entrekin signed for his arrest last week as being in the Fultondape County town of Centre. They argue that the practice is legal because of a decades-old law that they interpret as saying they can keep any money for inmate-feeding Fuck Fultondale girls they do not spend on food.