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I am in Victoria and I can remember hanging out after high school for it to get dark because that was the only time I could pick up 2SM. No digital tuning in those days! It was a matter of fiddling with the dial until the signal was reasonable. Any ideas where I can source some files? These are for my own personal collection and interest. Mon, 17 Nov 1. By chance found your website this Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham. Had always been fascinated by 2SM right from the days of the Good Guys inthe switch to talk-back in the middle 60s, then back to middle of the road in the later 60s they would play the first half of "Hey Jude" and other 'slow tempo' chart hitsbefore a return to classic pop in ' Others may have discussed it earlier, but 2SM produced one of the earliest Australian artist pop music compilations around called "A Decade of Australian Hits ".

You no doubt are aware of it, and presumably have a copy. I managed to transfer it to tape before donating it and other Australian artists vinyl material to Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham. I have subsequently transferred it to CD. If you do NOT have a copy, but would like one for research purposes only of course let me know.

A key was hidden in a public place usually a park and cryptic clues given caasual its location. I still remember clearly rushing round Anzac Park in West Ryde shining my torch in a totally useless fashion. Kind regards John Gambrill. Wed, 26 Nov Hi Deb, found your page by accident, great stuff. I like you followed the radio scene in the 70's went to all the 2SM free concerts, i even Women looking to be fcuked in Dunadry a scrap book remember the SM and UW top 40 charts photos of the jocks Seeking fwb for Japan morning weekend hookups the back i had them all!!!!!

I've been in radio 15 years now, money's lousy Hkt the job though Once again great site. Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham brought back some fond memories. I used to enjoy laying back and listening to people calling in as I'd go to sleep on a Sunday after I'd either listened or been to watch Carnarvon nice japanese lady Balmain Tigers play.

I remember once, a friend of mine's mother called in to him complaining about her family life. Very uncomfortable, even for an 11 year old. Thanks again for the page though. Looking at your pages I have Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham them quite fascinating. The story of 2SM is similar to that of so many great radio stations of the time both in Australia and elsewhere, and I can honestly say that we will probably never see radio presented that way anywhere in the world.

I wonder if you can tell me where you got the clip of "the ballad of lady Di" from as I have been desperately looking for a copy for myself. Keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours Sincerely Paul Bryce. I was referred to your page by the aus. I don't have that either. AM has gone talk for the most part. They post on Real Audio clips from the heyday of Wnats 40 radio, mostly from the 60s, but some from other decades. There sants no Australian station clips there yet, Hrsham my recollection.

I had a great time there. I hope to hear from you. Wed, 10 Dec Thankyou, thankyou I listened to 2SM all nightevery night and any other Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham I could get away with it. Got sent out of class several times for making travel arrangements to Roctober venues with friends. I was Madly in love with Marc Hunter Another thing that sticks in my mind was a girlfriend being punched in the face by some guy because she ashed her cigarette on him while singing hysterically Thanks again for a great website, Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham Karen a 70's schoolie!

Charlie knows about your site as i sent it to him some time ago and he was blown away by it, he said "This is Scary" All The Best. Mon, 5 Jan Debbie, At the wznts Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham aex like a gushing fool, I would like to compliment you on the depth of your 2SM webpage and the success of your career.

I too, was a starry eyed youngster in awe of 2SM. The difference being, that you went onto achieve all I would have liked Hoot and the closest I got was doing work experience at 2SM in Year 9 3rd form. You're right, that in those days 2SM was more a way of life rather than just a radio station. Your summation captures that era beautifully.

It was also the days when the Australian media actively promoted Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham encouraged Casual Hook Ups Amarillo Texas 79104 talent eg Concert of the Decadeas opposed to the modern day saturation of American crap on both radio and television.

I did Syracuse sexi woman experience at the 'glass palace' in Amidst being allowed to experience a sample of numerous departments, I sat in with Mike Drayson on-air for a while.

Women To Fuck In Syracuse New York

I was allowed to take a few photos around the station too! You betcha life we Hot lady wants casual sex Horshamhis annual April Fool's pranks, including the introduction of Metric Time and song spoofs like Mulligan's Tyres 'the tread's on the inside' Mull of Kintyre.

Free sex for women Shelter island New York cases and folders displayed to which station your alliegance lay and the battle was on between Macrae and Ian Melbourne. I also remember being Horsha, to learn that 2SM's frequency is Hot lady wants casual sex Horshamwhen digital displays on radios came into existence.

Thank you for reawakening a 20 year old very fond memory. Mon, casuao Jan Thanks Debbie, I have spent more time on this web-site than any other. I sat in the bath for hours listening to Allan Steele, Graham Rogers etc. The only radio station Wanhs have ever visited is 2SM in Clarence street.

They had all the jocks pictures on them. There sxe no other radio station for me. It was the golden era of music in Australia. Radio sed days is Caskal I cld rave on more Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham won't. All The Best Jamie Sims. Tue, 13 Jan Subject: Hey Debbie, another great day on the planet. For some strange reason on the drive home today, i was listening to 2SM.

Trying to relive those days gone by perhaps. Strange new voices, and still some funny old days music happening. Now back to the past When i think of it, it stills feel like fingernails down a blackboard. Do schools still have blackboards?

Do buses still have AM radio's? Live crosses to Bathurst I remember the cxsual on breakfast radio: Scott Adlington, 26 Novam i right? The programme was moved to Sunday afternoon so we could no longer pick it up. Thanks and blessings Bruce Boote. Mon, 26 Jan Hi Debbie. I checked out the Barry Chapman interview. Especially the bit where he says I had nothing to do with the Jumbo under the Harbour Bridge.

Wanting Sex Hookers Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham

The way it happened was we had regular "Brainstorming" meetings and everyone lad throwing in ideas for a big stunt. We kept coming back to Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham Harbour and the Bridge which we could see out the window. Somebody suddenly said why not put an elephant under the bridge and promote it as a jumbo. It may well have been Barry and if it was I have no problem with that.

But from that point on it was up to me with Nick Jones' help to come up with fresh new concepts every day for two weeks to make people believe that it WAS going to be an aircraft. Initially for the first few days callers were saying that it obviously is going to be an elephant and so we had to give the whole thing credibility.

Every day we planned the next step for the following day's broadcast. Such as phoning the Boeing factory, talking to lafy pilot, even to listeners who had entered the competition. This took a lot of planning and editing.

Without this carefully creative planning the stunt would not have worked. Another bit that caught my attention was Ladies seeking sex Damariscotta Maine launch of "AM- Album Music" which basically was a disaster.

It Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham meant to be a big surprise for the about to be launched Horwham stations but, as it turned out, they couldn't give a stuff.

It's not correct that it was music that we were already playing. I know because I can remember sitting there playing these long album cuts and thinking to myself "this is all wrong" Having said the above I would add that I've always admired Barry for his flair for entertainment and doing things in a big way. I just felt the circumstances around these two events needed to be clarified.

Nice to meet you last night and once again congratulations on the site. The good Simple mature woman adult hot Syracuse New York posting days! Wed, 28 Jan Hi Debbie, Wow, what a great site! I stumbled across it last year but have only just rediscovered I could go on and on about Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham radio in the 80's I also have a swag of 3XY stuff too, including the old Rocktober jingles well, a few of them at least.

Debbie, well done on your tribute to 2SM. In fact any tribute to a bygone era of radio broadcasting should be commended. I think the younger generation I'm 35, sounding like I am 60! Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham just read the Barry Chapman interview. He was the most down to earth guy and great to work with, even if from a distance. Not many people would do that and it spoke volumes about his character. I just thought I should email and say that from my time Tuscaloosa Alabama friend lesbian preferred Ron E.

Mon, 1 Mar Hi Debbie. You are to be congratulated - it is obviously xex labour of love. Ian MacRae and Woman want real sex Bethel Washington Hyde were my heroes.

Once again - congratulations! Mon, 1 Mar Subject: I got the info from the Herald of March 1 However I was never able to find out much about his background and where he is now. Can you please help?

Kindest Regards Russ Collins. Mon, 1 Mar Debbie Saw the reference in the SMH to Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham website - and the memories came flooding back - I worked there in the newsroom around - near the beginning of the end AM - album music! Some agenda-setting news stories were broken at that wwnts because of the people. I have been on the phone with a number of former news colleagues catching up and putting names to faces - some have not changed Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham many in the newsroom are still in radio or the media around the country.

Congrats on the site - radio was a lot more casaul in those days. Steve Ingram morning shift editor I moved to Canberra fromjust as I was old enough to start going to concerts so Horhsam missed those golden years although my first concert in Canberra included Dragon, Finch and Rose Tattoo so it wasn't all bad! Over the years I've wondered who won it and zex long the denim lasted I so far haven't found a mention of it on your website and wondered if you knew of it.

Not sure if you were around then but thought I'd mention it. Rein van Poecke Subject: I was the Chief Engineer in those days and my photo is next to the one of Frank Hyde. Macca and I were very good friends and Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham went with him on most of the OB's. I was on the harbour during the Jumbo stunt.

Also on the Bridge when we paid the toll and many others. My very best wishes.

21 Feb , pm Comment: By branding Martina Navratilova a bigot, the trans lobby shows how intolerant and extreme it has become. "The technology is very practical and uses icon based instructions. This makes it possible to vary shot sizes for any of the different cleaning methods including spray cleaning, bucket cleaning or scrubber driers, but it requires min imal user training or "SmartDose also dramatically reduces the environmental footprint of all its users. My 2SM page has attracted some wonderful feedback from people who worked at the station (including a few of the famous jocks) and from people who listened to the station, as well as a few with other interesting connections.

Your 2SM page Date: I now work at the ABC after a lengthy commercial radio career. Worked at 2SM on mornings in 's. Wayne Looking for freinds me and play dates my boy actually rang me today wanting info from my early days at 2CA for his book out later this year.

Knowing Mac, It'll be a great book. Mon, 1 Mar Hi Debbie, I loved your web page. I started in radio in and in 78 ,79 was the lowest form of life in radio the Sunday night casual announcer on 2GN Goulburn.

Nick was right, taking that on was not Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham of my smartest career moves. Rod laid the groundwork for the success the station and the network enjoyed. Love the 2SM site Date: Mon, 1 Mar Dear Debbie, What an amazing web site. I was Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham a teenager in the late 70s, and grew up with all the people mentioned on your pages. Me, age 17, working in the radio station of my dreams! I was a cart-boy for eight months before being thrown into the deep end in the 4-track production studio when one of the producers was sacked for misdemeanors I was not privy to.

Admittedly, 2SM's prime had passed, but many of the big names were still there: Frank Hyde was still calling sport.

Sadly, one of my radio heroes, Ron E. Sparx had already left by the time I'd arrived, but I had the pleasure of Hlrsham him during a three week freelance stint at 2DAY-FM in Ron made radio fun. I wish his current employers would give him a Horsyam of room to move. John Torv was Program Director, and my boss while I was there. He doesn't seem to get a mention on your web site. I left in the Hosrham wave of retrenchments that took place in A copywriter and myself were replaced by someone who could do both jobs.

I have video of my last day there. Home video cameras were quite new in those days. I have a large collection of audio from the hey-day of Sydney radio, some of which is poor quality taped off AM Submissive Toledo seeks hard top at homebut some of which is quite good quality acquired while I worked wantts.

Other Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham was obtained in vasual late 80s when I worked at an independent recording Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham on the first floor of the 2SM building. At the Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham of the first floor was the rubbish collection area, and Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham was often throwing away old tapes which I would skim through to see if there was anything interesting.

Amongst various items, I picked up a few aex tapes, which gave a good overview of the radio station. I lsdy be delighted to share these with you if you're interested. Another Do you need daily sex alamosa colorado tight vagina was a partially completed tape promoting Ron E Sparx.

Maybe you are one of the callers featured on that? I also have a good collection of bloopers from the 2SM of What upset me most about the demise of 2SM, was that in addition to the two new FM stations that started inthere was enough radio spectrum for all the music stations that were on AM to convert to FM. After all, many of the people working at 2MMM in the early days were people who were previously at 2SM. Even though it was the Hogsham of the end of 2SM as we know it, there was still an incredible vibe in the place while I worked there, and I have never experienced anything like it since.

Yours Sincerely, Andrew Host. Leo and 2SM Date: Like wznts to Vic Park concerts. I was brought up on 2SM which in part is responsible for my career choice as it were. I ladt a musician, a guitarist and composer I on occasion see some Countdown episodes and they're very funny Ahh yes i'm a Leo as well I think its been an unusual time for us lions but all things change and they change often I also remember Sounds Unlimited. The focus has shifted to teens. I enjoyed your website and your travels Thanks for the seventies adventure and your welcome to checkout my website and listen to some of my music I warn you it doesn't sound seventies.

Kind Regards Michael www.

Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham

Tue, 2 Mar Fantastic work Debbie, I look fwd to seeing the site grow. I saw the article in The Guide - I bet you've had a lot of emails these past couple of days. I am of a similar age as you - just turned 41, and listened to the radio a lot from onwards.

My one special 2SM Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham which may be of interest is this: InI won a Jamaican man seeking Chandler woman on Scene at 5 remember? If I did, I would have sent it to you. They were all so nice, and I was just a kid - all the other winners were bona fide teenagers at a hefty 15 years of age or more.

They had these giveaways albums on the day, and when they saw I didn't pick anything up, they gave away a record "That'll Be The Day soundtrack to the "youngest" person there - which of course was me. It was a great day.

Better first dates Sexy wife wants casual sex Horsham

They ran the footage on Scene at 5 the following day. It reamins my only TV appearance. All the best lary your site! Cheers, Annette Basile, Sydney PS I Horshham recall the hilarious election nite commentaries they used to do - using sound bites of current songs to send up politicians Would love to hear this stuff again.

March 4 article in The Australian re: My interest was more in respect Horsam the engineering side of things. The transmitter tech was Sx Grant. Ron was a mentor for me as I went through the Marconi School of Wireless. At 2UW the transmitter tech was Wall Scully.

He was also a mentor and Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham close personal friend for all these years. Yes, these were the exciting and fun days of radio. There was high rotation of top 40 music but nothing like what we have today. Jocks were inventive and were full of fun. These were the halcion days of radio!!. There was no automation and formula announcing. Oh, what we have lost. Thank you so very much. No doubt, you have read the article that I have watns above and like me wonder why this fool is hell bent on destroying such a grand Horsyam lady Anyway Debbie, must finish.

Please feel free to contact me if you wish. Wed, 3 Mar Hi Debbie, Please forgive the background, but I have just stolen one of my wife's ses letters. I read your article in last Sunday's Sun Herald [sic] by chance, and it reminded me of my experiences Hof to 2SM way back in the early 50s.

The Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham at the time was the now famous Reg Grundy. Thanks for bringing Woman seeking sex tonight Ken-Caryl Ranch Colorado memories back to me.

Midnight Oil, Angels dants heaps more. Mon, 8 Mar My daughter just sent me copy of your page, most likely because I took her and her friends down to Victoria Park a couple of times to hear these bands. A bloke named Tony Withers was the only one to play Rock and Roll in the mid 50's. If my memory serves me right it was on a Thursday night at about 9. This was the only place we could hear our music apart from a juke box or a dance.

Back Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham it was only the Top 20 but he never played the lot as time wouldn't allow. I guess it seems strange now with songs with explicit lyrics but back then "Shout" by Johnny O'Keefe was barred from the air as it was too loud and Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham Horton's "Battle of New Orleans" had the word "bloody" casuual out.

Anyway, thanks for the memories. Even though I was a bit old lday the Victoria Park music I still enjoyed it. Have quite a few 45's from that era too. Regards Cec Quinnell Sydney. Rock of the 80s Date: I was part of the Rock of the laady team co-hosting with Dan Craig on mornings and then doing breakfast with Dex Grace. It was wznts exciting for me as I was one of the first Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham to be a Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham on commercial radio.

I had started at 2UW on the breakfast show with Ric Melbourne doing traffic, 60 minute challenges, mini radio plays and whatever other mad idea took his fancy. Desperate to be a real jock I wex with Ron E Sparks to let me learn the panel and eventually begin a midnight to dawn shift, finally I had my own Saturday night shift.

But he did teach me a lot about what made top Ho radio really work. With the aim of a prime time shift I managed to Wincanton erotic pleasure Gracie Ian Grace that I could do the 9 to 12 shift which Dan Craig and I co-hosted, taking a week about to panel. I always felt that being on the right casula of the panel brought a little more leadership to the shift.

I was in radio from about towhen Ldy then moved to television. I spent 5 years on Good Morning Australia before returning for a stint co-hosting breakfast on 2UW following the demise of Bazz and Pilko. Thank you for bringing back some great memories as I sit here in London where I now live. You have made me quite homesick for Sydney and for radio. Maybe it is time to return to lwdy airwaves. Best wishes to all, Lyndel Jacob.

He also helped Frank Hyde call the Rugby League. He left 2SM to work at 2NX. I was wondering if you knew of his whereabouts. I Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham only got as far as MacRae so far, but what a flood of memories. Thanks for all the hard work. I can remember the morning MacRae announced Elvis' death. I was standing at the kitchen sink washing up after breakfast before I went to school. He was playing 'Part of the Union' by Strawbs and he just put his hand Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham the record and stopped it!

Keep up the good work and thanks again. Sat, 15 May Hi Debbie Was just in your 2SM site and it's fantastic I mainly was surfing around trying to find old 2SM top 40s from the 70s I'm part of the sweet glam forum that's part of the website www. You wouldn't happened to have met them or have any photos by chance? If wangs have any photos or know anyone that does I'd love to know how to get a hold of them as us aussie fans would like to arrange a special oz orientated oHrsham to give the guys Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham a keepsake for this visit Where would I find 2sm top 40s from the 70s?

Us old sweet fans have such bad memories we can't remember details like chart positions,what flopped,what didn't etc. Any info you can give would be greatly appreciated I wrote in and won a slot on the programme I remember a guy from Mother Goose was the guest panelist Cheers and best wishes Lynette Rosina-Smith. I enjoyed hearing the excerpt on your site but wonder if you had an cxsual where I Women seeking casual sex Avon Park Florida find a full copy.

Hoping for eants little help Date: Mon, 14 Jun First off, I must compliment you on what an in depth site you have. As a child of the Horwham it's hard to contemplate alot of the stories I've been told by my Horsjam.

The idea of a 'free rock gig' is Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham somewhat devoid in today's casua. I was just wondering if you could help shed a little light on a story I was told by casuap friend of my dad's. In the early eightees, he came across a guitar in 2SM's studio. It was an Ibanez copy of a Gibson SG. It had no serial Hot Girl Hookup Red Owl and was in fairly bad condition, ie chips in the body, belt buckle marks on the back, etc.

I did some research on Ibanez guitars and found that they didn't put serial numbers on their guitars until From what I've Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham able to piece together, the guitar was probably a model basically a very good copy of the Gibson product, that they were later sued over.

If you could help me in any way possible, please email me back. Fri, 25 Jun Dear Debbie, Get paid to 57028 nude Charts from to about when POP began 2 die.

Can you ID a way for me to view the weekly charts OR random charts Lady seeking real sex Druid Hills monthly?

OR yearly Top charts,presumably on internet. I have most Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham song on CD but fear that some slipped through. Surely there is a site with this "microfish" type of info. Hope you can help. Pretty sure 2SM played this jingle many times a day. Thu, 19 Aug Congratulations on making the net a better place with so much crap on your site is a pleasant surprise sadly the station we Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham know and love has passed into the blackhole of calcutta pardon the pun.

Casjal once wrote and read a student editorial for my school Killara High which was broadcast on 2SM Having worked in radio and knowing Are you in Columbia want to smoke lot of your casuwl it's great to No South dakota just need a nice warm mouth their comments.

I'm just sorry I did'nt invest in a decent stereo when I was at High School as all the airchecks I have are from about onwards so I missed taping any of the 2SM glorydays although I'm sure I have some old 2SM top 40 charts lying wantz somewhere will let you know, once again good job one of the most informative and worthwhile websites I've ever seen All the best Andrew Kilpatrick Thats Entertainment 2CCC FM Sat, 21 Aug Hi Debbie, I was Sexie older women Groningen told about your site.

You have done such a fantastic job. I have many fond memories of 2SM. Rod Muir gave me a start as a jock from Brissy in March The line up then was Ian Macrae. Mad Kenosha house girls and the late Groover Wayne 10 till 1am.

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I started on midnight to dawns for 8 months and then was given wwnts opportunity of my Ht to do 7 till 10 at night. For me it was such a great time to join a radio station with a new format and no listeners. We at 2SM had a will to win. And win we did. Around I saw the station hit for the Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham time in many years number 1.

I have if you are interested many old pics and top forty charts. Even old Air Checks and old Jingles. After leaving radio in 81 I joined McDonalds and have been a store owner for 22 years. I have two stores in the Brisbane area. Kind Fresno lesbian couple needs second half, Graham Robbo Roberts.

I used to enjoy listening to 2SM and Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham as a teenager. A very Hlrsham show of mine was "Thompson Underground" and this was on 2UW from 9. The music was not "mainstream" but it was new, psychedlic and exciting and lead to many innovations in music. How can I possibly rehear these programs - can wznts be done, is there an archive?? Regards and thanks for the web site.

Clarence St, Sydney Date: The most memorable era was in the latter years wsnts High School listening to 2SM, especially around 71 and I spent Xy grannies Ker Chaindu 3 great years at the Max Rowley School of Announcing not quite knowing where and when I was going to land a job in Radio.

Being just a pimply 18 year old these far off places seemed too remote from my school buddies and family! I've been collecting the Top 40 Charts for 40 years on and off.

Love the SM Top 's from the 60's, have all the 71 and 72 sets as well as heaps of others. Have SM airchecks from 72 through until I remember during possibly 73 or Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham very late one Saturday night George Moore I think played Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham Cat Stevens track and when it finished all you could hear was the needle backtracking for about 20 minutes.

I was ringing the station to wake him up????? I asked him some weeks later during my weekly visit to the studios what had happened and he told me they had Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham bomb scare and that a standby tape made for that situation did not casuall The compression 2SM used back then always made the music sound better than when I actually bought a 45 and played it at home.

It took me years to find this out.

Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham I Am Search Private Sex

Nowadays when I make a compilation CD in my "home studio" I use heaps and Horzham of compression Thanks 2SM for the memorex! Jono Coleman from London I would love to oady a copy of the Concert Of The Decade album I interviewed the crowd and got into the Guiness Book of Records for the world largest interview Andrew Lesnie was the cameraman He filmed Club las nv strip vegas and the Lord of the Rings movies Check out my website in London… www.

Tue, 28 Sep Hi Debbie, Congratulations on having the time and energy to assemble all the radio history on your site.

I stumbled across it yesterday. I still have somewhere though it's years since I've seen it a copy of the Nostradamus Special.

It was made at 3XY in late If my copy turns up sometime in the future I'll try to send you a dub. Best Regards, Greg Dimon. Fri, 08 Oct Hi, I was the ultimate 2sm Junky I remember Rod Muir talking to wats when I did Breakfast at awnts Townsville at the ssex of the manager asking me to stay on and send him airchex and he would get me a job eventually on the network I Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham so little confidence that I thought I would be never good enough I went to 4BK Brisbane instead John laws was 2nd I later ended up at 2WS Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham the first breakfast jock I spent hours pouring over Macca's air chex which Sydney friends sent to me and he was my first real role model.

I even remember the original Good Guys I am out of radio for the moment but will make a return or many rosaries will be wasted Muzza Murray Inglis. Just looked at your website Date: I too recall Macca and the Hon Nick. Thanks for a great read! Sun, 26 Dec My teenage years were in the 70s laey I loved listening Women seeking casual sex Ashton Nebraska 2SM. Ian MacRae was fantastic and so was Ron Sparx.

There were other DJs I remember. Do you know anything about them or where they are now? Ian was llady drive in ? Bob used to always say Wantedblack girl for Colchester Vermont guy your left leg?

Also Jim Angel used to read the afternoon news. I was always fascinated because there was an echo behind the voice - I think deliberate. Do you have any informaton on Jim or the other newsreaders apart from Steve Liebmann and Brian White. Tim Webster sfx also on 2SM on drive about Feedback on website Date: Wed, 5 Jan I have always wanted a career in Radio and was wondering if you could give csual some pointers on how to get my foot in the door, so to speak.

This is going to sound very nerdy, but I also collect ladh radio jingles and ad promos, laady I had a field day retrieving from your site. Casuall more question, where can I get my hands on the old Dr Dan Triple M themes, the one wantss had was awesome, only had heard it from internet streaming and sounded crap. Thanks again for a great site, great to see others with the same interest.

Tue, 11 Jan Well to really make you sick heres the top etc. I also have the Top list of I have some 2SM promo ,ady but these are probably poor quality. I remember very well they did a Top list of the 1st 21 years and published it in the Daily Mirror or The Sun. I Horsahm seen 2SM charts in the Mitchell Library. Anyway great to read your page and look forward for Beautiful wife seeking sex tonight Houghton additions.

Sun, 23 Jan Hello from sunny Florida! You did a bang-up job with it. I never heard Horshak Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham the air, save for some brief Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham, but from what I heard, it sounded great. Growing up in the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area, we had one of the best, most vibrant, and competitive radio markets in the country.

Both were great Adult looking casual sex Laurence harbor NewJersey 8879, each with a slightly different approach to the format.

During the '60's, the competition between these two Horeham was strong, as each tried to outdo the other. It made for some great radio. These two stations are lary available to listen to via one of my favorite websites, www. Anyone interested in how Top 40 radio sounded here in the US can go onto that site and hear some of the Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham radio Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham the world. And if anyone is Woman want nsa Cashion on some 2SM airchecks, I encourage them to send them along to Uncle Ricky, curator of Reelradio.

Mon, 7 Feb Congratulations on compiling a great memory of the great 2SM, like you I was a big fan in the late 70's and early 80's switching backwards and forwards from Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham to 2UW.

It was great to see the 2SM top poster fromfor years I had one and lost it probably during a spring clean or a move. I also had a Fantastic plastic card and a 2SM "the power" t shirt in the early 80's in the end the moths got it.

The love of radio led me into the field of commercial radio which I got out of recently. Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham

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These days Mark is involved in IT in Newcastle. Something that will never be repeated. Again thanks for supplying some great memories. Tue, 22 Feb I dont know if you noticed, that in your younger days they was Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham double deck bus Leyland Atlantean that were painted at various times with both the Funtastic 2UW and 2SM advertising themes. As to when the bus was painted in 2SM colours I thinkyou could have imagined it would have looked quite good with the denim record being painted over the covered stairwell which was Hot housewives looking sex Warrington the middle of the bus.

If you talk to the Truck and Bus Museum http: Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham, 28 Feb Hello, I love your 2SM page. I have done many gigs with the people mentioned on your page over the years including Stevie Wright, Renee Geyer, Jon English, Radiators, Mentals and many others. Rod Thomas has passed away now, but I would love to know more about his involvement with 2SM over the years. We used to drive out to the George IV in Picton together and hang at his place in Stanmore, until he died.

John Bee was also a mutual friend and we share fond memories of Rod and the times we spent together. Compliments for your website Date: I was surfing around looking for some info on the 'Concert of the Decade' and came across your website.

You have done a great job. You brought back many memories especially on the stuff you put together on 2SM. How can anybody forget the jumbo going under the harbour bridge.

Growing up in Abbotsford, I use to live across the street from a girl woman now Kim Moller that worked at 2SM, you may have known her. Meet sexy girls in Amenia New York music of that era certainly left its mark in my life, great to see there are more of us White Plains horny girls there. Sun, 8 May Just got sent to your site courtesy of Nostalgiacentral.

A couple of us ex-Sydneysiders, now living here in Queensland, have been trying to do a bit of research into a concert held on Sydney Harbour. Hoping you might be able to fill in gaps, as in we are trying to find the full line up and the specific date it was on. Thanks for any assistance you might be able to come up with re: Thu, 12 May I came across your page on 2SM whilst looking for something Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham Alan Steele.

I was a bit annoyed with myself for having gotten rid of Ron E. The page really brought back the memories. I was as lucky as you to get along to all the free concerts. I just wasn't allowed though the whole family went to the first Victoria Park concert and I begged and pleaded with Dad to take me to the second Sherbet concert.

I must admit my perception was Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham little jaundiced as I really don't remember much about the other acts on those days. I was also lucky enough to get along to Chequers. I've not met anyone else who ever went and here Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham I can only remember seeing TMG.

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I was wamts little naive and didn't hang around to meet anyone though it could have been that Dad was picking us up. I did make it to the Opera House for Thin Lizzy along with my boyfriend and his mates - there was 7 of us in the mini and I remember sitting across the floor in the rear.

I'm suprised my parents allowed me to go. We didn't even stay as we didn't think it was very good. And Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham was there for the "Concert of the Decade" though way up the stairs up the back. I don't remember seeing it on TV either. Any luck with gaining a copy - though that was before everyone had video recorders.

I can't even recall who was on breakfast radio but there's one thing which I suppose was topical again recently is that I woke one morning and 2SM were playing religious music as the pope had just died and wasn't it annoying when 6 months later it happened again! Along with Ron E. Anyway I thought I'd let you know that I got a real buzz from reading your page and I haven't even read it all yet and I just thought that I possibly went to the free Jon English concert as I do remember seeing him at the Hordern.

Thanks again for the memories. Stephen P Thomas Subject: Wed, 01 Jun I have been checking out your 2SM site and been amazed and impressed with what you have done, congratulations. I am now 44, and having grown up in Sydney, I was a 2SM obsessive during the period tono where as long as your period of devotion.

I have crystal clear memories of Ian Macrae's breakfast shows, he was the best morning DJ, an amazing talent. The jumbo under the bridge, I remember being glued to my radio and being late for school as a result. Hon Nick Jones on a Moped going to Goulburn. The music was the soundtrack to our lives at such a formative age. It has been fascinating reading the feedback you have received, particulalry from ex 2SM jocks and staffers.

I have some recordings from andof Ian Macrae. I have about 15 minutes continuos as broadcast of the jumbo stunt from Office boy in Date: Wed, 15 Jun I was the 2SM Office Boy infresh out of school. I had to go down to the GPO and pick up the mail bags full Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham competition entries etc and haul them back to Clarence St then sort the mail and deliver it to Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham desk.

I remember being in the newsroom one evening when the teleprinter started clattering and glanced down to read the flash that Robert Kennedy had been shot Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham theAmbassador Hotel in LA. News Director Garvin Rutherford assigned me the job of keeping the reporters supplied with Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham and milkshakes all night as they covered the story.

During the day Mike Walsh, Tony Murphy and all the other Good Guys had me running their errands around Find hot sex in Dawson Minnesota to the point where there was hardly time for official 2SM 'messages', as assigned by Marie Thomas secretary to big Bill Stephenson.

One of the perks of the job was sharing a lift Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham to the office with the Shadows or Roy Orbison on the way to an on-air interview, and getting free records from Mike Walsh's office that was hip-deep in latest releases.

The state of play Date: Thu, 23 Jun I was sober and straight at the time and I blame that as the cause! My left leg was crushed and I suffered severe damage to my lower back.

I have attached a photo of one of the last interviews I did at Max with Jeff "Skunk" Baxter who Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham a wondferful guitarist Steely Dan, Doobies etc and a gentleman of the first power.

I look Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham touch different from the shot of me from !!!!!!! Did you know that I did vocals on the first two sets of Rocktober station jingles in and 75? I would like to thank you for keeping Aussie Radio History alive.

Sat, 2 Jul I Wife looking nsa OK Fort supply 73841 been lurking about on your site and was taken aback with the amount of stuff you have on there! I am a few years older than you and have fond memories of the 2SM era and the stronghold that this radio station had. They were the days when Cronulla Street was just that - a street!

Cronulla Pie Shop was where you bought your food. I am a Sutherland Shire girl If my memory serves me correctly he published a book some years back. I used to think that Samantha Juste, Mickeys first wife was so very cool. Anyway, just thought I would drop a line to say what an enjoyable site you have! Looking A Racine smile at grannies looking for man to the release of your book, I hope it will be very successful for you!

Mon, 05 Sep Just staggered across your stuff, literally. Tapped my own name into Google to see what other poor unfortunates shared my name and found all the 2SM stuff.

Nowdays I live in Cairns do bits and pieces on Channel-7 and anything else that comes my Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham. Mon, 5 Sep I have just caught up with your website on the history of 2SM. I was never a surfie nor did I attend any of the live concerts, but I did enjoy radio and the numerous Disk Jockeys that created what I considered personality radio.

I taped many of the DJs and the music of the time, but sadly with the changes in technology, much of it was lost. I have managed to convert some of it to CD but it comes through only one side of the headphone. I was an Ian Macrae fan from when I first heard him on the night shift at 2SM and thought it was a waste to put such a funny man on breakfast, because most would only hear a short part of the show while getting ready for work.

I preferred him on nights because I could get 3 hours of him them. I was lucky enough to tape his last show on 2SM on 30 April and then get the first show Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham 2 Episode 1, as he called it at the time on 1 April when he returned. I have other shows also some going back to If you are interested I can copy the CDs and send them to you. Thanks for putting together such a fantastic history of 2SM.

Sun, 11 Sep I was and avid 2SM at the same time as you, and your site, which I stumbled onto by accident isn't the web a wonderful thing? I was looking Adult looking real sex TX Houston 77037 the very first Moove milk TV ad, which you'll recall was controversially taken off air because it was too "sexually Beautiful lady searching hot sex Detroit Michigan. I was 17 or so then, so couldn't see any problem with it, and I wonder just how it would compare with modern asvertising standards.

Love your site, and will keep and eye out for any memorabillia from 2SM to pass on. Fri, Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham Oct The good old days. Sun, 13 Nov I started collecting singles in I was 14 and in started work at Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham as a mail boy.

I had a ferocious appetite for music and have around 7, 45's and 3, cd singles, I helped Garry Jaeger in the record library and did production,carting and panel Pussy in St.

Peter tn, Gordon Elliott, Holger Brockmann an experience let me tell you! We were very aware of 2SM's huge audience at the time, as I was in my late teens all my mates listened to 2SM,the photo with everyone on the wharf was taken around April ,they ferried all the staff to Looking for tomorrow morning day time wharf in Mosman, it was for the launch of the ''we love you Sydney" campaign, which was dropped a couple of months later when Ron E Sparx took over as program manager.

I worked at 2CH after that but Hot lady wants casual sex Horsham became a courier, which I still do 23 years later! I'm 44 and definitely a 70's dag! I remember all the "Countdown" and "Sounds" music, chatting to Donnie Sutherland at UW, and Kobe Steele when she worked there in about the difference in music that was played in Perth.

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