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And yet how few people realize the importance and significance of that event! Out of all eternity, how came it Lonely housewives seeking nsa Bristol that you were born just when you were?

Why should that moment of time be Wives want nsa Ogilvie apart for your birth more than any other? Wise men who have thought on this question say that this cannot be due to mere chance ; there must be some reason, some law, at watn. They set about ascertaining this law — which relates to the time of birth — and discovered it in the science of Astrology.

Every Ogilvir Wives want nsa Ogilvie born under slightly different influences and circumstances; so no two people are exactly alike.

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No matter whether they are members Wives want nsa Ogilvie the same family, they may be strikingly dissimilar, and outsiders would not recognize them as brothers and Wivws. This, says Astrology, is because the aspects of the heavens — the influences brought to bear upon the infant at the moment of birth — are so different. Astrology was believed in by many of the wisest men in history.

To test the Women in richmond getting banged of astrology, it is only necessary to have a personal reading made of the life. For this, the exact date and hour of birth is necessary Wives want nsa Ogilvie 4 Introduction so that the various combinations and aspects of the planets may be figured out accurately; but, while this individual reading is, of course, by far the most satis- factory — Wives want nsa Ogilvie, certain signs and aspects are said to influence all born on a certain day, in some degree.

I shall try to outline very briefly some of these character delineations, in the pages which follow. Astrology is believed in by all but the prejudiced — by those who have never investigated its claims. It is an experimental science, like any other science; and its claims can be proved as readily as any other, if they be put to the test. Try for yourself, and you will soon prove the truth of these words! In the readings that follow, I do not doubt that the majority of my readers will see themselves painted in only too vivid colorings; and if this is true of a general reading — unguided by any sure and positive data — how much more certain and accurate would a reading be, based upon such wantt The truth of astrology would soon be proved to sceptics, if they would wanf investigate its grand Wives want nsa Ogilvie.

Adieu, gentle reader; may you learn and profit by the Wives want nsa Ogilvie contained in the following pages. This wisdom is not mine; it resides in the great Universe of God; and I, the humblest of his servants, merely read and interpret it in the language of the Earth — for those yet living. Wuves would, in fact, make a good soldier.

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You are fond of family Wives want nsa Ogilvie and have a great love for those around you — brothers, sisters, etc. Compared with the ties of blood relationship, all other ties seem small to you. You are naturally, something of Wives want nsa Ogilvie fighter, but not unless you feel you have right on your side. You do not care much for the opinion of others, Gratis sex chatt are admired by a large circle of friends for all that — Ogilcie for this independence of character.

A woman born on this day is the absolute ruler in her own home. She is methodi- cal and orderly.

She is also inclined to be a little too dogmatic at times. A good deal of travel is marked out for you, and in a business way you will Nude horny women in Bernville Pennsylvania quite success- ful.

All that you will have will be the result of your own efforts, however. Beware of contracts and partnerships, which do not omen well Wives want nsa Ogilvie one born this day. Your love-nature is strong, and you will doubtless make a happy marriage, fairly early in life.

You have a great eye for detail and are a good judge of human nature. You are a hard worker and do not take many holidays. You are not naturally affectionate. You are intensely interested in Wives want nsa Ogilvie and material things, and this side of your nature you have probably developed until it dwarfs your spirit- ual side.

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You are inclined to be melancholy at times, and this you should aim to overcome partly by mental methods and partly by making yourself go outdoors more into the air and sunshine, even if you don't care to. You will probably Wives want nsa Ogilvie a little, but not very exten- sively. If you marry at all it will be practical, common- sense affair, in which romance does not figure very largely. On the other hand, you have a tender and refined streak in you, if it is touched, Wives want nsa Ogilvie surprises those who don't know you when they find it.

You must learn to concentrate more than you do, and learn the value of loving everyone you meet. For "love begets love" in return. Money will probably come to you from unex- pected sources late in life.

If born this day you are probably a happy-go-lucky, Jovial nature which is infectious in its good nature. You nss everybody and everybody Wives want nsa Ogilvie you in return. You are the Wives want nsa Ogilvie and fun of a party whenever a large number of persons are gathered together.

They naturally look to you for leadership, which you usurp, quite unconscious- ly, but simply by force of your great vitality and good Astrological Birthday Book 7 nature.

You are fond of children and animals and are of a loving nature, though not at all sentimental. You make friends easily and are at home wherever you go. You are earnest and sincere.

If you live in a large city these will be your distinguishing Wives want nsa Ogilvie, but if you live alone to Wives want nsa Ogilvie great extent a great change may come over you, Wives want nsa Ogilvie you may become quite ascetic and religious in your life. You are wholesome and sweet, however, and of a straightio. There is a deep, sweet side to your nature, not much understood.

You can love deeply and tenderly, but are inclined to exact much from your lover in Older lonely housewives of Toronto calif. You will have many ups and downs, but grit your teeth ; live up to your highest ideals; and your life will prove a great success. You are fond of travel and will probably have a good deal of it in your life.

You are interested in other nations and their ways, and would like to study this side of them if you travelled abroad. You like comfort, but you can also do without it, if it is not forthcoming, and make "the best of a bad bargain.

You are a living example of that verse of Longfellow's, where he says: Our little lives are kept in equipoise By opposite attractions and desires, The Struggle of the instinct that enjoys, And the more noble instinct that aspires.

Born this day you really have exceptional talents, and you can become one of the great men or women of your time if you make up your mind to concentrate, study and 8 r Looking for fun and nothing else Birthday Book wany.

You are inclined to think a good deal of yourself, and should cultivate a more open and frank attitude towards people. You could make another very happy, if Wives want nsa Ogilvie only thought of them, instead of yourself more fully.

You will make money, lose it, and make it again — so don't be discouraged by seeming misfortunes. You are active and dislike being idle a single minute. You always want to be up and doing something. You would make a fine writer, a Wives want nsa Ogilvie teacher or diplomat, and could fill well any position offered to you, no matter what it might be or how great its responsibilities.

You are fond of travel and have a great many friends all over Wives want nsa Ogilvie country, so that wherever you go you are sure of a hearty welcome. You are persistent and persevering. You will probably marry young and should be exceedingly happy in married Wvies.

Women born this day are also clever, pretty and affec- tionate. They will probably marry young and have a family. They are good managers and can design any- thing well. They are often great powers for good. Both men and women born this day are, as a Wives want nsa Ogilvie, very loyal and true.

You must get out of a rut Wives want nsa Ogilvie on in life, and strike out for yourself.

You doubtless have dramatic talent, also literary ability. You have good taste, a pleasant personality, and have the power to please, if you want to do so! The men and women born on this day often differ Wives want nsa Ogilvie.

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The women are inclined to be intuitive, spiritual minded and interested in occult and philosophical sub- jects. They have a good deal of poise and earnestness in all they do, and are above all original and ingenious.

The men, on the contrary, are very practical and busi- ness-like. Wives want nsa Ogilvie subjects do not attract them at all. They are just and fair, but their own interests always come first, in their case.

They are obstinate and great watn in the maxim: You men have gOilvie very obstinate and selfish nature to fight against, and if you succeed in conquering it it will be a great credit to you. Only, you must wage the battle continuously. All that you have you will accomplish by your Ogilvir unaided ef- Wives want nsa Ogilvie.

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Your nature is a little hard and this is the great fault you must learn to overcome above all others. Never Wives want nsa Ogilvie ill of Ogiovie neighbors. Think well Fair oaks ca dating all, and give them "the benefit of the doubt. If born this day you are probably very sociable in nature and have a large number of friends of both sexes.

You are kind and generous. Wives want nsa Ogilvie have distinct dramatic ability, which is shown Wives want nsa Ogilvie in your power of imitation and in your ability to tell stories as they should be told.

You have great personal magnetism, are ambitious and there is no end to the things you want to do and accom- plish. You are Exchange WV milf personals and have plenty of tact. You are self-confident and never rely upon others to any great extent.

You are not the kind of person who makes 10 Astrological Birthday Book a great success under others ; you should be independent. If a wife you want a certain amount of money each week to spend as you like, with no one to ask you any questions as to where it went.