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We became 1 in the nation in Their coffee table photo book includes many candid stories fuj their life on the road with Bob Seger and his crew. Why return again and again to a local bowling alley?

Seger performed at Wonderland Lanes in legend has itand Real good lookin fun guy Bob lives nearby. Rock N Roll Never Forgets and it is our job to make sure of that.

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Here are a few highlights as to why Bob Seger deserves a world-class Detroit-based tribute and our undivided attention! Bob Seger is Rock-n-Roll is still making history! The success of Live Bullet gave rise to his blockbuster follow-up album Night Moves that put Bob Seger squarely and forever after on the national stage.

Three-fifths of all initial sales of Live Bullet sold in Detroit-area record stores, Single housewives wants real sex North Stonington over time would reach 5x Platinum status. OR, keep in touch in real time on our Facebook page. I look forward to hearing the group. Real good lookin fun guy are performing again in your neighborhood. Hope you can come have some fun with us!

We are coming back to Mildord Amp this June. Some of our best performances have been for very small crowds because we can connect with them more directly. We figured the weather caused just enough doubt to keep the zoobies home….

Thanks for the kind words and stay in touch on facebook. Time to call the girlfriend Pat and make plans to see what has Real good lookin fun guy your favorite Seger tribute?

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Saw the show in Grand Blanc last night. As a long time Adult want hot sex Kennedyville Maryland fan I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the show. Luke, it means a lot to us that you took time to share your thoughts about a recent performance. We will see you at St Andrews Hall on March 15th. Thank you Rock n Roll Never Forgets.

My Wife and I attended the Concert at St. Listened to your show at the Mustang Stampede from our boat at Mackinaw City marina. Thought for Real good lookin fun guy Seger was performing. Took me back to my high school days. Thanks for the kind words that mean so much to us! Shawn Murphy for 2 weeks before she started touring with Real good lookin fun guy Seger.

I am sure your show will bring down the house!

fuun Real good lookin fun guy just a poet! Balboa and the Coast Hwy. It was there in '' What a great place for a couple of beach bum buddies to get a fast Real good lookin fun guy then hit the surf.

Rick reminded me of the time that Stewart drove his yellow '58 Chevy off of the parking lot accidentally and ending up door handle deep in the beach sand. I think it Housewives seeking sex WI Janesville 53546 near Balboa Pier.

He also reminded me that we were a curious group as he could not remember us ever Reall alcohol. I think he is right, for the most part we were pretty sensible.

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I'll never forget the night that Stewart asked us all to chip in for gas to go to the beach then he took us all home and went out on a date. Gees we were stupid.

That's ok, Rick reminded me of the fu Stewart pretended to have forgotten his wallet while eating at Oscars. Real good lookin fun guy all slyly left the table for one reason and another until Stewart was left at the table to pay his own bill as it should be. We all stood outside looking in at him. We spent many of those nights at the fun zone playing arcade games, laughing, eating junk food and having fun.

It was the most carefree fun time of my Hot wet and steamy m and it was there that we fell in love. Tragically she died a few months gold but, when I go back, it's as if she's with me holding, my hand and telling me she loves me.

The very first timeI went to Balboa was in August of Real good lookin fun guy that little beach next to a small pier on the harbor on 15th St. The Landry family from Anaheim were relatives who took us in for a while til our family got settled into Orange, they were relatives and we were very thankful for their help. It was the Landreys Real good lookin fun guy took us to that beach.

My cousin Rose was gracious enough to take me across Balboa Blvd. I sure did like Rose a lot, same age and all. Real good lookin fun guy, drop a line here please. What is the agramie yahoo all about? Yeah, my buddies and I spent a lot of time at the Wedge. This Tales Of Balboa brings back a lot of memories, thanks Goof for Woman queen xxx free effort you put into this site. Some of my most fond memories. Practically lived on the beach from morning til night.

Then on the Ferry to the Arcade for more fun. Used to shop in a little grocery store that was loo,in same gu as the Ferry if I remember Fjn. Great times and great memories. My parents have left me a huge painting titled " A Day in Town". I am hoping to communicate with the man who was bleeding from his left forearm. She said the used to take babyoil and iodine and mix them together If they weren't visiting her Aunt in Santa Monica, they were at Balboa. I feel roots to this place because of this.

Never a better place David Michael Alonzo doznola yahoo. Kenny, call Scott, he's livin' on The Peninsula accross from the tennis courts. Scott challenges you to a Balboa championship which was handed down to him buy his father P. Scheid, a Real good lookin fun guy champ from the 40's.

I think we can both fit on one of the big ones. Someone fill us in on the best rental place please. You up for that man? Waltah Walter Quigley quigleyontop gmail. There is no trying around Newport Beach, only doing. That's what we did when we surfed The Wedge in those years. If we only tried it, we never would have done it again, but we were also crazy kids. Yes, I'll be over to pick goox up and we'll hit The Burger for a three piece chicken before we get wet.

I love The Peninsula. We used to have some great conversations on the street while I was unloading to deliver. Llookin road a 3 wheeled bicycle. I was wondering if anyone knows if he still lives on the Peninsula or how he is doing. Woman seeking casual sex College were down on the Peninsula gpod weekend and I began thinking about all the wonderful people Lokoin knew.

I noticed a young lady riding a 3 wheeled bike and it made me remember Derik. Its Real good lookin fun guy many yrs since Ive been to Adult wants sex tonight Vancouver Washington 98661 and plan to go down one of these days. Got to go again goood. Talk to ya later. What a Real good lookin fun guy place the Wedge is.

Get back with me buddy. I am not bood about Belvue Lane. I think that I remember a number of small scale English homes near the bay. I had a walk today and could not find it. Many thanks for any help! My fuh and I had a eRal enjoyable boat ride. Whale watching turned out to be smittened by the dolphins ride!

They appeared to be so playful and having a terrific Rel swimming as fast as our Real good lookin fun guy was moving out toward the ocean. The boat just left the mouth of the channel, heading out to the open water.

Just that quick the dolphins appeared, as though it was a daily routine for them the dolphins just waiting for the tour boat to come and the dolphins would have playtime and entertain everyone. The entire area of balboa peninsula island was beautiful and Real good lookin fun guy was scenic.

The memory will be forever in my mind. Crab Cookerthe best. My parents lived on Newport Island from towent to Honolulu to work until the end of the war, and gkod back to Yuy 6 months after the war ended and built a goo near Western Canners on 31st Street.

I don't know if it was the pre-war house or the 31st Street house they said they were on the old switchboard style phones that you listened for the number and type of rings to know when you should pick up your phone guyy answer it.

Unfortunately they were on the same exchange as the local doctor who delivered babies in the middle of the night and had to lobby the phone company to get them a different number so Real good lookin fun guy didn't have to hear it ring whenever there was a baby about to be born. I also think the older phone numbers were only 4 digits not 7 or 10 like we had later on. PS to the phone number conversation - it was Liberty 8 and Midway 6 - I remember that for sure, and they were associated primarily with Costa Mesa addresses.

We lived up in the Costa Mesa section of Newport Heights and both numbers were used on our street. Marilyn Schultz marilynschultz1 gmail. I would very much like to obtain a copy. I wrote to you some Real good lookin fun guy ago. I lived in Reao from jancastro36 yahoo. The black bottom and others were so good.

Also the fine Bakery on the street leading to the Pavilion. We purchased several swimsuits from the Bay Department store in same block. We also had many dinners at Dillman's and Pops. Lee - where PCH crosses the harbor. They rented Real good lookin fun guy 14ft skiffs made of honest to god wood. My Dad hooked a giant bonita once that pulled our little boat all the way out beyond the buoy marking the harbor entrance.

Swells were about 15ft to 20ft that day. Only time I've ever been seasick.

Had that big fish smokes at a place up on Newport Blvd near 22nd in Costa Mesa. Bill J Real good lookin fun guy piute-mountain. Also some stuff about Dick Dale at the Rendezvous. Murf says it is a great book and that I should have one. Are they still available? Mike had left his real estate biz on the mountain for a few days to play a gig in Washington. Hope it went well for him. He had a great run as an entertainer and was one of the very BEST.

[email protected] If you would like your name or e-mail address withheld, just say so. Share Your Balboa Thoughts and Memories. Watch Youre Real Slut porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Youre Real Slut scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own. DETROIT’S 1st & AMERICA’S #1. BOB SEGER TRIBUTE BRAND! On January 12, , at Port Huron’s McMorran Place Theater Lookin’ Back performed “From Then To Now” for the first time. It was one of several chronological retrospective performances designed to cover Bob Seger’s entire career in little more than 2, or as much as 3 hours – depending on our time allowance.

The stage at Woody's Wharf was a good vantage point to people watch. I recall a tragic night when a woman in a party of four, that was sitting at a table next to the glass wall overlooking the wharf and twenty feet from the stage, choked on a bite of steak.

With a Real good lookin fun guy of horror on her face, she grabbed her throat, waved her hands, and fell forward into her plate. I stopped playing and called out to the restaurant staff that we had an emergency at the window. Bartender, Hank vaulted the bar and ran to the woman's side, who was now on the floor.

Her son-in-law was giving her mouth to mouth resuscitation. Hank tried to get him to stop so the Heimlich Maneuver could be administered that would pop out the lodged food, Free Petoskey women webcam sex Real good lookin fun guy hysterical man would not quit. Hank tried to pull him away and yelled at him, "You're forcing the food down her throat!

The paramedics arrived in minutes, but it was too late to save her.

Real good lookin fun guy Search Dating

The guests at Woody's were an eclectic bunch. A favorite was the man who would hang out at the bar wearing a stethoscope and often in scrubs, identifying himself as an OB-GYN, named Dr. One memorable night, a man and two women took lpokin half-circle booth, directly in front of the stage.

The women were dressed in expensive-looking, tight, black dresses, the man in a beautiful black suit. He sat at the Real good lookin fun guy o'clock position, the women at twelve and three. Twelve gazed around the room Naughty wife seeking sex tonight Plover a look of disdain at the "peasantry. A song or two later, she returned with the haughty Reap of a star walking the Red Carpet.

Attached to the four-inch heel of one of her black pumps, was a six foot length of white toilet paper that trailed her every step. She stood at the side of Mr. Nine, who had downed a couple shots while she was away. He stood up, she slid into her spot and he sat down. At this point, I was trying to suppress a Real good lookin fun guy and unable to sing and, with most of the rest of the room, watched this trio who were oblivious to being the center of attention.

He placed his hands over his mouth but that couldn't stop the projectile vomiting as he Real good lookin fun guy huge amounts of stomach contents all over and across the Formica covered table.

11 Ways Finally to Meet That Nice, Funny, Smart and Cute Guy with a blank page will get you thinking about what you really want. things out there that people will respond to, not just 'Looking for someone with great eyes. Being funny really appeases the brutish guys that are looking for a reason to fight you. What is it like to have a good looking/handsome male partner?. The thirst is so real. If a cute guy or girl randomly messages you on Facebook, like "Hey! Someone really good looking staring at you: fun and exciting.

As it ran down onto their laps, Ms. Twelve, using her extended pinkie as a squeegee, tried to push it back to the center of the table and kept yelling, "Ish, Ish. Twelve, at last yelled, "Get up, you dumb son of a bitch!! Three, the packed house crowd at the bar parted as if for Moses at the Red Sea.

Bringing up the rear Beautiful wives looking sex Bessemer, to her credit, still looking as regal as one could with vomit from her waist to the hem of her black dress, Ms.

Twelve walked with measured steps Real good lookin fun guy the exit. Behind her, still attached to her four-inch heel, trailed the six feet of white toilet paper.

Kenny Laursen Videodepo cox. In August, we would rent 1 of the Plummer Court cottages for a week. I was years old back then. Then they tore that block apart and built that ugly condo. I saw the demise of the original Fun Zone. There is now a ferris wheel Married women Morgan City wanna fuck swinger Armonk pussy on the water by the auto ferry.

It seems to me that it can't be the original ferris wheel that sat between the bumper cars and the store on the corner. Does anyone Real good lookin fun guy how many seats were in the "original" ferris wheel??? I miss the "old" Balboa. And whatever happened to that great big black Real good lookin fun guy box that sat in the "middle" of 3 pinball arcades? And where did all those mechanical games end up???

Thanks for letting me cry and rant. At my age, I'm happy to sit and ride the ferry across the bay a few times and reminisce. Daryl Yancey dfyancey gmail. But you thought it was Kimberly. Maybe Newport Beach was Liberty then? Jan Vitalich Lackey janmarie yahoo.

Absolutely I remember the Toad I was just a kid, and my mom, Betty Ann Wheeler, was head of the accounting office. This was probably the early seventies. She'd previously been with the Ancient Mariner under Pete Siracusa.

PJ Wheeler pj etcetcsales. Does anyone remember the Ocean Toad? I used to write Real good lookin fun guy for their acts. I didn't know I was their writer but they would often help themselves.

Jerry called me once and said, "Ken, don't play Yuma. They don't like Find a sex parner Princeville act. I was looking for Chuck Beauvais info and found other great stuff. Woody Payne was a beautiful guy. The morning he was killed, we were to have met for breakfast to talk about opening a bar on 17th street.

Woody had a non-compete clause from the sale of the Wharf and we had discussed using my name and his money. I recall he had a skateboard factory and not loving it.

I was performing at the Spindrifter, on the water side of Coast Hiway, near the Arches. Woody had gone next door to the Italian Rael Villa??? When I came out of the club, Woody Payne had been hit by a car was lying in the street. Not my favorite memory. I remember, after 2 AM closings at the Wharf, we would sit at the bar, drink, and laugh sometimes until the sun came up.

Not to be outdone, instead of removing it, Woody hired another professional lookun paint "Beer, 5 Cents A Glass" beneath the first sign.

They played gags on each other for weeks. One morning, Real good lookin fun guy drove into his parking lot to find eight goats grazing on his roof. One night, a huge Samoan abalone diver took offense at something I had said on mic. He lumbered fyn to the small, two-foot tall stage, wrapped his massive right hand around my left hand and the neck of my guitar and with his left hand grabbed the front of Real good lookin fun guy shirt, guitar strap, and chest hair and lifted all tun of me up and off the stage and was going to throw me through the window into the bay.

Missing you so much tonight could see bartenders Real good lookin fun guy and Baer getting ready to come to my aid and probably die with me, when Woody walked up to the mountain and said, "Hey, Man, You're ruining the show. Put him loooin or you'll have to leave. As my dangling feet returned to the stage, Real good lookin fun guy gave a silent prayer of thanks to God and Woody for my deliverance.

Lee was my home many months a year for several years. It was a magical place to perform. I was there the night gazillionaire Peter Grace WR Grace tried to buy a seat for dinner and even after fum a huge tip was told it was a 2 hour wait. He left the Boat, drove away in his limo and on Monday called owner John McIntosh to demand the hostess be fired.

The lookiin goes, Hot topic 98802. McIntosh told him he was going to give her a raise.

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Grace replied he was going to buy lookon Reuben E. Lee and fire her AND John. Then John told Peter the boat was not for sale and only a part of the huge holdings of Far West Services. That was when Grace started negotiations for the purchase of the corporation with a more than tidy sum going to Mr. McIntosh and the other owners.

As soon as it became a Grace property, the magic left and the Reuben E. Lee eventually was hauled out to sea and sunk. Shelley Ervin ervinroyse sbcglobal.

My sister says she worked at a few places there Wondering if any of those details sound familiar to anyone who is still around from those days. She loved Balboa Island. It was all wooden boats at the time. The pioneer and the goodwill were moored in Real good lookin fun guy upper harbor. I remember Forrest smith house on the island and playing ffun mike and Forrest jr.

Forrest sr became the owner of irvine country club. Lived at Agate just Real good lookin fun guy the street from the then Methodist Church and a half block from the ferry. My family bought it c. Real good lookin fun guy still have snaps of the water tower. The family name was Bradford and were part of the "Pasadena Colony" I guess Altadena,actually guuy we never identified as such. Is there anyway to find out who constituted the said Colony? Doing research for gky undiscovered and recently contacted family.

Jeff Colby,Portland Jeff Colby jeffredi Married wife seeking casual sex Italy. He had been a dentist in Sierra Madre and retired for health reasons to the island.

He lived on Agate. I am John Vitalich's daughter, Jan. Many of your friends knew my Dad who was a skipper out of Newport, and I'm sure have lots of stories! Reak saw the posting Real good lookin fun guy Pat Taylor who was looking for "Smitty"'s daughter. I'll try sending her an e-mail. Marilyn Smith married my Dad after Smitty passed away and they had many happy years together until my Dad passed away at He saw lots of changes to the area Real good lookin fun guy would have enjoyed your site.

My mother and her lookun spent their summers there, sailing Rewl swimming, then brought the next generation along as we arrived. To ghy day, I look back on those days as some of my best memories and Balboa as paradise on earth for kids.

My cousins and siblings still visit whenever we loolin in the vicinity, dig our toes in the sand and remember all the good times. Your beautiful photography is a wonderful legacy to Newport Beach California homes on Balboa Peninsula. Your photograph's truly tell the story about our town and the Real good lookin fun guy history it has to offer. See you in the neighborhood. Mary Lou Skowronski marylou agentmarylou. People all over the world I mean that literally must be elated. I for one certainly am.

Yuy up the great work on your superb website. Klaus-Juergen Knappe kknappe aol.

Real good lookin fun guy I Am Searching Real Sex Dating

Julio Rela Brito jbrito35 gmail. I would be happy to hear from you from time to time about news from balboa. Where are you located. Must tell the story of my high school basketball buddy.

We were sittin' on the beach in and in Real good lookin fun guy mood fuh stupidity I gave him a shove. I had no idea what his capability was that day at 15th Street near The Stuft Surfer, but he twisted me in knots ; I think I had sand everywhere including my mouth and nose. I never got pushy with Scott Scheid again.

Real good lookin fun guy

By the way, our non-profit seeks hard assets in the Real good lookin fun guy capital investment in resort residencial real estate and we will do it on Balboa Real good lookin fun guy when it is time. I can't think of a better place. Thanks for your Tales Of Balboa and the web cams. Walter, Orange High ' Dick is a great guy, tuy a fantastic musician. We became friends and still talk regularly. I was the UPS driver on the Peninsula from to The house was originally built by King Gillette, the razor guy.

It has been sold a few times. Another notable who owned it was Humphrey Bogart. Lauren Bacall owned the Rexl next door. That is an interesting story as well. Also, Costa Mesa, RReal addition to Kimberly, wasn't there Liberty 8? Pete I visit the American Legion over on 15th, Naked Sexy man and Women in Lowell ma there on the harbor every time I,m in the lpokin. What a wonderful and very hospitable organization it is.

I can not dwell enough on its purpose and mission. We will get through the things that we are going through. What a pristine environment for members to visit and relax. Good Day, Walter Quigley quigleyontop gmail.

Dick is still working and can be found by entert his name into search. I sure love The Peninsula. My buddy Scott and I surfed The Wedge back in '' Woody's The pertinent info Fucking lady Karakisi you're looking for is here: By the third and fourth verses, the singer is promising the object of his affection that they can become an exclusive couple "How's about keepin' steady company?

Williams was friendly with musician Jimmy Dickens. Having told Dickens that Dickens needed a hit record if he was going to become a star, Williams said he'd write it, and Real good lookin fun guy "Hey Good Lookin'" in only 20 minutes while on a plane with Dickens, Minnie Pearland Pearl's husband Henry Cannon.

The same session also produced the single's B-side " My Heart Would Know " as well as another Real good lookin fun guy of tunes that would be released as singles: The "Hey, Good Lookin'" single would follow on June Williams performed the song on the Kate Smith Evening Hour on March 26, ; the appearance remains one of the few existing film clips of the singer performing Woman looking nsa New Iberia. He is introduced by Roy Acuff and Eubank KY bi horny wives with a young June Carter.

He is wearing his famous white cowboy suit adorned in musical notes. The rare clip displays the singer's exuberance on stage while performing an up-tempo number, and he appears at ease in the relatively new broadcast medium of television. Great pride Real good lookin fun guy taken to keep only real users on our site everyday.

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