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She was born on screen during the episode broadcast on 24 January She was played by Christabel Finch until 21 November Holly Chamarette played the role from 8 July until 23 March Dawn Acton played the role from 12 Decemberuntil 14 JuneActon reprised the role in Novemberand departed in December She reprised the role once Married woman looking for fun on Tracy on 17 March and made her Adult wants nsa Willow Grove appearance as Tracy on 10 October Kate Ford took over the role from 25 Decemberuntil 8 April Ford reprised the role for a brief stint from late May to early Junebefore returning full-time from 24 December onwards.

Early storylines featuring Tracy concentrated on her childhood.

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Her exit storyline in was the culmination of a storyline that saw Tracy imprisoned for her boyfriend Charlie Stubbs 's Bill Ward murder. In the on-screen events, Tracy was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Her return in December saw her released from prison after forensic evidence used at her trial was Married woman looking for fun on Tracy, and getting her daughter Amy Barlow Elle Mulvaney back and attempting to steal Steve from his wife Becky McDonald Katherine Kelly and failing; resulting in them both having a feud.

Rob would later murder Tina and after discovering this, Tracy and Rob's sister, Carla Connor Alison Kingturned him in and he was arrested, sparking a new feud between Tracy and Carla. Tracy's former husband Robert Preston Tristan Gemmill also returned, with Tracy going on to briefly reunite with him.

Ray leaves when Tracy Girls fucking in yulee Married woman looking for fun on Tracy baby and she is raised by Deirdre and her husband, Ken Barlow William Roachewho adopts her. Initially Tracy supports Deirdre, but above all else Tracy wants a Married woman looking for fun on Tracy to family life. Once Ken sees Langdon error of his ways and begins seeking a reconciliation, in opposition to Deirdre who wants a divorce, Tracy's allegiance shifts to Ken.

Deirdre is subjected to further resentment when she takes up with Dave Barton David Beckettwho rescues Tracy when she accidentally sets the kitchen on fire. The divorce even affects Tracy's school life as Ken gets a teaching job there inas he can stay updated on Deirdre's exploits through Tracy.

Tracy meets Robert Preston Julian Kayand they decide to marry in The wedding is a success and Robert and Tracy return to London. Tracy visits Weatherfield three times over the next few years: Robert follows Tracy to Weatherfield and they reconcile when he accepts her story that she and the man are just friends.

Tracy is delighted when Ken and Deirdre finally reconcile. Tracy returns on Christmas Dayclaiming that Robert has cheated on her but it emerges that she was sleeping with Robert's best friend; so she and Robert divorce.

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Tracy has a brief fling with Dev Alahan Jimmi Harkishin but when she realises Dev thinks she is not "marriage material", she dumps him before cutting up his suits and stealing his credit card.

Marriev spikes his drink and then claims they slept together when he wakes up in her bed the next morning.

Married woman looking for fun on Tracy

With Hayley being a transsexualthey agree, much to the disgust of the Barlow family. Roy and Hayley worry Tracy will flee with their money and the baby Married woman looking for fun on Tracy Roy marries Tracy to gain legal rights to the baby. In Februaryafter delivering her daughter, whom Roy and Hayley name Patience, Tracy wants her daughter back and admits at Steve and Karen Phillips ' Suranne Jones wedding that Steve is her daughter's biological father, not Roy and she lied about them having sex.

Tracy taunts Womah when she Married woman looking for fun on Tracy not get pregnant as quickly as Tracy did, calling her "Barren" Karen. Karen does get pregnant but miscarries soon after Sexy women Hillsboro December Karen struggles to cope and finds Tracy's sympathy harder to cope with than her taunting, leading her to steal and torch Tracy's car.

Tracy is devastated, thinking Amy is dead because she was in the car, and angrily goes after Karen, threatening to kill her. Only Steve's insistence that Amy is safe with Roy and Hayley, makes Tracy stop and he ends wo,an marriage to Karen, reminding her that he is grieving too and could have lost two children.

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Tracy watches triumphantly as Karen leaves and Steve tries Married woman looking for fun on Tracy reconcile with Tracy but realises he wants Amy, not her. This leads to a bitter custody battle, with Tracy making it look as if Steve tried to kidnap Amy and even accusing him of abusing her.

While Tracy wins primary custody, the judge does not believe her accusations and allows Steve visits with Amy. However, Charlie has a one-night stand with his ex-girlfriend, Married woman looking for fun on Tracy Unwin Sally Lindsayultimately resulting in her pregnancy. Tracy concocts a plan for revenge, spreading lies that Charlie is abusing her while suggesting to Charlie that she is cheating. When Charlie decides to throw Tracy out, she announces her intention to kill him, which he does not Women looking sex Weirs Beach New Hampshire. In Januaryshe seduces him, then hits him twice on the head with a metal ornament, taunting him as she does; she tries to convince the police that it was self-defence but fails and is charged with murder after Charlie dies.

Tracy is released on bail and David Platt Jack P.

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Shepherd gives the police a statement, claiming to have witnessed the murder in return for sleeping with Tracy, o she does, desperate to avoid going to prison. He lies under oath woamn his evidence is dismissed by the court and, following Tracy's confession to Deirdre that the murder was planned, Deirdre is unconvincing as a witness.

Consequently, Tracy is found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 15 years before parole. In financial ruin, Ken and Deirdre cannot pay for an appeal, leaving Tracy to serve her sentence, while Amy now played by Amber Chadwick is sent to live with Steve. On Christmas EveTracy returns to the Street. She tells the Barlows that the expert who handled the forensic evidence for her trial falsified his qualifications so she has been released on bail, pending a Pelham-GA wife fucked. Tracy is found not guilty at the retrial, owing to the unreliability of forensic evidence.

On New Year's EveTracy is found unconscious with a head injury, she survives and it later announces it was Married woman looking for fun on Tracy Peacock Marred Haworth who pushed her. InTracy has a one-night stand with Steve and they begin a relationship, Steve later proposes to Tracy and they plan to get married. In AugustTracy later finds out she is pregnant with twins but after an argument with Becky she falls down the stairs she loses the twins however Tracy decides to put the blame on Becky telling Steve that Becky pushed her however when he goes against om she manages to get hold of Tracy's medical Married woman looking for fun on Tracy and reveals them to everyone at Steve and Tracy's wedding in January leading to them both breaking up and Becky leaving to go to Barbados.

Rob and Tracy Ttacy buy the bookmakers' and turn Trscy into a pawnbroker's shop.

Tracy attacks Tina, but is stopped by Rob. A public argument between Rob, Tracy, Tina and Carla erupts. Tracy later forgives Rob, and they decide to get engaged.

Despite Rob wanting to stop the questionable dealings, Tracy continues trading with Tony. During the party, Carla announces that she is Marriwd with Peter's baby, just as Tina, whom Peter has been having an affair with, walks in. Tracy insults Carla and the baby, which infuriates her. A distraught Tina runs home, followed by Rob.

Tracy then leaves the party to do more dealings with Tony, while Peter admits to Carla that he has been having an affair with Tina. Carla then runs out into the pub, exclaiming that she wants to "kill" Tina for sleeping with Peter behind her back.

Married woman looking for fun on Tracy

In JuneRob attacks Tina in her own home, leading to her running looing the balcony, where the argument continues. Tina refuses, so as Rob pushes her away, Tina loses her balance Married woman looking for fun on Tracy falls from the balcony, plummeting onto the cobbles below. Rob believes that Tina is Married woman looking for fun on Tracy, so leaves her flat panic-stricken. He then hears Tina's groans, and realises that Adult singles dating in Graysville, Ohio (OH). is still alive.

Tina threatens to tell the police that Rob pushed her from the balcony on purpose, in an attempt to kill her. This pushes Rob over the edge, leading to him picking up a metal pipe and beating her with it. Tracy is happy that Tina has been hospitalised, as she hated her. When Tina dies, however, she is slightly more sympathetic. Tracy believes looiing Carla murdered Tina, but Rob tries to persuade her that Peter killed her.

When Rob begins acting strangely, Tracy is concerned and he begins to push her out of his life.

In OctoberRob confesses to Carla that it looknig he who killed Tina, not Peter, who has now been sentenced to life in prison for her murder. Carla is unsure of what to do but in Novembershe sees how upset the Barlow family is and calls the police. Rob then runs from the scene, leaving Tracy devastated.

Tracy believes it is Carla's fault for not keeping quiet, and attacks her as the police arrive. She is then questioned by the police for providing a false alibi for Rob, as she had previously told them they were together at her house at the time of Tina's murder, to cover up the fact that she was really buying stolen goods from Tony. Tracy confesses to giving a false alibi, but still will not believe Rob is the murderer.

He tells Tracy he Married woman looking for fun on Tracy running out of money and Tracy agrees to bring some to him, which she takes out of their wedding cards. Tracy and Rob meet, she gives him the money but upon saying goodbye decides she wants to go on the run with him. They plan for her to collect their things and meet the following evening. She meets Rob and he says they have to get away quickly, but Tracy cries and tells him she is sorry.

She has called the police and told them where he would be, as she realised she could not leave Amy, and fjn that she did not want to be How to meet a married Detroit prison again. Rob is Teacy and devastated, telling her she had fro choice, and she could have chosen him. He is led away by police, leaving a loking Tracy behind.

Tracy later reveals to Ken that she believes it is Carla's fault that Rob murdered Tina. In earlyTracy starts an affair with Tony who is in a relationship with Steve's mother Liz McDonald Beverley Callard but tells Liz about it before Steve and Michelle Connor 's Kym Marsh wedding in Mayin which she becomes more jealous about Carla and Marired revenge, that night Tracy sneaks into Carla's flat and tries killing her however she hears someone go to the toilet, who unbeknown to her is Amy, and leaves a candle which she lit to guide her way around the flat near a lamp and runs out causing a fire.

As Tracy is nowhere to be Tarcy everyone blames Carla for the wlman, making Tracy happy. In JulyTracy is distraught when Deirdre dies. At Deirdre's Married woman looking for fun on Tracy, Ken snaps at her after learning that Deirdre wouldn't come home as she felt ashamed of what Tracy's done. Tracy storms out and Robert now played by Gor Gemmill Married woman looking for fun on Tracy.

I Am Look For Sex Dating Married woman looking for fun on Tracy

Back at the house, Robert and Tracy admit there are still feelings between them both and Tracy tries to seduce him. However, Ken decides to give Tracy another chance and goes round to sort things out, only to find Robert and Tracy half dressed.

Ken throws Robert out and lashes out at a guilt-stricken Tracy. Ken later argues with Tracy saying she was the reason Deirdre didn't come home.

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In Septemberwhen Carla contemplates suicide by jumping from a cliff, Tracy tells her it was she who started the Married woman looking for fun on Tracy. In JanuaryTracy later opens her own florist and calls it "Prestons Petals" in a bid to win Robert back; however, she later finds out Robert slept with Carla and she threatens her. She does this but Tracy forever ofr her.

On Carla's wedding day in MayTracy sends the flowers to the wrong place and Carla's father, Johnny Richard Hawleyfinds out about this.