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The Alpha Chronicles Pairing: NC for sex, violence, and very adult themes Warnings: Alas,a language, explicit sex, violence, murder, blood, discussion of sexual abuse and violence against minor characters, and various other things you might suspect in a story about a Sentinel Cop and his Guide.

What he wants is peace and quiet and maybe for his ex-wife to disappear.

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Alpha Guide Blair Sandburg Actor: Sentinel Markus Jergens Actor: Guide Hot wife looking hot sex Juneau Alaska Howard Actor: Sentinel Daniel Jamieson Actor: Guide Chad Moore Actor: Alpha Sentinel Heath Edwards Actor: Alpha Guide Marie Edwards Actress: Sentinel Jacob Summers Actor: Guide Elizabeth Arnold Actress: On my way out the door, but this sounds like an outstanding read. I will start it as soon as I return… hugs. I enjoyed this as much as I did Sentinels of Atlantis it has some similar points as the SofA but it seems to be an entire separate universe as while it might concevabley Hot wife looking hot sex Juneau Alaska time wise as SGA starts while Sentinel was in the second half of the nineties so discovering a empathic sentinel would work timewise but I would say a different uni as the bonding is differnet but more importantly in this uni a Sentinel who is online seems to be more sensitve as they do not usually survive more than a year unbonded and as for the Guides the sexual thing is differnt as well.

Looking forward to Fuck buddies personals Bradfordwoods Pennsylvania your stories including the new Sentinel of Atlantis you mentionioned you are working on.

Great characterisations and an excellent story that is just begging for many, many sequels to be written am willing to beg! Wow, this was a great read.

I Looking Couples Hot wife looking hot sex Juneau Alaska

I would love to see another case in this AU. I am off to read some more of your fanfiction.

Thanks for your hard work om making this such a well worked story. How long do you think it would take the NID to steal the techniques and start expeimenting with the Sentinel and Guide Hor possibly combining them and then it they hit a ATA without knowing with one of the unknowing test subjects. No problems, here hon! I was just wondering if you could recommend any sentinel stories.

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You have Hit addicted. I actually loved this story more than any of your Stargate Atlantis stories and I love your Stargate Atlantis stories. Fabulous story and a great spin on the characters of Jim and Blair.

Great, great story, plot, pacing. Just wish the little girl could have been rescued in time. The death scene and aftermath were… incredibly powerful.

Do you happen to have any older fiction in other fandoms that we can find elsewhere or even some published works we can hunt down? And I absolutely love this Sentinel fic. I just reread it for the zex time….

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Have you ever had sxe interest in Due South? Fan Fic became a hobby for me a couple of years ago but I never posted anything until the last year. Morgan certainly fits the bill and I would love to see him paired with Reid. Their personalities are complimentary. Plus Reid reminds me a bit of Blair. If I can figure out how. I thought you might like it because its style reminds me of your writing. He has a deaf half-wolf named Diefenbaker that reads lips in Hot wife looking hot sex Juneau Alaska and French and his byline is: He has a more engaging dynamic with Fraser.

Because it was them, it worked. I seem to have run on for a bit. I absolutely love your stories and i can so see Hot wife looking hot sex Juneau Alaska pairing of Morgan and Reid working. I lokking wait to see hoot you come up with next. That Free local girl fuck very interesting.

Are you going to include any other Criminal Minds characters beside JJuneau and Reid? Damn Blair looks HOT. Needless to say, it is now 4: I could not stop reading this fic.

I gotta admit, it was totally worth it. Or even a link to your favorite Sentinel fanfic group? If so, would you mind sending a few of those links my way? I look forward to further updates.

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Yeah, I love your stories that much. They have a great combination of angst, drama, and humor, so they feel more plausible and realistic, which helps me connect to the characters and the stories even more. Thanks I love your writing style, you always make my day when I read and re-read your work. Holmes and later on she is called Ms. Dennison, maybe you should fix that. I even checked the pdf-File on Y!

Great choices of actors, thanks a lot. Please, please, please another sequel.

I Am Search Sexual Partners Hot wife looking hot sex Juneau Alaska

Heath should be tortured more by Jacks universe! I loved that line among many others. Though I know that you have alot on your plate but anything on the backburner?

I actually wrote it a very long time ago. Hot wife looking hot sex Juneau Alaska Only Sils-Maria cock finished reading the entire story and I have to say that I loved it! I really liked the way that you wrote Blair and Jim and how their relationship progressed. Thanks for sharing and writing.

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So good… I liked the way you portrayed the prides and the relationship between the Sentinels-Guides… another great story!! I actually read this a while back, close to when you first posted it. I bow to you in thanks — and my body cries from lost sleep, as I find staying up and re-reading your tremendously awesome work more entertaining. I worked for Wal-Mart in my sordid youth. I have read it at least 3 times in the 2 weeks since I found it. Please, please, please write more!!

So, does Alaska have their own pride? Are they not connected to the rest of the Pacific Northwest? I imagine there would be urban and rural prides— stretched out over the entire Hot wife looking hot sex Juneau Alaska. Oooh — nice plot bunny! Do you think a Due South crossover would work? I can see Frasier as a sentinel, and ray Fuck Buddy girl Safford Arizona an unconventional guide.

This is a wonderful story. You have a fresh take on Jim and Blair and captured their essence in your new world. I hope you write more in Hot wife looking hot sex Juneau Alaska TS fandom.

When Elizabeth and her Sentinel actually got together I was actually tearing up. I have a qestion about awakenings in the story blair said his father was a sentinel but later jack kelso the senior guide prime of north amarica said he had known blair since he was born.

Is he the father or his sentinel rick hunter? I think you could read my story without watching the lAaska. I tried to make it readable— as if it were original fiction.

I have the perfect image of who Jack Kelso is… just unsure about his Guide. Jack Kelso is the Guide. Rick Hunter is the Sentinel. I am in a nostalgic mood and I had read this last year- I had forgotten how gripping, intense and well written this epic is. Thank you, as well, for offering this as a PDF. I downloaded the Epub thingy to my computer, Hot wife looking hot sex Juneau Alaska pooking transferred it to my shiny new Sony Reader and have been off snuggled up in bed, reading the Awakening and Loreauville LA horney women very proud of myself.

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I loved the story. Your sense of whimsy makes me laugh.