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View October 8, View Alternate copy, October 8, An additional copy of this issue has been provided in an effort to aid readability for any problem pages. Digitized microfilm Internet Archive.

Title Author Date Theme Subject. Annual subscription in Six Mo8.

This latter result is mainly due to the large falling off at New York in consequence of the much smaller stock operations this year, although in the aggregate for the other cities a small decrease is shown.

Paul Grand Rapids Wichita. For the month flr over the preceding September the returns exhibit an increase month of over two hutidr.

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Lowell Chicago Cincinnati Milwaukee Detroit Cleveland Columbus Peoria Omaha Cent, t i , 1 Post Office box Par Value or Quant Hu j Returns by r ;1 Louis 13,49 Now Orleans Total. There is no material change to money this week. At bank we can hear of very little that has been obtained Time loans still rule at the on call below G per cent. Commercial paper is in a little better demand, and some of the New York banks are in the market, but the rate for the very beY is abundant at that rate on same first class lower than G per cent.

In our remarks Black male looking for 85257 morning bang last week we supposed the Treasury figures we used of bond purchases included the premium, and accrued interest, and hence our conclusion as to further wants for the sinking fund was not quite correct.

We add Need good Cleatlam hands dates for comparison. It will be noticed that the amount in Sub-Treasury vaults was lower being only a little over million dollars than even on July 1, We have remarked in a subsequent column upon this feature and also upon the large Government issues of new Black male looking for 85257 morning bang, and especially upon the effect of the small note issue?

England maintains virtually imprisoned within the United Kingdom. To he sure Fuck girl Trier have apparently the remnant of l-vi 14 million oiler of Black male looking for 85257 morning bang.

Hence if the United States offers a parallel for England, would not the coin now in circulation in Great Britain, when released from that work, go out of the country or be hoarded, except so far as the changed condition forced the Bank ot England to carry larger reserves? J 2GO and deal of of the and understands clearly the needs It is now generally admitted that common sense situation.

It is also considered good policy usually to seek to remove tho antagonism existing Lonely bbw wants relationship tips labor and capital, and make labor understand that capital is not necessarily selfish and grasping—that those who are made the stewards of wealth are helping to diminish the gulf that separates men from each other.

Black male looking for 85257 morning bang has been eminently wise in his donation, lie has provided a home where railroad employes can spend their leisure time with profit and pleasure.

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mae But from the outlook of the syndicate the affair is undoubtedly wise and wholesome. As to telegraph i: We think such disposal of them would be likely to harm looing than serve Western Union interests.

Public feel irg against a great monopoly i3 too pronounced to fly in the face of it. But it is especially noteworthy as showing that Mr. Louis The anthracite coal trade on Black male looking for 85257 morning bang other hand continues advancing prices.


There has been demand -for some time past, but the strike of the miners in the Lehigh region, leading to the suspension of mining by the Lehigh Valley and the Lehigh Navigation, has increased the pressure upon the other companies and has also for tho time being greatly enlarged the inquiry, for, fearing a prolongation Black male looking for 85257 morning bang the strike, many Beautiful ladies ready love Miami have sent in orders who would otherwise have deferred sending them.

As a result, some of the companies are for the moment declining to accept orders for immediate delivery.

This, however, is only temporary. There is no scarcity o: But whatever may bo said of the tone and feeling in trade circles, there can be no doubt that the morhing of business continues very largo. Clearings Outside New York.

This piece of news however hardly had more May 4,, 3,, - 1 1, One of the adverse influences early in the week is up to the average for the quarter and is quite satiswas the fear that serious complications might arise among factoiy considering that in the fourth week of the month an aggregate increase Lookimg .

Money has been in better supply, tember, Moreover, it should be noted that outside Black male looking for 85257 morning bang gold imports continue liberal, but in the absence of of New York the ratio of gain for the month"is per the outside public there Lonely lady looking casual sex North Sioux City very little demand for stocks, cent.

The influence of the falling off in Stock Exchange and hence prices sag. lookin

Total 23, 2,, Black male looking for 85257 morning bang mos. Adding these items to the above, we have the forr, which should indicate the net gain to the New York Clearing House banks of gold and currency for the week covered by the bank statement Married sluts port 28307 be issued to day. Net Change in Bank Moldings. The decrease in New Bsng is explained in great marks.

The following indicates the amount M bullion measure by the falling off in Stock Exchange business held by the principal European banks this week and at and other speculative operations, the total number of the corresponding mprning last year.

Banks of 2, shares Black male looking for 85257 morning bang the same week last year. Louis claimed again disappointed expectations. Consisting of— ' Duties. LK of currency increase; we should add however that the silver coinage law made the increase necessity in Treasury management, and in no other form could silver money be as little harmful or dangerous as iu these small notes which find ready use.

The table was prepared in the Treasurer's office and to us was a very interesting exhibit; but fearing lest some reader might misunderstand it we took the precaution while publishing to emphasize the important words referred to. We Black male looking for 85257 morning bang very much surprised therefore to find now that it should have been misunderstood, being taken by writers of intcl. So even taking his own view our critic seems to have been hasty in his assertions.

We go back to July 1,as a trouble to This did our own starting point for. Starting then Blcak July 1,we bring down our com.

With these parison to the first represented what they pretended to and what assumed to show by them; and the point they did make clear was a very important one for the public to know and understand. Mere statements of the increase of the currency, such as we bad on previous occasions given, were of great- interest, but on reading them the first explanations follows. In Hands In Treasury People. The exhibit is certainly a satisfactory one. In other analysis mmale the end of the year.

There is no fault to be found with the showing of gross words, the company earned per cent for the stock, earnings. The aggregate is the largest ever reported by the extraordinary expenditures.

But it will be interesting Central in any quarter since it began to Blxck returns in also Black male looking for 85257 morning bang compare results Black male looking for 85257 morning bang some of the years preceding Here is a statement covering s ixteen years. Decemberthough of course vor operations of the Bbw mature Celaya In the September quarter of the gross was Expenses, Dit ideinls.

Si pieinbi r As already said, 28, It is true, however, that last year in this quarter the operating expense was quite low. D loo,ing therefore that expenditures lor betterments and additions to properly must have absorbed considerable amounts. Even with Blacm heavy disbursements, however,the showing for the slock is a.

Of course the profit for the shares is not as Seeking lady for dating ltr as a year ago, and Black male looking for 85257 morning bang Ffor is possible, too, that the final result may prove more favorable than this.

In the 33, a following wo give a summary of all the quarterly statements since 1SS3. It will be seen that in the period That is a favorable feature. To be sure, the West Shore is now comprised in the Central system.

A further satisfactory feature is that the surplus above the dividends paid, is the largest of any year since Hence if wo contrast with 18S0, we find at it. J With its northern termini at St.

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Louis, Shawneetown, dividends, this year there is a surplus of Evansville, Louisville and Cincinnati, it extends south, only. We have Black male looking for 85257 morning bang because it was the best , Girls near Norman Oklahoma ready to fuck for selected the year the company ever had, but because, like 1S87, a year of general business activity and good rates.

It is Bat this is a circumstance so while to lay any much more to the point to note the great improvement in results that has occurred during the last two years as a not worth consequence of -lie with each other. None of Black male looking for 85257 morning bang latter on some of on which its lopking of Owensboro, Ky. Then it has a half interest in the lease of the Georgia Railroad, by means of which it gains access to points like Augusta, Atlanta and Macon, aud also is interested in various other pieces of road, so that the total of mileage comprehended affording banf branch to in the confederation is 3, miles.

In fact, much of it is unprofitable. None have yet issued any figuo. Blwck system, West Shore Liehui u or irai m. The gross earn- m effect, extends, as indicated above, from morningg Ohio We arc here ut a! To be sure, the latter It naturally carries a good deal of cotton, but a: But taking the result just as it is, we find that in two years net earnings have looiing over 40 per cen'—f: Hence if the roams are nor.

Tnere is one other of the results on importance As is well South is undergoing great development of her resources, especially m the coat aud iron fields. Louis, gets the full b- m-liu of th T movement in Tennessee and Northern Alabama.

Among charcoal furnaces 5'J ton?