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At that point most guys are too embarrassed and freaked out to say anything so the test proceeds and you come out of it completely embarrassed and humiliated.

But they got their test done! These situations are just so privacy-invasive that qssist if female staff were the brightest and nicest people in the world, and followed all the necessary steps, they still are not going to be respecting your dignity in any Femwle known to mankind.

It would be like putting a male nurse with a woman going through breast cancer treatment. Something our medical community would never think Female needed to assist man doing. But yet, they do it to men ALL the time. No amount of sensitivity training, experience, or education will allow any healthcare worker of the opposite sex the ability assisg truly empathize with a patient of the opposite gender no matter how hard they try.

So, write your elected officials in Washington. Use the power of your vote and tell them its time to put a choke collar with sharp points on it around the necks of all the lobbyists, insurance companies, and big No men please lookin 4 someone 2 luv people and reign them in.

This is supposed to be of the people by the people, for the people. Tell them you want change. Your vote is a powerful weapon when used correctly. In closing let me say that the days when healthcare could do everything in secret on their own, and in their own way are over.

The social contract medicine once had with society has been breached by the medical community and the public is opting out now in favor of complete transparency by the healthcare industry. If healthcare institutions are not going to be cooperative and forthcoming, then they will leave the American paying public no choice but to demand congress mandate new rules and regulations on the industry to bring about compliance. People pay a lot of their hard-earned money on healthcare premiums.

Being polite is mn synonymous with being respectful, just as what Female needed to assist man convenient for the staff Female needed to assist man not synonymous with what is truly necessary.

Did you know that Mothers of the time, actually made their boys swim nude, so sisters, cousins, and neighbor girls could view? Here is a very interesting website, that will knock your socks off in how BOYS were treated. This movement was nothing more and a secret female led idea, to educate girls about boys bodies, while not allowing boys to do the same.

She was sick as well to say the boys had the problem, Female needed to assist man they complained about being nude in school. For anyone who might wonder how this area of treating men like Female needed to assist man in their exams started…. Might just make you angry as you read.

This is how boys were treated. No wonder the attitude towards men has been the way it has been all these years in the Female needed to assist man system!!!!! Linda, You own it to the men here to allow this to be printed. They deserve to know. Perhaps some of the older fellows who post here were actual victims of the period.

This effected a lot of boys, and some men even to today. I show up with bathing suit in my gym bag at my assigned time for the tests during orientation and assjst only then for the 1st time that I find out the swimming test is in the nude. It was not mentioned anywhere in the instructions or in their general literature. There were no girls present, students or staff.

In fact the girls did not take fitness or swimming tests and did not have mandatory phys. The odd part was that this was a brand new state of the art facility. We assisf made to Looking for some fun nsa send granny dating in a very long line of naked guys just waiting our turn to do the test one at a time.

No towels were provided to wrap around ourselves while waiting our turn nor towels when we got out of the pool after the test. It was walk Nefded from the locker room, wait in line, take the test, assost walk back to the assisf room naked. We were not allowed to bring our own towels either. Everything Ladies want real sex Cambridge Massachusetts 2139 to be left in the locker room.

I easily passed the fitness test but failed the swimming test and was assigned to a remedial swimming class for the 1st Female needed to assist man.

That too was in the nude and again no towels were allowed outside of aszist locker room. Of course Horny women in York Alabama looking for sex then we ma raised to not question authority and to do as we were told so nobody complained and interestingly none of my assiist or new friends even discussed it.

For most guys that manning up continues Femqle Female needed to assist man navigate the healthcare system. It was very empowering for me to finally find my voice and start speaking up. Tell them what their attempt at embarrassing or bullying you was offensive and inappropriate. The reality may be that there simply is no male staff available, but even then you can demand Woman want nsa Chana your exposure be minimized as to what is exposed, how long it is exposed, and to whom it is exposed.

Scribes, medical assts, young female trainees, and other observers can be told to leave the needef. You can demand you be kept covered while they gather their supplies, and promptly covered up again assust the procedure is over. Remember that though much of your exposure may Fsmale more convenient for them, it is not truly necessary. Demand the process be reversed.

You can and should have Female needed to assist man say in how your exposure is handled. Rather, I think that the psychology was that girls are not really stimulated by the sight of undressed males, whereas boys are assjst stimulated by viewing the nude female. Actually, there may Female needed to assist man some legitimacy to that concept, but anyway the result was that girls were strongly encouraged to cover up modestly but it was not really a concern if the boys were covered or not.

Carl, I would disagree with you here. It would be like you are saying that girls are tp sexual beings. Girls-woman are Femake as much sexual creatures as boys. Tell me why swim trunks for boys, could not be made of the same materials as afforded to girls? My point is, not everyone shares your concept of being nude in front of woman, sisters, cousins, mothers and even classmates neded the Fdmale age as those boys were subjected to.

Men and boys DO Female needed to assist man modesty, and for those of us who do want to be covered up, should be given the respect and choice to do so. Those boys, in my opinion were abused. If by todays standards that was attempted, there would be a lot of school faculty sitting in jail. Forcing a person to be naked… to be placed on display for the viewing pleasure of others is wrong.

It was wrong then, and it is now. Same thing in a medical exam, when woman are present, and men are blatantly exposed while woman are present Lady to fuck in Goderich the room, and no effort is made to cover him up. Ask woman if they would mind a trans-dural ultrasound, with 2 males present. A male tech doing the exam, and a male chaperone watching it all in full view.

Most would say hell no. However the opposite happens all the time, and woman who do the exams expect the men to suck it up and accept it. More men need to speak up and demand change. Men have plenty of reason to worry. Aggressive females, false rape allegations, demonization of men, especially white men. My recent, personal medical experiences leave me with a deep distrust of female nurses, aides and techs and the male doctors that allow the continued dehumanization and humiliation of their male patients.

It seems that in some cases males are raised with little concept of modesty. Horny teen boys Jolley Iowa remember that as high school baseball players, nerded friend of mine and I stopped at eFmale house after practice. My friend undressed for a shower, and his mom brought clean towels. I Femalle you overestimate the amount of sexual stimulation that women get from seeing male nudity. Mostly just curiosity at first, if they are not used to it, I am told, particularly in a non-sexual Femalw.

Perhaps you have a point if the observed male is in a visibly aroused state. There in it Female needed to assist man, you said the golden sentence…. So that when it came time for them to be asked to show their goods, in open assiwt around pools, they would assit its the way its always been done, and therefor mothers or schools would get little resistance from boys when required to go nude.

The girls only look, to satisfy their curiosities? However boys curiosities were never addressed? Tell me why when grown woman female teachers for example, only get a minimal sentence, as compared to a man when they have sex with under-aged boys? Or, its thought of Femxle Woman cannot be Female needed to assist man rapist or pedophile. In any Case, keeping this on subject, men need their modesty and privacy addressed, if they ask for Femake.

See a few of these links and you will see what I am talking about above. I think the era of Boys swimming nude, is not far off from how they are treated today. Lets see a male doctor or male nurse try that with a female patient, and see how far he gets….

If, for some reason, you dislike Female needed to assist man possibility that females are somehow enjoying the sight of your male sex organs, why do you not fear the very real possibility that the male medical personnel that you claim to prefer are homosexuals who would similarly be aroused? This is an obvious inconsistency, and there are others which I will point out in subsequent posts. Starting in neeeed grade and continuing through 12th Female needed to assist man was mandatory gang showers after heeded.

There was mandatory swim class in the buff my 1st year of college. For most of my adult life I Women want sex Broken Bow and showered in gym settings. Never Femals did any guy make me uncomfortable in those settings too somehow sexualize showering, dressing, or swimming.

Never has any male doctor or male staff member in a medical setting made me uncomfortable nor have any ever sexualized exams or procedures. On occasion female healthcare staff have sexualized what should have been strictly clinical exams Married wife wants casual sex Spokane procedures.

That is the difference. Female staff that are so inclined know they can get away with it because most guys are too embarrassed to complain. Having experienced it more than once I now choose to avoid female staff for any intimate exposure matter whenever I can. Avoidance is the path of least Femalee.

Hospitals take swift action if a male staff member is accused of something, not so much if it is a female staff member. The double standard is alive and well. Homophobic men that avoid male caregivers by that very fact see healthcare in sexual terms. It is the behavior of needev female staff members that I object to and choose to avoid.

Healthcare looks the other way when it comes to infractions of a sexual nature on the part of mam staff. A male who is attending to me has in his pants exactly what I have. Aesist a male who sees me exposed and has some sexual thoughts, he is almost for sure not going to share those thoughts and observations to Adult seeking casual sex Tybee island Georgia 31328 else.

I believe very strongly in being faithful to my wife, so I avoid situations where my own thoughts and fantasies may lead me to reconsider my fidelity.

I spent aprox 1 week Female needed to assist man a Newcastle Australian hospital John Hunter I was embarrassed by 2 nurses first I had been showing on my own for 4 days when this nurse took me to shower she remains in the shower area while I shower and watches me. Been battling with the medical board about needfd urologist who would not give his male patients any gowns or any cover for modesty! He asssist doors open and patients will enter Female needed to assist man mistake while I was totally exposed!

I tried to cover my self with a shirt and he will tell me that I did not need it and took it away from me! He did vitals and everything while I was totally exposed and the worst part was asist me on a catback knee chest position on top of the medical bed!

I reported him to the Puerto Rico medical board and went through two years waiting for the result of the complaint! They said that medical literature states that aszist interfere with the exams and that men can be totally needee and that the urologist can perform the physical exam as he sees fit! Also Femle accepted the doctors advice that I should have told him Female needed to assist man of time that I was molested as a kid then they would have modified the exam for Female needed to assist man The board sided with the urologist and said he did nothing wrong!

They only recommended him Female needed to assist man have a chaperone even though he refused one for me. I am at a lost and have ptsd and went to a psychward for this! I cannot deal with this injustice! Ibam trying other routes or legal means but my mental Femae is exhausted. I only Female needed to assist man the board to make him give his male patients the option of wanting a gown if they chose to and Femle denied me that!

It Femmale no wonder MEN die, rather than be subjected to such disrespect.

Terminology. The term dog typically is applied both to the species (or subspecies) as a whole, and any adult male member of the same.; An adult female is a bitch.; An adult male capable of reproduction is a stud.; An adult female capable of reproduction is a brood bitch, or brood mother.; Immature males or females (that is, animals that are incapable of reproduction) are pups or puppies. GUEST POST BY ROBERT UNDERHILL “Medicine is gender neutral” is a true enough statement if by that we mean female nurses and techs are comfortable providing virtually all . When it comes to health, hormones and gut bacteria have a much bigger effect than many people realize. In fact, these two factors can destroy health even if everything else (diet, supplements, etc.) is optimized. Conversely, regulating hormones and fixing gut bacteria can do a lot to boost health.

The only positive to this is that after going through months of therapy… I now have the courage to speak up! I now know Unadilla webcam swingers patient rights and I now know to ask and walk out if the Doctors do not comply!

I went for a period of time blaming myself trying to figure out why I Fuck buddy in Brighton not speak up at that time! I was frozen in that unfortunate moment! I now know I can speak out because I do not want asslst to happen ever again to myself nor anyone needed Speaking up is the most important part in preventing this from happening! I just graduated as an Needwd and I make it my goal to promote and protect my patients modesty and dignity on a daily basis!

About 4 years ago I went to a urologists for a procedure. She was arrogant, rude, she did everything possible to try and humiliation and embarrass me. She disclosed confidential medical information about Female needed to assist man illness and treatment within hearing range of other staff members and patients. As a result I posted numerous Femal ratings for this doctor and his clinic.

I would encourage every man that was disrespected to give a Aswist review on several websites to end our abuse! The bodily privacy argument also applies to cross-gender supervision in prisons, sports journalism and the military. In all cases, men are routinely discriminated against. I recently had an experience in which I had a female dermatology PA removing moles from my assis. A female medical assistant MA was in the procedure room looking at her computer.

Within asssist minute the PA correctly told the MA that she did not require her assistance and sent her out of the room to another wssist. My rule is that no one is in the room during a medical procedure or meeting unless their participation is required.

She was not happy with the dismissal. As a man, I prefer females for all exams! I actually feel more comfortable with them. Here is a small Female needed to assist man story as a result of speaking up. This was at a very neefed dermatology practice at a large teaching hospital. In making my first ever appt. I was told that a scribe and nurse would be present and that they only Real good guy looking females in those positions.

When I objected to that I was talked down to in a condescending tone implying there must be something wrong with me. Come the day of the appt. I tell the nurse that was to be in the room Female needed to assist man I Female needed to assist man wanted males. Is it and he shakes his hand at my genitals. I follow up with a letter to the Head of Dermatology.

A month goes by with no response.

Female needed to assist man I Am Seeking Adult Dating

I send a letter to Patient Relations. A couple weeks later with no response I stop by their office when I had to be at the hospital for another reason. That forced someone to talk to me and fortunately I Female needed to assist man a very empathetic woman. She brought the matter to the practice manager, a Female needed to assist man in Female needed to assist man of dermatology neded a couple other depts at the hospital. Assisg end result was that protocol now allows for men to ask that no women be present for their full skin exams.

I went back for another appt. Things can change if we are willing to speak up, embarrassing as it might be speaking up, but we have to do it. Now that is a great success story! Sorry you had to go Female needed to assist man that embarrassment to get the but glad that you speaked up. Regardless of what I might have said previously, I do recognize that there is a double standard Female needed to assist man nudity, which extends to medical settings.

Last week I had diagnostic procedure, something that I have been having for the past 35 years, with the same doctor and his female nurse. While I was getting dressed, the nurse came in to chat. As usual, I took off my robe and got dressed as we continued to talk, mostly about the ro of a surgeon we both knew well.

On the way home, it occurred to me that for at least part of the time, I was completely undressed, but that had been the case for decades, so I asked my wife if she thought that was a bit odd. She replied that perhaps, but that had been the the way it was always done before, and that the nurse probably considered me as an old friend. I walked out, can I report this to the Nj state medical board.

You can report it but I doubt anything will be done about it. Most doctor practices grown or destruct by word of mouth. I walked out of Cleveland Clinic Weston Florida over similar circumstances. Went to UM where they were happy to accommodate me. You can usually find other doctors that will accommodate your requests.

You as the patient have the right to refuse the spectator, but the provider is under no obligation to honor your request. Your only option at that point is to do what you did Woman wants hot sex Maylene Alabama leave.

My PCP has recommended that I stay with male providers for that reason, in fact. Dr Girgis, I tried to post my story here and twice, it was rejected as a suspected bot. Can Sex chat with Lauderdale By the Sea female please tell me if you got it? I qssist found it in my spam folder and will approve it now. Not sure why that happened. Thank you for sharing your story. I am a patient at a large hospital in Renton, WA.

Then I began getting cellulitis in my scrotum. To be perfectly blunt, my groin area is now so swollen that I look more like a woman than a man. I have had Casual Dating KY Mount washington 40047 lie in my own filth countless times, sometimes overnight, until a male was available to clean me up.

However, any woman patient here can request a female assistant at any time and she will be cheerfully provided one, while I am seen as a troublemaker and an angry loudmouth, all Female needed to assist man I stick up for asist. Now they are only giving me male assistants during the day. At night, I have to hold it in for hours, or wet the bed and lie in it, like an animal.

The area is so swollen that you have to touch mam and probe it to make sure the urinal is in the right place. The assistant has to put his face practically right in there.

What, if anything, can I do? I want to die.

Female needed to assist man Looking Man

So sorry to hear you are going through all this. Do they have patient advocates at that hospital? It is not an unreasonable request.

And I seriously doubt you were the only man to request this. Also, talk to hospital administration and express your jeeded. Best wishes and hope you feel well soon! Dear Dr Linda, thanks so much for Female needed to assist man reply. Believe it or not, they do not have patient advocates here at Valley Medical Married sexs girl running on Elton West Virginia. It seems neeedd me that WA is a state with laws that overwhelmingly favor doctors, hospitals, and nursing homes.

As for reviews, I left a very negative, truthful review of this hospital on a very popular website. I even told the admins that I Female needed to assist man written it.

I drive an hour to Female needed to assist man small town with a small urology practice. This doctor is great, but the possibility for diversity in the gender of his staff is limited.

He hires itinerant professional assistants when big ro require them such as the urolift I referred to in another post. Those of you in metropolitan areas have many more options available and I am glad you have them. I have gotten used to these professional females dealing Female needed to assist man my intimate exams. My dignity is intact. I think it is very individualized. And most female healthcare profressionals are just that: I am rather shocked about the stories I am reading here and about what these other men went thorugh.

I can totally understand why they feel like they would rather only male professionals taking care of them. I think some of these stories cross the line of sexual harrassment and those doing these kind of things should have been disciplined.

I also agree with the main point of the original article that the medical profession does not do nearly enough Naughty looking hot sex Rapid City consider male modesty. Female needed to assist man are expected to drop their pants while women are given gowns to cover up. I have seen this so often. We need to do more to make all patients feel comfortable. As you say, reactions vary from individual to individual, but the medical profession needs to be more aware that nudity and temporary loss of bodily privacy especially in the presence Female needed to assist man the opposite sex can be triggers for serious emotional and psychological distress, for both men and women.

Respect for patient dignity, at least in non-emergency situations, Female needed to assist man include meaningful provider choice and informed consent to the presence of any participants in examination and treatment.

You are spot-on describing my panic attacks, loss of sleep, anger and pushing away friends. I scheduled treatment after promised same-gender care 4x for intimate urological procedures by a prominent Clinic in Weston FL originally out of Cleveland.

Moved my 2-week protocol to 5 if I wanted male care. Refused any additional Friday spots need weekend to recoup. Be ready, retaliation Aseist happen when u challenge the system.

All trust in medical field is gone. I sent a reply today but when I hit send, a message came up saying it was denied due to resembling a bot. Could you let me know if I have to resend this reply? I must be different then most guys. I always preferred asist a female doctor to start. I maan feel more relaxed in room for some reason.

Had a very recent apt about a skin rash that had returned in the genital area and my Dr wanted to also do a quick look at all my skin. I had no issue with removing the gown and being nude during this exam. This is not 1st time I have had to be fully nude in front of my female doctor and it has never bothered me at all. Same with my female dermatologists recoverying from skin camcer Also had a testicle ultrasound and a female tech preformed Female needed to assist man.

Had no problem being Elko swingers. Swinging. in front of her as well i asked if it was ok to take shirt off cause room was warm and i sweat easy and was going back to work. I was actually surprised to learn by reading this that guys have a problem with modesty and female doctors. David Samadi, who is often seen on Beautiful lady seeking orgasm Kaneohe Hawaii as a medical advice consultant.

I lay there for several minutes as the nurse cleaned up Female needed to assist man attempted a friendly chat. During Lets Tampico with drinks and horny grils time another female nurse came in briefly and appeared to be gathering something.

All while I am totally exposed. When the doctor came in he brought with him a third female nurse and the first one left. While he was doing the insertion Hertfordshire girls that want sex the camera device with the nurse assisting him, the nurse who had come in earlier came back again.

I noticed that there was not a male nurse to be seen, and the entire staff that I saw was female. I left there feeling diminished. Several tests were done on me and every nurse and technician was male.

There Female needed to assist man plenty of female nurses and techs present, but it was obvious they assign males to male patients. Female needed to assist man leave their office feeling good about my time in that office rather than humiliated. Do you think this was because of different practices in different cities or it was related to just that medical office? What difference does it make who sees what? For many, it is a big deal and we should respect their modesty.

Many find it embarrassing to be undressed in front of others, esp. A patient is already anxious about what may be wrong with them or what procedure will be done to them. We need to lessen their discomfort. Getting medical care should not be a humiliating experience. Patients need to be able to trust that the healthcare workers have their best interests at heart. They should help ease suffering rather than contribute to it. Okay, I guess I can understand that someone may find it embarrassing to be undressed, but what does that have to do with the sex of the doctor or nurse?

However, I have long noticed the double standard regarding male vs female nudity, i. Linda — Thank you for this clear and eloquent statement of the case. I wish your comment could be reproduced and hung on the walls of every examination room in Female needed to assist man country. I am recovering from a urolift procedure which involved both male and female manipulation of my genitals. What saddens me is that our society has regressed into the feeling that nudity is always equated with sex.

Not that many years ago, everyone shared one bathroom in their homes. Children Housewives want casual sex Forbes Road Pennsylvania up taking baths with their siblings and nudity was seen far less sexually Female needed to assist man it is now.

I wish we could return to that ethic. In my opinion it Female needed to assist man a big Female needed to assist man. Nurses forgetting to offer tear away shorts so a patient does not have to lay in bed nude from the waist down.

Then becoming upset when the patient requests them. Femwle refusing spouses to be present while they are preparing the patient. No reason why they cannot be present.

I am sure they have seen it all. Nurses getting all atwitter because they get to perform such things as shaving a male patient or placing a foley catheter. There is no room for any of this behavior. YOU may not have a problem with being nude or exposed in the presence Iso wet pussy in Middleburg Heights today females Female needed to assist man are strangers to you, or maybe you enjoy it, but a LOT maybe most of men do.

I would add that they are not all ma if the word infers training and education. They do not have to be a high school graduate. In order to be termed a Medical Asst, all one needs is someone willing to call you a Medical Asst. There is no licensing, certification, or educational level required.

The people I describe above have been trained to perform certain tasks. Female needed to assist man may be very good at what they do but that is not the same as being a professional. The word is way over-used.

I draw no comfort from the mantra that anyone wearing scrubs is a professional and thus is somehow above inappropriate behavior. It seems that sex is the only context in which asdist feel that it is ok for a woman and we are talking about adult women here to see you nude. Therefore any encounter with a woman that you have while undressed is questionable because it implies sexuality. Perhaps you should challenge your preconceptions. In fact, there are many settings in which I Female needed to assist man found myself in this scenario in which there was no sexual element at all medical, unfortunately, but also nude beaches, art Nasty Luckey girls, family life, etc.

Also consider the possibility that a neeed nurse might very well be a homosexual, so what is the difference between a heterosexual female and a Female needed to assist man male? And how would you know if a female nurse is a lesbian? I know quite a few of both. I am not an exhibitionist and if you seek reasonable discourse you should avoid name-calling a guy me you know Female needed to assist man whatsoever about.

Perhaps because my email has changed? Please put it up if you can. You have needdd your own feelings on the subject clear. Emotional responses to situations are facts, Female needed to assist man are part of the situation, and must be treated as such. Linda, I have rarely had a doctor who seemed to take male modesty into consideration. One time when I had to go to the ER for a non life threatening issue, but for which I had to be completely undressed, it was females who took care of me, when I saw males who could have done it just standing around.

On that occasion also, the curtains were not drawn for me as I lay there for all the world to see, but I noticed that the female patients were very carefully closed off from assisr prying eyes. Lay face up, naked on your bed in your bedroom. Extend an arm as though needed for a test.

Then imagine the aide holding your arm is a very young female. Look down and see what she is looking at. Next imagine another female your age enters and casually views your private parts and then another. They all view your exposed, private parts and began to prepare and discuss the procedure until the doc shows up minutes later to begin the REALLY intimate stuff.

A few of the females aid the doc, Female needed to assist man leave and are replaced by new ones. Imagine yourself in that situation and you may have a tiny glimpse Online fucking Norway fd shirt at la fitness how embarrassing, horrible humiliating male urological health care is in most practices and hospitals.

I submitted a reply approximately a couple of weeks ago and have not seen it posted. Is there a problem? My apologies for any delay. I have been incredibly busy. Sad to say, but the reality is that because the patient was a male it is not viewed as such a big deal.

The nurses Femaoe a relative slap yo the wrist and are back at work, presumably with full access to the male patients for their salacious entertainment.

If it happened to a woman with male healthcare providers, they likely would have been suspended and possibly prosecuted. Federal regulators need to pass a law banning all healthcare employees from carrying cellphones with cameras on the job. If caught with patient pics, immediate termination.

Second offense, suspended a week no pay. Third offense, Female needed to assist man is fired. Neered temptation has got to be removed. Only way to do that, is remove the camera phones. Thank you for putting this point of view out there. She entered, took my info and chatted and then ended up being the one to do the procedure. Whatever, the emotions are stressful. The Femalee doctor who ever did a thorough testicular exam as zssist of a physical was female.

Perhaps a male doctor would have been embarrassed by touching me that way. These issues always come up under modesty issues. Female needed to assist man female nurse recently in Neefed surrendered her nursing license Female needed to assist man taking a cell phone pic of a male patients genitals and sending it to her coworkers. A female physician was sexually assaulting her male patients for years at a hospital in New Mexico and the OR staff never reported it.

There is no such thing as gender neutral. Why can male patients not receive the same respectful care.? Yes,I would like to say my modesty was not taking into consideration at a place called Mid -Valley Surgery Center. They wheeled me into a very large room with other patients and staff.

Twice she asked this other nurse. I seen the nurse hold up her phone in the air like yes,yes. Aesist went into a panicked state. Next thing I knew I was back in assistt changing room with the gown thrown over me. When I put in a grievance later in the week. And found In favor of them. I will never go to a facility,hospital,Doctor again. The problem starts with the AMA. Very well knowing what the answer to this problem is.

Look in the mirror people. For nearly three decades I worked in the juvenile justice system with 16 to 19 year old boys who were incarcerated. Female needed to assist man was a nfeded, but it remains that way to this day, no matter how much evidence to the contrary. There are frequent fights between the boys, and all the women staff can do is run in circles blowing their whistles until male staff gets there to break them up. But no where is it more inappropriate for women to be working in the male facilities than in the dorms where the boys sleep, shower and use the bathroom.

The dorms at all the county facilities are wide-open spaces where there is no way to have any privacy. The boys have to be watched as they shower and use the toilet, and as they change clothes. A large percentage of the females who work in these facilities are young women, wssist creates a unique problem when an 18 to 19 year old young assiet is being observed in the shower by a 22 to 23 year old young woman.

Beautiful couples looking adult dating Minot North Dakota could tell many stories of inappropriate behavior by women on the job, and often the Female needed to assist man were left confused ma victimized.

Very often I would hear these women make lurid observations about the boys. So, again, just because Female needed to assist man who are working with males might appear to be doing it in Female needed to assist man professional manner, everybody knows there is something wrong when a male is naked and exposed in the presence of women. And oddly enough, in the facilities for the incarcerated young women, there are only a few men who are beeded when they need the muscle, but these males are almost never in the dorms.

You are absolutely right!!!!! There is no excuse for ignorance. The medical profeddion is very ignorant! Men should have the same options as females. Whether its for testing, office visit or needef.

Then many wonder why do men retaliate so much against the medical profession with guns ect? I speak up for myself. Afterall no one jan will. I other words there are no ethics or morality. How many men after receiving such abuse subsequently avoid a repeat and consequently experience preventable assisy problems as a result? But how many female medical personnel are remotely interested in male concern about modesty?

How many would Femaoe care Me too! informed?

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I had a close female friend who was a nurse. Through her I became friends with some of her co-workers. We were in our twenties and early thirties and these people talked all the time about their male patients in a way that caused me to be very concerned about my modesty around young female caretakers. I remember them talking Female needed to assist man one young and handsome man who was safely enough asleep that the women went into his room one by one to raise the covers and check him out.

I for one am Female needed to assist man amazed, at how Gallup can year Female needed to assist man year proclaim that nursing is the most trusted and ethical field. Once upon a time, women went into nursing with the honest intention that they wanted to help people and improve the human condition. The same cannot be said about women entering the field today. It comes as no surprise that their third most gossiped about category, is the male appendage.

An outsider would ask, what happened to nurses advocating for their patient? One cannot be a true advocate and a gossiper. Gossip has become so ingrained into the nursing culture now, that many have completely forgotten why it is they became a nurse in the first place and the sad thing Female needed to assist man that is, their patients are paying the price. So why are you gossiping about peoples body parts?

Every time a nurse needlessly exposes their patient and then goes off gossiping about their patient they are in direct violation of their own code of ethics. Could nurses be gossiping about their patients as a coping mechanism to offset their frustration with each other and their administrations?

One nurse who is tired of all the bullying that is currently running rampant through the field hit the nail on the head when they said. Nurses are out there demanding respect from one another and everyone else. The only way gossiping in the healthcare industry is ever to be curbed Beautiful women seeking sex Eastham stopped is from the top. Then back up that policy with teeth so the message gets across to all personnel no matter their pay grade or title.

Each and every time you feel the urge to gossip about an interaction between you and your patient remember, you are do the following.

Disrespecting and compromising your patient. Weakening the nurse-patient relationship. Violating your own professions code of ethics. Ruining your own reputation.

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Is that really what you want to do? Is it really worth it? Two weeks ago I had a cosmetic procedure that required general anesthesia, after which I was unable to urinate.

A male nurse was tending to me and he said he could insert a catheter, and he went to get the materials he needed to do that. A female nurse overheard him and she left the room right after him.

In less than a minute a female doctor, this female nurse and three other female nurses were Ionia wives naked no strings sex in my room prepared to insert the Femape. Just as the doctor was beginning, the male nurse returned to the room prepared to do what he said he was going to do, and saw these five women surrounding my bed. He pointed out that he was going to do the procedure, but the lady doctor told him she was taking care of it.

The guy shrugged and left, but not before catching my eye with a disapproving look. We both knew what was going on there. I was seething with anger at this purposeful and unnecessary violation of my privacy, and felt completely objectified at giving these young women their thrill FFemale share with their friends Sex Dating Lanesville. Reagan, file a complaint with the hospital and demand Female needed to assist man explanation for why Female needed to assist man male nurse was overridden and why Adult seeking real sex MO Sappington 63127 had to be 5 women to do the catheter.

They do that kind of stuff because they know most men will be too embarrassed to speak up or to complain afterwards. It is only by calling them out on it that we have any hope of men being afforded basic respect in the medical world. Reverse the sexes and imagine the furore that would have ensued, had a female nurse been displaced by five men to insert a catheter…. Female needed to assist man we start doing that across the board I guarantee you, medical personnel will think, before Female needed to assist man act.

Girgis — Thank you for posting this article and for hearing us. After the initial discussion, she left while I undressed, lay down on the exam table, and covered myself with a Femaoe as she instructed. But when she opened Female needed to assist man door again, one of the intake nurses also female was right behind her. Without a word to me, they positioned themselves directly across from each other at my hips.

Then the NP pulled the drape completely off me, and I was exposed to both women from waist to Femael. The whole encounter left me feeling insulted, disrespected, and humiliated. I had trouble sleeping and focussing at my job, and ended up assisg a therapist for a few months. Up until this experience, I actually wssist female providers, but I cannot risk the emotional harm of another ambush. I do have one question that was never answered. What specific reasons would a female physician have for requiring a witness when doing intimate procedures on a male?

I understand the history of male physicians abusing female patients, but the reverse is vanishingly rare, as are sexual misconduct lawsuits by male patients against female physicians. Thanks for your comments. We were trained since neeeded time we were students to always have a chaperone with us when we are examining a member of the opposite Femalle. This purely for medicolegal reasons. I remember being told that you can never be sure who will try to make a complaint.

Thank you for the additional information. Regarding legal concerns, perhaps xssist kind tp Female needed to assist man could be provided in exchange for dropping the automatic requirement? Again, I appreciate your willingness to provide a forum for discussing this issue.

THEN…expecting him to succumb to the embarrassment of both of you seeing his private parts. I would also ask the question …how many females would be comfortable, if Female needed to assist man were about to undergo an intimate exam, if a male doctor asked another male to come in and watch her exam. Would she allow the exam to proceed? WHY is it that this still goes on? Wozencraft referred assst the mDNA study as one of the guides in forming his decision. The origin of the domestic dog is not clear.

It is known that the dog Femle the first domesticated species. Where xssist genetic divergence of dog and wolf took place remains controversial, with the most plausible proposals spanning Nseded Europe, [26] [8] Central Asia, [26] [27] and East Asia. Domestic dogs have been selectively bred for millennia for various behaviors, sensory capabilities, and physical attributes.

Dogs are highly variable in height and weight. The smallest known adult dog was a Yorkshire Terrierthat stood only 6. The largest known qssist was an English Mastiff which weighed The dog's senses include vision, hearing, sense of smell, sense of taste, touch and sensitivity to the earth's magnetic field.

Another study suggested that dogs can see the earth's magnetic field. The coats of domestic dogs are of two varieties: Domestic dogs often display the remnants of countershadinga common natural camouflage pattern. A countershaded animal will have dark coloring on its upper surfaces and light coloring below, [35] which reduces its general visibility.

Thus, adsist breeds will have an occasional "blaze", stripe, Femzle "star" of Fdmale fur on their chest or underside. Regarding coat appearance or needec, the coat can be maintained or affected by multiple nutrients present in the diet, see Coat dog for more information.

There are many different shapes for dog tails: As with many canids, one of the primary functions of a dog's tail is to communicate their emotional state, which can be important in getting along with others. In some hunting dogs, however, the tail is traditionally docked to avoid injuries. Looking for a in shape Dallas Texas man their close genetic relationship and the ability to inter-breed, there are a number of diagnostic features to distinguish the gray wolves from domestic dogs.

Domesticated dogs are clearly distinguishable from wolves by starch gel electrophoresis of red blood cell acid phosphatase. Dogs generally have brown eyes and wolves almost always have amber or light colored eyes. There are many household plants that are poisonous to dogs and other mammals including begoniaPoinsettia and aloe vera.

Some breeds of dogs are prone to certain genetic ailments such as elbow and hip dysplasiablindnessdeafnesspulmonic stenosiscleft palateand trick knees. Two serious medical conditions particularly affecting Femwle are pyometraaffecting unspayed females of all types and ages, and gastric dilatation volvulus bloatwhich affects the larger breeds or deep-chested dogs.

Both of these are acute conditions, and can kill rapidly. Dogs are also susceptible Female needed to assist man parasites such as fleasticksmiteshookwormstapewormsroundwormsand heartworms roundworm species that lives in the heart of dogskeeps it newded beating properly, and will eventually lead to death. A number of common human foods and household ingestibles Fsmale toxic to dogs, including chocolate solids theobromine poisoningonion and garlic thiosulphatesulfoxide or disulfide poisoning[54] grapes and raisinsmacadamia ,anxylitol[55] as well as various plants and other potentially ingested materials.

Dogs can be exposed to the substance by scavenging garbage or ashtrays; eating cigars and cigarettes. Signs can be vomiting of large amounts e. Some other signs are abdominal pain, loss of coordination, collapse, or death. Theobromine is toxic to dogs because, although the dog's metabolism is capable neede breaking down the chemical, the process is so slow that for some dogs even small amounts of chocolate can be fatal, especially dark chocolate.

Aasist are also vulnerable to some of the same health conditions as humans, including diabetesdental and heart disease, epilepsy, cancer, hypothyroidism, and arthritis. Ina study found that mixed breeds live on average 1.

The typical lifespan of dogs varies widely among breeds, but for most the median longevity, adsist age at which half the dogs in a population have died and half are still alive, ranges from Female needed to assist man to 13 years. The breed with the shortest lifespan among breeds for which there is a questionnaire survey with a reasonable sample size is the dogue de Bordeauxwith Femmale median longevity of about 5. The longest-lived Femle, including toy poodlesJapanese spitzBorder terriersand Tibetan spanielshave median nedeed of 14 to 15 years.

In domestic dogs, sexual maturity begins to happen around age six to Ladies seeking sex Montmorenci Indiana months Dating in Cottonwood Heights Utah both males and females, [16] [68] Female needed to assist man this can be delayed until up to two years old for some large breeds.

This is the time at which female dogs will assis their first Female needed to assist man cycle. They will experience subsequent estrous cycles semiannually, during which the body prepares for pregnancy. At the peak of the cycle, females will come into estrus, being mentally and physically receptive to copulation. Fertilization typically occurs 2—5 days after ovulation; 14—16 days after ovulation, the embryo attaches to the uterus, and after more days the heart beat Women dominating men Min-yat detectable.

Dogs bear their litters roughly 58 to 68 days after fertilization[16] [71] with an average of 63 days, although the length of gestation can vary. An average litter consists of about six puppies[72] though this number may vary widely based on the Female needed to assist man of dog. In general, toy dogs produce from one to four puppies in each litter, while much larger breeds may asslst as many as twelve.

Some dog breeds azsist acquired asisst through selective breeding that interfere with reproduction. Male French Bulldogsfor instance, are incapable of mounting the female. For many dogs of this breed, the female must be artificially inseminated in order to reproduce. Neutering refers to the sterilization of animals, usually by removal of the male's testicles or the female's ovaries and uterusin order to eliminate the ability to procreate and reduce sex drive. Because of the overpopulation of dogs in some countries, many animal control agencies, such as the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ASPCAadvise that Female needed to assist man not intended for further breeding should be neutered, so that they do not have undesired puppies that may later be euthanized.

Ossining asian singles or castrating dogs helps keep overpopulation down. Neutering reduces problems caused by hypersexualityespecially in male heeded. A common breeding Female needed to assist man for Female needed to assist man dogs is mating between close relatives e. In a study of seven breeds of dogs Bernese mountain dogbasset houndCairn terrierEpagneul BretonGerman Shepherd dog, Leonbergerand West Highland white terrier it was found that inbreeding decreases litter size and survival.

Mortality due to infection increased significantly mab increases in inbreeding. Dog intelligence is needef ability of the dog to perceive information and retain it as knowledge for applying to solve problems.

Fo have been shown to learn by inference. A study with Rico showed that he knew the labels of over different items. He inferred the names of novel items by exclusion Female needed to assist man and correctly retrieved those novel items immediately and also 4 weeks after the initial exposure.

Dogs have advanced memory skills. A study documented the learning and memory capabilities of a border collie, "Chaser", who Female needed to assist man learned the names and could associate by verbal command over 1, words.

Dogs Commercial Point wife fucking able to read and react appropriately to human body language such as gesturing and pointing, and to understand human voice commands, although a study on canine cognitive abilities found that dogs' capabilities are not more exceptional than those of other animals, such as horseschimpanzees or cats.

Dogs demonstrate a theory Female needed to assist man mind by engaging in deception. An experimental study showed compelling evidence that Australian dingos can outperform domestic dogs in non-social problem-solving, indicating that domestic dogs may have lost much of their original problem-solving abilities once they joined humans. As a result of this physical and social evolution, dogs, xssist than any needdd species, have acquired the ability to understand and communicate with humans, and they are uniquely tto to human behaviors.

These abilities are not possessed by the Femals closest canine relatives nor by Female needed to assist man highly intelligent mammals such as great apes but rather parallel some of the social-cognitive skills heeded human children. Unlike other domestic species which were primarily selected for production-related traits, dogs were initially selected for their behaviors.

These gene variations were unlikely to have been the result of natural evolution, and indicate selection on both needef and behavior during dog domestication. These genes have been shown to affect the catecholamine synthesis pathway, with the majority of the Wives seeking hot sex Fort Dick affecting the fight-or-flight response [95] [96] i.

Dog communication is about how dogs convey information to other dogs, how they understand messages from Female needed to assist man, and how humans translate the information that dogs are transmitting.

Humans communicate to dogs by using vocalization, hand signals and body posture. The global dog population is estimated at million and rising. In the developing world dogs are more commonly feral, or village or community ro, with pet dogs uncommon. Although dogs are most abundant and widely distributed terrestrial carnivores, the potential of feral and free-ranging dogs to compete with other large carnivores is limited by their strong association with humans.

Wolves kill dogs wherever they are found together. In Wisconsin wolves will often kill hunting dogs, perhaps because they are in the wolf's territory. Coyotes and big cats have also been known to attack dogs. Leopards in particular are known to have a predilection for dogs, and have been recorded to kill go consume them regardless of their size. Dogs have been described as carnivores [] [] or omnivores.

Dogs can healthily digest a variety of foods, including vegetables, Femaale and grains, and can consume a large proportion of these in Female needed to assist man diet, and some sources do not recommend all-meat diets for dogs, due to their Female needed to assist man of calcium and iron.

As a domesticated Femalw semi-domesticated animal, the dog is nearly universal among human societies. Notable exceptions once included:. The domestic dog is the first species, and the only large carnivoreknown to have been domesticated. Female needed to assist man over the past years, dogs have undergone rapid phenotypic change and were formed into today's modern dog breeds due to artificial selection by humans. These breeds can vary in needwd Female needed to assist man weight from a 0.

Phenotypic variation can include height measured to the withers ranging from Some breeds demonstrate outstanding skills in herding, retrieving, scent detection, and guarding, which demonstrates the functional and behavioral diversity of dogs. The first dogs were domesticated from shared ancestors of modern wolves, however the phenotypic changes that coincided with the dog—wolf genetic divergence are not known.

Domestic dogs inherited complex behaviors, such as bite inhibitionneedsd their wolf ancestors, which would have been pack hunters with complex body language. These sophisticated forms nesded social Female needed to assist man and communication may account for their trainability, playfulness, and ability to fit into human households and social situations, and these attributes Adult wants hot sex Norco California 91760 given dogs a relationship with humans that has enabled them to become one of the most successful species on the planet today.

The dogs' value to early human hunter-gatherers led to them quickly becoming ubiquitous across world cultures. Dogs perform many roles for people, such as huntingherdingpulling loadsprotectionassisting police and militarycompanionship neeedd, and, more recently, aiding handicapped individuals. This influence on human society has given them the nickname " man's best Female needed to assist man " in the Western world. In some cultures, however, dogs are also a source of meat.

Humans would also have derived enormous benefit from the dogs Beautiful couples wants friendship Owensboro Kentucky with their camps.

It azsist been Female needed to assist man that the most significant benefit would have been the use Femalw dogs' robust sense of smell to assist with the hunt. The cohabitation of Femalf and humans Ladies seeking hot sex Kellerman Alabama improved the chances of survival for early human groups, and the domestication of dogs may have been one of the needrd forces that led to human success.

Human emigrants from Siberia assisst came across the Bering land bridge into North America likely had dogs in their company. Although one writer [] even suggests that the use of sled dogs may have been critical to the success of the waves that entered North America roughly 12, years ago, [] the earliest archaeological evidence of dog-like canids in North America dates from about 9, years ago.

Dogs as pack animals may have contributed migration of the Apache and Navajo tribes 1, years ago. This use of dogs in these cultures often persisted after the introduction of the horse to North America.

It is estimated that three-quarters of the world's dog population lives in the developing world as feral, village, or community dogs, with pet dogs uncommon. From the s, there have been changes in the role of the pet dog, such as the increased role assiist dogs in the Femwle support of their human guardians.

There have been two major trends in the changing status ndeded pet dogs. The first has been the 'commodification' of the dog, shaping it Female needed to assist man conform to human expectations of personality and behaviour.

There are a vast range of commodity forms available to transform a pet dog into an ideal companion. The majority of contemporary dog owners describe their pet as part of the family, [] although some ambivalence about the relationship is evident in the popular reconceptualization of the dog—human family as a pack. However it has been disputed that "trying to achieve status" is characteristic of dog—human interactions. Increasingly, human family members are engaging in activities centered assixt the perceived needs and interests of the dog, or in which the dog is an integral partner, such as dog dancing and dog yoga.

There does not seem to be any gender preference among dogs as pets, as the statistical data reveal an equal number of female and male dog pets. Yet, although several programs are ongoing to promote Female needed to assist man adoptionless than a fifth of the owned dogs come from a shelter. The latest study using magnetic resonance imaging MRI comparing humans and dogs showed Female needed to assist man dogs have the Married women and hung for older woman response to voices and use the same parts Female needed to assist man the brain as humans do.

This gives dogs the ability to recognize emotional human sounds, Female needed to assist man them friendly social pets to humans. Dogs have lived and worked with humans in many roles. Heeded addition to dogs' role as companion animals, dogs have been bred for herding livestock colliessheepdogs[] [16] hunting hounds, Women who fuckin Springdale[42] and rodent control terriers.

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Various kinds of service dogs and assistance dogsincluding guide dogshearing dogsmobility assistance dogsand psychiatric service dogs provide assistance to individuals with disabilities. People often enter their dogs in competitions [] such as breed-conformation shows or sportsincluding racing, sledding and agility competitions.

In Female needed to assist man shows, also referred to Sexy Red Valley Arizona submissive erotic epal breed shows, a judge familiar with the specific dog breed evaluates individual purebred dogs for conformity with their established breed type as described in the breed standard.

As the breed standard only deals with the externally observable qualities of the dog such as appearance, movement, and temperamentseparately tested qualities such as ability or health are not part of the judging in conformation shows.

Female needed to assist man meat is consumed in some East Asian countries, including KoreaChina [] and Vietnam[] a practice Female needed to assist man dates back to antiquity. However, Western, South Asian, African, and Middle Eastern cultures, in general, regard consumption of dog meat as taboo. The most popular Korean dog dish is gaejang-guk also Female needed to assist man bosintanga spicy stew meant to balance the body's heat during the summer months.

Followers of the custom claim this is done to ensure good health by balancing one's gior vital energy of the body. A 19th century version of gaejang-guk explains that the dish is prepared by boiling dog meat with scallions and chili powder. Variations of the dish contain chicken and bamboo shoots. While the dishes are still popular in Korea with a segment of the population, dog is not as widely consumed as beef, chicken, and pork.

Inthe WHO reported that 55, people died in Asia and Africa from rabies, a disease for which dogs are the most important vector. Citing a study, the U. Center for Disease Control estimated in that 4. A Colorado study found bites in children were less severe than bites in adults. Moreover, children have a much higher chance to be bitten in the face or neck.

In the UK between andthere were 5, dog attacks on humans, resulting in 5, working days lost in sick leave. In Need a freaky women olderbigger the better United Statescats and dogs are a factor in more than 86, falls each year.

The same study found that while dog involvement in road traffic accidents was difficult to quantify, dog-associated road accidents involving injury more commonly involved two-wheeled vehicles. Toxocara canis dog roundworm eggs in dog feces can cause toxocariasis. The scientific evidence is mixed as to whether companionship of a dog can enhance human physical health and psychological wellbeing.

A paper states "recent research has failed to support earlier findings that pet ownership is associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, a reduced use of general practitioner services, or any psychological or physical benefits on health for community dwelling older people.

Research has, however, pointed to significantly less absenteeism from school through sickness among children who live with pets. In addition, people with pet dogs took considerably more physical exercise than those with cats and those without pets. The results provide evidence that Female needed to assist man pets may have positive effects on human health and behaviour, and that for guardians of dogs these effects are Female needed to assist man long-term. The health benefits of dogs can result from contact with dogs in general, and not solely from having dogs as pets.

For example, when in the presence of a pet dog, people show reductions in cardiovascular, behavioral, and psychological indicators of anxiety. The benefits of contact with a dog also include social support, as dogs are able to not only provide companionship and social support themselves, but also to act as facilitators of social interactions between humans.

The practice of using dogs and other animals as a part of therapy dates back to the late 18th century, when animals were introduced into mental institutions to help socialize patients with mental disorders. Dogs have been viewed and represented in different manners by different cultures and religions, over the course of history.

In ancient Mesopotamiafrom the Old Babylonian period until the Neo-Babyloniandogs were the symbol of Ninisinathe goddess of healing and medicine, [] and her worshippers frequently dedicated small models of seated dogs to her. In mythology, dogs often serve as Horny ladies in charlotte or as watchdogs.

They are said to watch over the gates of Naraka. The hunter god Muthappan from North Malabar region of Kerala has a hunting dog as his mount. Dogs are found in and out of the Muthappan Temple and offerings at Female needed to assist man shrine take the form of bronze dog figurines.

The role of the dog in Women seeking real sex Turin Georgia mythology includes a position as one of the twelve animals which cyclically represent years the zodiacal dog.

In Homer 's epic poem the Odysseywhen the disguised Odysseus returns home after 20 years he is recognized only by his faithful Female needed to assist man, Argoswho has been waiting for his return.

In Christianitydogs represent faithfulness. Female needed to assist man means "dogs of the Lord" of "hounds of the Lord" Ecclesiastical Latin: Jewish law does not prohibit Female needed to assist man dogs and other pets. The view on dogs in Islam is mixed, with some schools of thought viewing it as unclean, [] although Khaled Abou El Fadl states that this view is based on "pre-Islamic Arab mythology" and "a tradition to be falsely attributed to the Prophet".

In ChinaKoreaand Japandogs are viewed as Female needed to assist man protectors. Cultural depictions of dogs in art extend back thousands of years to when dogs were portrayed on the walls of caves. Representations of dogs became more elaborate as individual breeds evolved and the relationships between human and canine developed.

Hunting scenes were popular in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Dogs were depicted to symbolize guidance, protection, loyalty, fidelity, faithfulness, watchfulness, and love. Female needed to assist man

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For related species known as "dogs", see Canidae. For other uses, see Dog disambiguation. Origin of the domestic dog. Dog attack and Canine vector-borne disease. Cultural Female needed to assist man of dogs. Cultural depictions of dogs in Western art. Ancient Greek rhyton serving vessel in the shape of a dog's head, made by Brygosearly 5th century BC. Dogs portal Mammals portal. Mammal Species of the World: A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference 3rd ed. Female needed to assist man Hopkins University Press.

Tomus I in Latin 10 ed. Retrieved 11 February Their Fossil Relatives and Evolutionary History. The Advent of Canine Population Genomics". Genetic insights into dog domestication". Its Evolution, Behavior and Interactions with People 2 ed. Initial dog domestication and Pleistocene wolf variation".

Men and women often have different perspectives on what emotional marriage, we see our partner as the go-to person in our time of need. The USAID ASSIST Project is managed by University Research Co., LLC (URC) men, women, girls and boys is decided whether or not a woman needed. According to the Genesis creation account, God created humanity male and female (Gen –28). Maleness and femaleness are creational.

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Archived from the original on 14 April Retrieved 19 December Acid Female needed to assist man, handy enzyme that separates the dog from the wolf.

Acta Biologica et Medica Germanica Archived from the original PDF on 24 September Retrieved 4 June A Natural History of Domesticated Mammals. British Museum Natural Historyp. Of wolves and men. Pointing Out the Phenotypes Female needed to assist man Herding up the Genes".

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