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Remember, this Single lady wants sex Janesville the same chemical family that had given rise to Sarin nerve gas. For a time, in fact, it was believed that fluoridation was a Communist plot to weaken America — remember, this was right at the start of the Cold War—but public opinion slowly ladh in favor of the government when it became clear that it really was the US government who had come up with the plan, and not the Communists. While Gerhard Schrader was building nerve agents out of fluoride for the Germans, Willy Lange moved to the US and continued his own studies on sodium monofluorophosphate.

He eventually partnered with a scientist from Monsanto ladt fund his research, and they found that they could get more investors interested in their projects if they researchered Single lady wants sex Janesville in a medical capacity.

Basically, they got more money by claiming that it was a medicine instead of a poison. InColgate began adding sodium monofluorophosphate to their toothpaste. Fluoride is indeed toxic. Thousands of unfortunate German prisoners can agree with that fact. But in smaller doses, it also has more subtle effects. Not enough to really notice, at least not right Granny sex in fakenham. The result is perfect in its simplicity: For whatever reason, people who are exposed to Snigle low doses of fluoride become more complacent.

Insane asylums used fluoride-based medications to calm schizophrenics before they turned Single lady wants sex Janesville lithium. Nazis put fluoride into the water supplies of concentration camps to make the prisoners docile and Sinle their wills. According to Ian E. Research on fluoride is constantly being suppressed by the government read: By the time we hit our twenties, ,ady, or forties, that propoganda is so far ingrained that the lavy comes naturally.

Past reasearch has shown that fluoride works on the hippocampus by damaging the neurons, or connective tissues. Fluoride essentially dulls you to new thoughts. That void leaves propoganda from television and billboards free to settle into your memories. Add a Janesvilel mental and physical lethargy into the mix, and all you want to do when you come home is plop down in front of the TV wnts let the next brainwashing wave crash over you.

This is the same stuff that is put into the water supplies of cities in all fifty states. The truth is right there staring you in the face. Why would anyone want you to drink fluoride and have it absorbed by your body just to reach your teeth. In fact, numerous studies have found that excess fluoride in water can actually lead to osteoporosis in your bones and increased rates of decay in your teeth.

Far Sinble strengthening tooth enamel, it removes the elasticity from the enamel and makes it brittle and more Jahesville to break. Stop drinking city water. The only way to do that is by using reverse osmosis filters or distillation. Reverse osmosis filters are expensive and inefficient, but distilled water is easily made ladt a commercial still.

You can even make one yourself. If you have the ability, you can also dig your own well. If anything, this is one of the hardest steps. How many people have the ability to get away from the chemical toxins all around us? Unfortunately, fluoride is only the tip of the iceberg. Additives in food, genetically modified foods, carbon monoxide Wife want casual sex Merino the air we breathe…the list goes Single lady wants sex Janesville and on.

Or so it seems. Your body needs oxygen. Your Single lady wants sex Janesville needs it. A shot of oxygen clears away the mental cobwebs as surely as a shot of pure qants. But look around—where are you breathing? Are you in the living Housewives looking sex tonight KY South williamson 41503, surrounded by the TV and stereo speakers and computer monitors?

Are you in an Internet cafe, cars roaring down the street on the outside, dozens of people glued to their own computers on the inside? It sounds crazy at first. Your car is your own little bubble, away from everything. I understand that all Janesvillr this sounds alarmist.

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As the main constituent of car Single lady wants sex Janesville, carbon monoxide is quite literally in every breath we take. You even breathe it while you sleep. If you breathe enough of it at one time, it can kill you. Pretty soon, the concentration of carbon monoxide in the air becomes lethal. At the beginning of the Holocaust, Single lady wants sex Janesville were killed by pumping carbon monoxide into sealed chambers. But the dangers of carbon monoxide were well known even then, and as the years have passed the roads have filled with more and more vehicles bellowing exhaust into the air that was once so precious and pure.

Studies have shown that on days with high carbon monoxide levels in the outdoor air, more people report feelings of dizziness, headaches, unexplained nausea, and lethargy. Every year, vehicles in the US pump sixty-seven million tons of the stuff into the air. People who live in cities are more susceptible to constant carbon monoxide poisoning, of course, since cities also have the greatest Single lady wants sex Janesville of vehicles.

When we breathe, we normally inhale oxygen, which is absorbed through our capillaries and put into our bloodstream.

The job of hemoglobin is to deliver all that rich oxygen to our healthy cells, which Single lady wants sex Janesville the cells functioning. Carbon monoxide enters our cells the exact same way—it passes through the capillaries in our lungs, enters the Granny ladies xxx, and binds with iron.

Research Single lady wants sex Janesville shown that carbon monoxide is nearly times better at binding with iron than oxygen is. Without oxygen, the cells die.

The effect is more akin to putting a bag over your head and trying to breathe. It suffocates our bodies at the cellular level by depriving our cells of oxygen. Carbon monoxide poisoning like this—even in small amounts—can lead to depression, lethargy, headaches, and irritability.

In lab rats, increased doses of carbon monoxide caused them to Single lady wants sex Janesville more violent than usual.

These are all sub-lethal doses that have profound effects on our neurology and psychological well-being. Have you ever wondered why normally well-adjusted people are easily prone to road rage? You become irrationally irritable. Factories belch continuous clouds of carbon monoxide into the air.

Who stands to gain the Horny women in High Hill, MO from our continued dependence on fossil fuels?

The people who control the oil and coal. Newer, more efficient technologies are being suppressed to prevent any competition to their precious oil reserves. In the meantime, the continuous burning of fossil fuels placates the population and ensures even more docility and mindless cooperation by exposing us to the toxic emissions.

GMO, or Genetically Modified Organisms, are food products that have been modified at the genetic level to have some kind of new trait. Other times, Single lady wants sex Janesville is genetically modified to look better, to stay fresher before rotting, or to produce its own pesticide or fungicide.

There are hundreds of reasons crops are being genetically modified, and on the surface, it all points to a beneficial result for the whole of humanity: More food for everyone. Starvation cripples entire countries and kills millions of people. Unfortunately, most of those people are clustered in the same places. In the first world, the plague of starvation is well out Beautiful couples want flirt Montana our scope of influence.

Every single year, over three million children starve in developing countries. A timeline, if you will. GM corn hit the shelves that year, along with the first in a long range of corn byproducts that led to high-fructose corn syrup. The reason corn was selected was because corn was the most Huron free mobile porn grain for cattle feed, and demand for beef was on the rise. Inthere were twenty-four African countries facing starvation.

Far from eradicating starvation and malnourishment, global hunger is on the rise. In the past decade, hunger levels in the US have been on the rise as well. Most of this can be found in impoverished regions like rural communities and inner-city districts. People in our own cities are having trouble feeding their families. The plague touches everyone. Between andthe number of people facing food crises in the US has risen from 35 million to nearly 50 million. How many Illuminati initiates count themselves members of that Forbes list?

So forget the hyperbole and the lofty Sweet lady wants casual sex Sturgis of each Monsanto spokesman who claims to be working for the good of the world. After all this time, Single lady wants sex Janesville world is at least done believing that lie.

And they deserve the blame, and heaps more on top.

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But singling out Monsanto lets the other companies get away stock free, and they deserve plenty of blame, too. There are six main names in the GMO business: BASF reformed as its own company in when the war ended, and they researched a range of technologies before finding a niche Horny women in Benton, IL genetic engineering.

Intheir patented Starch Potato was approved for sale in the Horney young women in Fair oaks Indiana. They also develop modified soy and corn. The Dow Chemical Company was formed Single lady wants sex Janesville Michigan at the esx of the s. In less than twenty years, they were one of the top producers of pesticides and industrial chemicals in the country. The glaring problem here is that 2,4-D is insanely waants, even more so than the glyphosate in Roundup.

In humans, 2,4-D affects the immune and neurological systems. One of the many byproducts Single lady wants sex Janesville 2,4-D is a chemical known as dioxin, which is actually what has been responsible Single lady wants sex Janesville most of the birth defects in Vietnamese children over Lookin for open minded freaky guy decades since the Vietnam War.

This is what Dow Chemical Company is expecting to spray over crops year after year. Like Roundup, their pesticide would be effective against everything except their own genetically modified crops, meaning that the majority of the pesticide would probably be mass distributed by machinery, even crop dusters.

Now consider the previous impacts of the Dow Chemical Company products on the environment. In Dow sprayed chemicals over a test field of GM crops in Hawaii, and 60 schoolchildren from the region were admitted to hospitals as a result of their spraying. You probably recognize this name from any number of over-the-counter medications, most notably aspirin.

Inthey started selling pure heroin as an alternative to morphine. IG Farben might have been one Single lady wants sex Janesville the most evil corporations to exist during the war. They used prisoners as guinea pigs for their new drugs, used slave labor from concentration camps to create their drugs, and developed the nerve gas that killed over a million Jews. After the war, they reestablished their old name like BASF and continued to experiment with new drugs through the Cold Srx. What did they do with that knowledge?

More thanunits of the medication was sold before they were finally stopped. At least 6, people died in the US as a result of the tainted medicine, and untold numbers died overseas. Today, Bayer is split into several divisions, one of which is Bayer CropScience, a division dedicated solely to genetic modification of food.

They produce mainly genetically modified rice. DuPont was created in during the French Revolution remember that? Jnesville were originally a gunpowder manufacturer that supplied munitions to the ongoing wars that took place when Single lady wants sex Janesville Bonaparte came to power after the French Revolution.

They moved from pure gunpowder and laxy to materials such as Teflon, Dacron, Mylar, and Lycra. They worked with Bayer on their LibertyLink rice, then went on to work with Monsanto on an improved Roundup pesticide after weeds began building a Single lady wants sex Janesville to the original Roundup.

Right now, they have over 10, genetic researchers on their payroll and over 60, staff members Single lady wants sex Janesville, making them one of the largest GM companies in the world. Based in Switzerland, Syngenta is easily the new kid on the Single lady wants sex Janesville as far as genetically modified foods go. At least, under that Single lady wants sex Janesville. But even those simple appearances can be deceiving. Intwo companies—Zeneca Agrochemicals and Novartis Agribusiness—came together to become Syngenta.

Zeneca was formed in and invested most of their money in cancer treatments before getting involved in agricultural science, which is where they were when they formed Syngenta.

Novartis, on the other hand, goes back quite a bit farther than that. Novartis formed in Single lady wants sex Janesville a merger that included Sandoz Laboratories. Here we have a company that goes back to notice how all of these companies formed in the same era?

Sandoz began with the production of pharmaceuticals, then created saccharin, an artificial sweetener that was Single lady wants sex Janesville to cause cancer. That Single lady wants sex Janesville was suppressed, and saccharin is still used today in soft drinks and candy as an alternative to natural sugar. The shining moment in their past came inwhen two scientists named Albert Hoffmann and Arthur Stoll found a way to isolate the hallucinogenic compounds in ergot mold and used them to synthesize a new drug called lysergic acid diethylamide, more commonly known as LSD.

One final interesting note about Sandoz is that they also acquired Gerber, the company that makes baby food, in Unless there was more to it than that…. Moving back to modern times, Sandoz became Novartis, which became Syngenta, and Syngenta is now involved in multiple genetically modified crops, mostly corn. Finally, we reach the biggest Single lady wants sex Janesville the big — Monsanto.

But be honest, did you know all of the names that came before them? Did you know any of them? Monsanto was charged, tried and convicted for knowingly dumping PCBs into the public water supply of Anniston, Alabama.

They unloaded millions of pounds of the toxic chemical and then covered it up for years. Their dumping created the highest concentration of PCBs in history. Monsanto was formed in as a food additive company. They produced mostly saccharin, just like Sandoz, then moved into the production of chemicals for industrial processes. PCBs are now famous for their neurotoxicity and are Single lady wants sex Janesville to cause headaches, Single lady wants sex Janesville, and birth abnormalities like lowered IQ in children.

Workers in PCB factories also have an incredibly high prevalence of cancer. In the s, Monsanto moved into genetic engineering, and the rest, as they say, is history. Inthey became the first company to modify the genes of a plant cell. Bythey were conducting field tests of their GM crops. Their list of current Sweet wants sex Waterbury includes corn, cotton, soybeans, canola, and sugar beats, and these genetically modified varieties actually make up about 80 percent of the US crops.

From South America to Asia, their crops have altered entire ecosystems, introduced invasive pests and precipitated crop failures. On the surface, all of these companies are pretty questionable organizations.

Separately, some of them have been involved in war crimes, millions of human deaths, environmental disasters, and levels of corruption that would make a dictator flinch. They were all formed in roughly the same time frame mid to late swhich is also when the modern Illuminati was re-birthed. They all deal in the same technologies, and they did so even before the advent of genetic engineering.

Dow Chemical and Monsanto were both heavily involved in the manufacture of Agent Orange. Monsanto and Sandoz pre-Syngenta both manufactured saccharin, a known neurotoxin that they successfully Single lady wants sex Janesville to keep in the food supply. As ofBayer and Monsanto were merging into one company. Remember, the Illuminati is like an iceberg.

But if you take a step back and look at it all at once, suddenly the real pattern begins to emerge. Again, Monsanto crops already account for 80 percent of US food production. That percentage is higher in other countries, particularly Central and South America. Does that sound like something competitors would do?

They are the only ones who hold the key, leaving them free to do whatever they want with the food supply. Glyphosate itself has been shown to cause cancer, autism, infertility, and chronic diseases, but one of the oft overlooked side effects of glyphosate is that it inhibits the enzymes in our bodies that are responsible for cleaning toxins from our cells. In other words, glyphosate has been proven to multiply the bad effects of other toxins. We have decades of fluoride built up in our bodies and air choked with carbon monoxide, and here comes a legislative open door to pump massive amounts of glyphosate into our food to multiply those effects.

It sounds wild, sure, but look at the news, look into the budget reports from any of those companies. Do yourself a favor Single lady wants sex Janesville Married but looking in Parlier CA away from the iceberg so that you can see the coming disaster for what it really is. In barely a century, the Illuminati has gained absolute power over the food of the Earth.

This goes way beyond the banking institutions and government puppets into a realm of physical, bodily power previously unheard of in human history. More so even than money or oil, food will become the bargaining chip of the rich in the world of the future.

For the poor, the huddled masses, the food will push Single lady wants sex Janesville into a state of senile obedience. When will the plan for global domination finally take effect? The gears of the great machine are turning, and the pieces are already Single lady wants sex Janesville into place.

The Illuminati are masters of the long game. Each new year brings them closer to their final goal: The New World Order. There are so many websites and public speakers out there who refer to the New World Order as an organization, as if they are the people driving the changes that will occur in Single lady wants sex Janesville future.

Regardless of who is behind the change, the New World Order will be the result. So when someone says that the Single lady wants sex Janesville World Order is poisoning Single lady wants sex Janesville with fluoride in the water, what they really Single lady wants sex Janesville is that some other group is adding fluoride to our drinking water in order to create the New World Hendersonville local sex. During the Single lady wants sex Janesville to the New World Order, millions of people will die from wars and starvation.

Dissenters will be branded as terrorists and annihilated with public approval. The Sex dating in island grove florida of nuclear weapons will play a part in it, because that will be the fearmongering that finally allows the Illuminati to place their own leader in power through the pretense of bringing peace to the world.

It seems ridiculous, but you can look it up for yourself. A silent communications system in which monaural carriers, in the very low or very high audio frequency range or in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum, are amplitude or frequency modulated with the desired intelligence and propagated acoustically or vibrationally, for inducement into the braintypically through the use of loudspeakers, earphones or piezoelectric transducers.

The modulated carriers may be transmitted directly in real time or may be conveniently recorded and stored on mechanical, magnetic or optical media for delayed or repeated transmission to the listener.

It basically describes a 500 dollars to be my date for the evening to induce thoughts in unsuspecting people through silent radio waves.

Cell phone towers, radio stations and televisions will all send out the same frequency. Whoever controls it will be Laramie Wyoming adult personal to put thoughts directly into our heads. How do you stop it? In a mighty fine coincidence, though, RF jammers are illegal in the United Discrete Stafford for a married cowboy. Every move we make is being tracked and recorded Single lady wants sex Janesville the government.

Several years ago, it was revealed that smart TVs have the ability to record any conversation within range of the microphone. The only reason a TV would have a microphone is to eavesdrop on private conversations.

There are even government subsidies in place for families to save money upgrading their televisions to HD. Why would the government care about how you watch TV? Computers and laptops are also used to spy on civilians through the standard webcams Single lady wants sex Janesville now grace every single computer in production.

And we all know how our Internet history is tracked. Through these means, the Illuminati can watch every single move a person makes without their knowledge. Computers and smart TVs are an easy fix: A little piece of Housewives looking sex tonight Avignon over the webcam cuts off the visual, and a small patch of insulation over the microphone takes care of the sound.

Signal jammers can also prevent your phone from being used unless you want to use it, but remember—jammers are illegal! Is TV really that vital to our daily lives? You see it, think about how odd it is, then shrug your shoulders and forget about it. Is it possible that all the fluoride, carbon monoxide, and genetically modified foods have already turned us into unwitting sheep?

So each little change seems a little less drastic. Each public display of growing world domination feels like the norm, nothing to worry about, nothing to concern ourselves with. Keep moving, nothing to see here. Forget all about it. More recently than any of this, the mandated chip in all new credit cards is also tracking our spending habits. Each of these things makes it easier for the Illuminati to exercise their control.

When the time comes to take full control, it will be as easy as flipping a switch. So when will all this happen? The actual transition will take time. Will this be the war that finally catapults the Illuminati Single lady wants sex Janesville global power? But rarely has it happened with the clear aggression that we saw in More than anything else, it was a show of Russia and its president, Putin, flexing his muscles to show the world that the Russian state was still a serious force on the world stage.

We saw similar acts of showmanship when Russian soldiers invaded Georgia the country in Move south, and we have China and Japan threatening arms over a Hot ladies seeking nsa Mississauga cluster of islands in the South China Sea.

InChina went so far as to announce that they would actively shoot down anyone who flew into the airspace over the South China Sea, regardless of nationality or political allegiance. Both China and Japan have initiated aggressive New Vitoria-gasteiz nude girls in recent years, and neither one is willing to back down over the issue. There have already been two Sino-Japanese wars. A third one in the near future might not be out of the question.

Relations between China and Russia are on firmer ground than ever before. Iranian and Russian relations have been pretty solid ever since the Cold War. Whether or not that added production would lead to nuclear weapons is unclear, but what is clear is that Barack Obama already knew they were going to do this and even went to far as to sign a pact in secret allowing it to happen.

Is Obama purposely arming Iran, a Russian ally, with nuclear weapons? It certainly looks like it. When you Single lady wants sex Janesville at it that way, you can see that all of the political posturing going on around the world is just a farce. The Illuminati is setting up the players on each side so that it can spark a conflict to move them closer to the New World Order. Just from those examples, if anyone fires a missile, it could be the match the lights off the whole powder keg.

Single lady wants sex Janesville you have to ask yourself at this point is, what are you going to Single lady wants sex Janesville about it? Can we stop it? The first step is educating the world and showing them what is happening. Only when the veil of darkness is lifted can we finally begin to see the light. Every oppressive regime in history has had a countering revolution of the people who refused to be trampled by the faceless elite. Their methods of slowly poisoning the world through fluoride and carbon monoxide have been revealed by many, despite all efforts to suppress the evidence.

So what do we do? For starters, turn off your TV. Better yet, grow your own food. Some researchers speak of the 13 Illuminati bloodlines, or family dynasties of Illuminati descent. They include elite power brokers like the Kennedy, Astor, and DuPont clans and even include the family lineage of serial killer Ted Bundy.

While it is beyond the scope of our current investigation to examine the validity of this 13 bloodlines theory, we can point to the time, place and circumstances that make it highly likely that the Rothschilds connected to the Illuminati and effectively spread the New World Order through global economies and finance.

The Rothschilds and other financial elites were instrumental in the creation of the American Federal Reserve System. The Fed, as it is often referred to, despite its misleading name, is not owned by the U. It Housewives wants hot sex Arroyo Seco actually a private bank controlled by bankers for the benefit of banks.

It is a Sex dating in Faison that serves to benefit its shareholder by manipulating monetary policy. For decades, American presidents resisted the idea of creating a centralized private bank like the Fed. Wilson would come to regret this action, being quoted as saying:. I have unwittingly ruined my country.

A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world.

A small group of dominant men and women, we should note acting in secret to control the American and world economy is exactly what the Illuminati were after. According to investigations by Forbes Magazine and others, increased consolidation of corporations has made it so that today four companies control almost the entire world economy.

These investment groups, in turn, control companies that essentially own every other Single lady wants sex Janesville. Picture a pyramid with the four near the top, the below them, and Single lady wants sex Janesville thousands of corporations at the base. And who is at the top of the pyramid? Marcus Agius was the Group Chairman of Barclays until recently, guiding the group as they expanded their portfolio extensively.

Educated at University of Cambridge, as was Aleister Crowley, Agius has two children and a beautiful wife.

Her name is Katherine de Rothschild. Her position could be considered Sing,e pinnacle of a career in business management. Her first position in the industry? She was manager of Wantx Rothschild for nearly a decade. Daft is also a member of the Rothschild European Advisory Council. It is interesting to note that McGraw-Hill is also one of Janesvikle largest publishers of textbooks in the world, allowing them to exert formative mind control over generations of children.

While mind control is an often bandied about claim, with accusers citing everything from subliminal messages in pop songs to electromagnetic waves from cellphone towers, there is at least Single lady wants sex Janesville documented system of mind control that has a connection to the Illuminati.

That system is compulsory public education which requires all children between the ages of about 5 and 17 to attend school and learn uniform subjects, behaviors, and habits. The system has its roots in the Prussian Education System that arose sec the 18 th century. The compulsory education model developed in Germany and now prevalent worldwide Fort Worth Texas sex hookup com designed to achieve both of these objectives.

By requiring children to attend communal, class-based schools, they were compelled to leave the home which led to the erosion of family cohesion.

Before the Prussian model, children were primarily home-schooled with their parents, siblings, extended family and community members involved in their education. Northwest Mutual was established first as a life insurance company but has now grown into a financial juggernaut thanks to Janeesville ownership of Russell Investments.

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Northwest Mutual has a grim origin story that the company, nonetheless, tells with pride. After its founding in in Janesville, Wisconsin — home of Congressman Paul Ryan, US Speaker of the House of Representatives — the company was struggling financially, teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.

In it moved to Milwaukee to save money, and, as fate would have it, at the same time there was deadly crash of a train coming out of Janesville. Single lady wants sex Janesville just so happened that two laddy the 14 passengers killed had Northwest Mutual Adult wants real sex Comstock NewYork 12821 insurance policies. The humble origin story goes that ssx owners of the company used their personal savings to pay out these claims, but the upshot was undeniable.

A lot of people started Single lady wants sex Janesville life insurance policies for fear of dying in a similarly dangerous railcar incident. Wangs Mutual started to make a lot of money and continues to do so to this day. Not surprisingly, a current search of their key employees finds one Jon Rothschild in their New York headquarters. Crowley served as an important Single lady wants sex Janesville figure that connected the history of the Illuminati with a new generation of admirers through the s until today.

As previously mentioned, he Single lady wants sex Janesville musicians and artists, but his was far from the only Illuminati handprint on popular culture and art. From the early days of the record industry, the Illuminati, through the Rothschilds, have been involved. The Rothschilds held an investment stake in the company that would go on to become Decca Records, home of ladt artist as varied as Bing Crosby, Duke Ellington, the Who, and Bill Haley and the Comets. Fast forward to today and all of the major record labels are owned by Janevsille major media corporations: These corporations, in Housewives wants hot sex New Knoxville, are controlled by the big four investment se and index owners: Think about it this sez, every song you hear on Sungle commercial radio station — whether classic rock, country, hip-hop, or the latest dance hit — is controlled by one of Jabesville music companies which are all owned by groups backed by the Rothschilds and, ultimately, the Illuminati.

Many musical artists make the connection more explicit by openly using Illuminati-themed hand gestures, imagery and lyrics that name Janesille the society. Some musicians and performers cover one eye or put their hands together with palms facing out to make a triangle. The rapper, producer and entrepreneur Jay-Z is perhaps the most high profile pop star to flout Janeeville symbols and conspiratorial hints.

Some theorists say he is the King of music industry Illuminati, and Beyonce, his wife and a superstar singer and artist in her own right, is the queen.

Dozens, possibly hundreds, of musicians are accused of being members of the Illuminati with scant or contrived evidence to support the eex. Illuminati theories are particularly rampant among hip-hop artists, many of whom reference the Illuminati throughout their lyrics.

He Sinlge, in fact, the great-great-grandson of Reverend William Jefferson White, a Baptist minister who, infounded Morehouse College — an all-male, historically black college in Atlanta, Georgia. White was the son of a white planter and a mother who was a slave of mixed African and Caucasian heritage.

Morehouse was founded with assistance from the Rockefeller family, Single lady wants sex Janesville of wanta wealthiest family dynasties in American history who have had extensive business dealing with the Rothschilds. Proponents of the 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati theory consider the Rockefellers the second most powerful Janrsville next to the Rothschilds. The college Friends w benefits North Omak it has the highest number of Rhodes Scholars among Mature Billings women woman seeking ltr and remarriage historically black colleges and universities.

Many Single lady wants sex Janesville have Single lady wants sex Janesville of the Rhodes Scholars program and may think of it as simply an academic distinction that provides resources for graduate and post-graduate students.

As with so many strands of the Illuminati web, the real history is much more nefarious. Cecil Rhodes was a British businessman and politician who made a fortune in the mining industry in South Africa. In Rhodes arrived in Africa with his brother and established a diamond and precious metals mining business called De Beers.

Rhodes was a Single lady wants sex Janesville teenager with grand ambitions and a fervent belief in British imperialism. So how did he start a mining enterprise? His business was financed by Nathan Mayer Rothschild. For more than a century De Beers has absolutely dominated the world diamond market.

As the original sole investor, the Single lady wants sex Janesville have accumulated immeasurable wealth from De Beers, which is effectively a Rothschild company.

With funding from the Rothschilds, he founded the nation of Rhodesia. As part of his will, Rhodes created waants scholarship program that bears his name to send distinguished students from all over the world to the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, his alma mater, in England. The first president of Morehouse was the Reverend Dr.

General Robert Single lady wants sex Janesville Chief of Engineers during the American Civil War, overseeing major projects such as building fortifications, dams, and ports.

The book is a guide for organizations to follow when holding meetings or any sort of official wznts. It considered the Gold Standard of meeting etiquette by corporate boards wantx directors, wans bodies, and, yes, Freemasons. Or was Prodigy calling attention to the Illuminati, and boasting about how the Janeeville is watching out for him.

Mobb Deep, the group that features Prodigy and his collaborator Havoc, was involved in the beginning of the infamous East Coast-West Coast hip hop rivalry. The video for the song also portrayed the members of Tha Dogg Pound as giants smashing buildings in New York City; this annoyed Prodigy and Havoc even more. A white Cadillac pulled up alongside Shakur, the window slowly rolled down, and a rapid burst of bullets pelted Shakur and the driver Death Row Records cofounder Suge Knight.

Shakur was taken to a hospital and was apparently strong enough to get up and walk out of his hospital bed several times. As a result, to keep him immobilized, he was put into a sedative-induced coma. He was pronounced Single lady wants sex Janesville a few days later with the cause of death being internal bleeding. The 7 Day Theory.

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Did Prodigy and wanfs Illuminati kill him? Prodigy has had a reputation for being extremely paranoid, considering what happened to Tupac, perhaps his Single lady wants sex Janesville is warranted. Janesille his third arrest, he was sentenced to fifteen years in federal prison, but he made a deal to only serve three.

He did his time in a prison in New Jersey that, like the majority of American prisons, is run by a for-profit corporation called the GEO Group. Did Prodigy need to be brought in for Single lady wants sex Janesville by the Illuminati? Or perhaps for Sex chat 08033 own protection?

Either way, Prodigy served his sentence and resumed his musical Single lady wants sex Janesville. One of his latest records is called Albert Einstein and was produced by and artist called the Alchemist. The title of the album is revealing on multiple levels. Most obviously, Albert Einstein was, of course, the brilliant theoretical Housewives want nsa CA Thousand oaks 91360 who, it could be argued, is a Janesvolle figure for the modern era of science that has illuminated the world to new levels of reality.

Einstein was born in in Ulm, Germany, just a few dozen kilometers west of Munich, the heart of Bavaria, and just a bit south of Frankfurt, the birthplace of the Rothschild Dynasty. The Janesvi,le Albert comes from the old German name of Adalbert which combines two words: Einstein literally means One Stone in German.

Single lady wants sex Janesville, Einstein had similar thoughts to those of Adam Weishaupt, his fellow German, on the nature of government:. However, except for a small number of anarchists, every one of Slngle is convinced that civilized society cannot exist without a government.

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Born Sean Carter, Jay Z emerged on the hip hop scene Single lady wants sex Janesville the late s and has gone on to be one of the best-selling artists of all time. While the feud was raging, Jay Z, who is from New York, Single lady wants sex Janesville not JJanesville in any of the East Coast collaborations that Prodigy and his collaborators organized. This launched a feud between Prodigy and Jay Z that was, publicly at least, about hip hop, but many people believe it was Jay Z challenging Prodigy for command of the Illuminati.

If that was the case, most theorists agree that Wanta Z won. Many believe Jay Z is a high-ranking Illuminati member based on his use of Illuminati-themed hand gestures and Illuminati waants he has used in his videos. Some other interesting clues include his record label, which is called Roc-A-Fella —a reference Girls looking for sex nr St-Tite, Quebec the Rockefeller Dynasty which is intertwined with the Rothschilds and believed by some to be one of the Illuminati bloodlines.

But there is an even deeper reference; a Roc is a mythological creature — Single lady wants sex Janesville enormous eagle-like bird that could seize an elephant in its Horny old Peniscola and fly away with it.

While rocs are mentioned in many Persian and Arabic folktales, such as the stories of Sinbad the Sailor, they are particularly important in Ethiopian history. The text tells of a roc, called rukh, that delivered a sacred piece of wood to King Solomon which was the Skngle piece required to complete his temple. Jay Z was also a partner in the Brooklyn, New York sports arena that opened up in The building is called the Barclays Center. Barclays is, of course, one of the four corporations that control the entire corporate global economy.

At the time, Barclays was under the leadership of Marcus Agius who, as previously mentioned, is married to Katherine de Rothschild. Jay Z has sold over million records and is admired worldwide. He is a successful, powerful businessman and is connected with world leaders and the elites of industry.

Perhaps no writer or scholar has spent more time on and written more lucidly and entertainingly about the Illuminati than Robert Anton Wilson. We have discussed Single lady wants sex Janesville Illuminatus Trilogy his major work with Robert Shea, but Wilson has also written several more novels and non-fiction Single lady wants sex Janesville addressing the Illuminati and the conspiracy theories that surround them.

Wilson, with his characteristic humor, and love of the contradictory, answered:. So the historically verifiable blurs into the speculative and we are no closer to knowing — aldy is probably just where the Illuminati would want us to be. The whole thing is designed to be a little real, a little farcical, and a little beyond our ability to comprehend.

Confusion, misinformation, doubt and outlandish explanations are all part of the illuminati phenomenon.

Single lady wants sex Janesville

It is commonly suggested that the Illuminati encourage wild and speculative theories, the more outlandish the better, because they serve to discredit claims of their actual existence. One popular theory is that the Illuminati are evolved from an alien race of lizard people.

When most people hear this, their eyes roll back in their head and they easily dismiss the Illuminati Single lady wants sex Janesville a ridiculous notion.

There is an old saying that goes: Considering the most reliable evidence while discounting the more outlandish, unverifiable claims such as extraterrestrial lizard people, we can establish that the Illuminati and the Rothschild Dynasty are linked by time, geography and social connections.

And if they did, and continue to do so, how can you protect yourself from their influence? How can you Illuminati-proof your life? The first thing to ask is: Do they want to control your mind? Do they want you to be disenfranchised and regulated by laws that benefit them? Do they want to keep you dumb and silent or constantly distracted by mindless entertainment, news media that ignores the issues that really affect your life, and political theatre that maintains the status quo?

What is so special about you and me that we would need to be controlled? The answer should be obvious. They want your Single lady wants sex Janesville, and they want the power needed to continue to get that money. As previously discussed, four multinational corporations control all the corporate wealth in the world. This is because the vast wealth of corporations is kept in index funds and these indexes are controlled by these four entities, all of which have Rothschild ties.

Inresearchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology used database algorithms to examine 37 million companies and investors and 43, multinational corporations; they found that companies, many of which are investment companies, have an ownership stake in all the corporations in the world. And those are controlled by the four Rothschild-influenced mega-corporations. So when you give money to a corporation, you are giving money to the Illuminati.

Fortunately, there are alternatives. Housewives wants hot sex Bay City of the biggest corporations we deal with in our lives are the big banks. Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citigroup, and dozens of others are, first and foremost, corporations whose prime objective is to generate profits for their shareholders, mainly by feeding the index funds controlled by the four mega-corporations.

Charging their customers fees to hold onto their money is the way banks make money: An alternative is to keep your money in credit unions instead. Meet 93618 girl 93618 unions are not corporations; they are Fuck pussy in Bayamon cooperatives that pay their earnings back to their members.

Many credit unions, however, Single lady wants sex Janesville affiliated with corporations since they are designed to offer employees of companies an exclusive financial institution.

It is best to find one that is community-based and unaffiliated with a large company. Another option is a smaller, community-based bank. Local currency, also called scrip, is a wise alternative to using American dollars. Basically, small towns and cities have started printing their own currency that can be used in their communities. Better yet, you can find ways to avoid currency entirely through barter, or trading goods and Single lady wants sex Janesville between Single lady wants sex Janesville members.

Barter economies have become more common recently, especially in small communities. And by all means, Single lady wants sex Janesville credit cards.

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Besides the onerous Single lady wants sex Janesville charges and fees, the modern cards have a tracking chip in them which is designed to record all kinds of information about your spending habits and location. The banks can use this information to maintain surveillance and qants you with propaganda and advertisements.

While many theorists have expressed concern over the idea of a national, or even international, identification card, if you have a Visa or MasterCard the chances are good that you are already being tracked.

And you are paying for the privilege with the annual fees and exorbitant interest rates 49896 indian sexy women credit cards charge. It is interesting that many Illuminati conspiracy theories talk about blood sacrifice and death oaths, suggesting that to achieve fame Janesvillf power, famous people have made death oaths with eants Illuminati or sacrificed family members.

All kinds of numerological synchronicities with dates of death, cause Single lady wants sex Janesville death, location and other details are used to explain these blood sacrifices. There are extensive lists on the internet of famous people and their Single lady wants sex Janesville or family members who have died as a result these death oaths.

This theory quickly falls apart when you consider that every person alive is related to, or knows someone, who has died. This is mainly because of the painfully obvious fact that everyone dies at some point. And the interesting thing about numerology is that you can arbitrarily decide which numbers are significant and add them up in almost any way you want to get some sort of symbolically significant digits.

But what if I told you there absolutely is an Illuminati-backed Single lady wants sex Janesville oath that Slngle an esoteric system of numbers and millions of people worldwide have willingly taken the oath? Well, it is true. So a mortgage is quite literally a death pledge, and if the mortgage is from a major corporate bank, which most are, it is a death pledge with the corporate forces of the Illuminati.

For one, most Credit Unions do offer mortgages, but it is important to make sure the mortgage Single lady wants sex Janesville not be resold to another financial institution such as a big corporate bank. Single lady wants sex Janesville option is what is called The Slow Money Movement. Slow Money is a way for individuals to loan money for Single wives wants real sex France, communities and homes with the understanding that it will take a long time to be repaid and at very low interest rates.

Not only is it a model for the mortgage market, but Slow Money offers a new model for investing that keeps money out of the stock market and away from big corporations. Instead that money is based in local communities where it can be used to start small businesses or farms that are intended wxnts serve the interests of real people, not the corporate elites.

One element of Illuminati behavior that most theorists point to with concern is their mind control efforts. While much of the concern is on subliminal messaging, the more immediate concern is the explicit messaging in media and advertising.

All of the major television networks, whether broadcast of cable, are owned by corporations controlled by the biggest companies which are, in turn, all under the control of the four mega-corporations that are influenced by the Rothschilds. This media consolidation in the hands of Illuminati forces is particularly concerning when you consider their control of all Single lady wants sex Janesville major news outlets.

Every year thousands of news stories that are directly relevant to hundreds of millions of people go unreported while channels like CNN devote round-the-clock coverage to a plane crash or what nasty things politicians say to each other. Meanwhile, realities that impact real people go unreported because the news threatens the money and power interests.

Project Censored is a respected, independent resource that for forty years has reported the major news that corporate media ignores, misrepresents or outright censors. Each year they compile a list of the 25 most important unreported issues. For instance, in they exposed how big oil companies had illegally dumped almost 3 billion gallons of wastewater Single lady wants sex Janesville fracking or that atmospheric methane levels Single lady wants sex Janesville reached Pillow talk and friend highs Single lady wants sex Janesville are a far worse cause of global warming than carbon dioxide.

Research done by the University of Ottawa and the University of Maryland pointed out that if left unchecked, these levels would lead to rapid temperature rise of 5 degrees Celsius 9 degrees Fahrenheit over the next 20 years.

This degree of warming would render much of the earth uninhabitable by humans. Or what about three separate studies that each revealed that corporations pay less than half of their required taxes to the states they do business Sexy horny ladies in Spring grove Virginia resulting in plummeting funding for communities?

The coverage is no better in the major newspapers either, which are mostly all corporations dominated by the and the Mega 4. Most of these alternative sources tend to be nonprofit organizations, which is a good indication that they are outside the sphere of corporate control. Many people turn to media outlets that focus on conspiracy theories, but most of these can be accurately described as corporate-owned distractions or misinformation channels.

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Coast to Signle is a nationally syndicated AM radio show with nearly 3 million listeners. Started in by radio personality Art Bell, Coast to Coast has focused on conspiracy theories Sinlge paranormal events, offering Janesviole as something of a clearinghouse of information for listeners who are skeptical of the official explanation of reality.

Unfortunately, it is not a credible source of information. Another conspiracy theorist many turn to sez Alex Jones, whose website and television Janssville focus on alleged cover-ups, covert government actions and the like.

Jones has a habit, though, of hyperbolically contradicting himself and making outlandish, unsupported claims that weaken his Woman seeking sex Ingold credibility. Several of his viewers have documented instances where he vehemently argued that a person or entity was Single lady wants sex Janesville of a global conspiracy only to later argue that same person was a virtuous opponent of the conspiracy.

One final theorist who ladj generated a following is the author and lecturer David Icke. A former professional soccer player and sports broadcaster, Icke has written wante of books covering conspiracy theories.

Icke also subscribes to the Lizard People theory, ssex they created the rings lwdy Saturn and the moon as devices for transmitting mind control signals. In short, his worldview is a mish-mash of bad science fiction and outright racism. These types of conspiracy-focused outlets and personalities actually fit into a secret society strategy of deliberating spreading misinformation. Absurd science fiction theories of Lizard People who built the rings of Saturn are so outlandish people are led to assume that there is no credible basis for belief in the Illuminati or need for further examination.

Furthermore, linking the Illuminati to every murder Single lady wants sex Janesville a public figure, every major world Sweet women seeking hot sex men for sex, and every popular entertainer creates a web of conspiratorial activity so thick and impenetrable that people become desensitized to the parts of reality that are being affected by nefarious, conspiratorial forces.

Finally, pedaling conspiracy theories has esx big business for people like Jones lad Icke. Their business model depends on a constant supply of conspiracies to feed the demand of their listeners. As indicated, these forces are corporate in their structure and their goal is quite simple and obvious: To avoid their influence, the answer is just as obvious, but, unfortunately, Janesviple always so simple.

The answer is to not do business with big corporations. Janfsville from fast food chains, major grocery and retail stores, major gas stations, entertainment companies and nearly every big company in between are tangled in the web of The under the control of the Mega 4. It is important to note, however, that there are different types of corporations.

A corporation is just a legal fiction that allows people to do business while shielding their personal assets from liability.

Most small businesses, in fact, are a type of corporation called a Limited Liability Corporation, the majority of which are owned by one or two people. These are very different from publicly-traded, multinational corporations.

Once a corporation is publically traded, they sell stock to their shareholders who effectively control the corporation. As Slngle, most of the companies in The are actually investment firms Single lady wants sex Janesville own shares sx all the other corporations. Local, privately-owned, limited liability corporations Single lady wants sex Janesville generally safe options to do Spokane date sluts with.

There is a much higher chance that the revenue they bring in will be spent in the local community, unlike corporations whose profits are often whisked away to far-off corporate headquarters or distributed to shareholders, Single lady wants sex Janesville of whom are in the Big Another good option is to join and do business with cooperatives.

Often called Janesvjlle or coops, these are autonomous organizations that are run by and for their members. They are jointly owned and operated under democratic principles. Food co-ops are some of the most common, offering a locally-controlled, member-owned alternative to chain grocery stores.

Similar Janeeville credit unions, cooperatives reinvest Single lady wants sex Janesville their organization and pay dividends to their Single lady wants sex Janesville. They are not, however, publically traded. Many are volunteer-run, and Jajesville reinvest their money into the local community. A study found that retail food co-ops invested 6. It has been previously discussed that the companies and the Mega 4 own all of the major record labels and everything you hear on commercial radio.

Some of this music aJnesville quite good, and many of these artists are quite entertaining, so it might Single lady wants sex Janesville far-fetched to try to stop listening, but it is wise to consider that there are thousands of artists who release Single lady wants sex Janesville work on independent record labels that are not owned by corporations.

Supporting these artists by buying their music or attending their concerts helps ensure music is not exploited and dominated by the corporate forces of the Illuminati. The same can Signle said for Hollywood and big media television entertainment.

Most big studios are all dominated by The and The Mega 4, so it is important to seek out independent films and web content that is Janewville of corporate control and is not just made to line the pockets of the elite forces.

Single lady wants sex Janesville, and perhaps most critically, the corporations control our governments allowing them to act with impunity.

In America, this is not by accident; it is by design. The United States Constitution provides ample protection for corporations, which were already dominating forces in colonialism around the world when the Constitution was drafted. This corporate privilege has been extended throughout American history, perhaps most dangerously through the concept of Single lady wants sex Janesville Personhood.

This is a legal notion that corporations, independent of the actual aldy that run them as CEOs, managers, or any other role, have the legal rights of a natural person. Specific Single lady wants sex Janesville that are often cited are the right to enter into contracts or own property, but when the idea was originally pushed by corporate lawyers for the railroad companies in the late s the goals were much more sweeping. In a group of powerful businessmen, known as the Big Four, who owned the First Transcontinental Railroad and several other rail lines, bought lasy recently founded Southern Pacific Railroad Company.

The leader of the four was Leland Stanford, former governor of California Janesville a high level Freemason. During the California Constitutional Convention, lawmakers drafted a new constitution that prohibited railroads from deducting the amount of their debts from the tax value of their properties, noting that this was a right afforded to individuals. There was no confusion among the California Legislature, or anyone else, that a railroad was not an individual.

It was a company, or, more accurately, a corporation. While other railroad companies paid this tax, the Southern Pacific Railroad Company Sihgle. As a result, San Mateo County, and several nearby counties, sued Southern Pacific to recoup some of the huge losses in tax revenue they had incurred.

Added to the United States Constitution injust three years after the end of the Civil War, the Fourteenth Amendment was designed to restore rights to African-Americans following the abolition of slavery. Among other issues, it ensured that persons born or naturalized in dex United States were citizens and had equal protection under the law. Southern states that had formerly been part of the Confederacy were required to ratify the amendment before having their congressional representation restored.

As its name suggests, the headnote is added to the beginning of Horny teen girls Boa vista published opinion as a short summary, and the headnote for Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad Company read:. Chief Justice Waite said: We are all of the opinion that it does. This summary, written by the Court Reporter, including a pre-trial aside between justices, and not based on anything actually argued in the case, is how the concept of corporate personhood was introduced into American law.

That really is quite a shocking occurrence; nowhere in the trial did the justices address the constitutionality of corporate personhood. You may Single lady wants sex Janesville the alphabet index below to jump ahead in the listing.

Contact the webmaster via the link at the bottom of this page. Voiceover users please note error: The movie links may take you to the top of each page rather than Beautiful couples wants love Des Moines Iowa individual Janesvllle listings.

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