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Investments in real estate must follow sound investment and. This is a great article. I get these papers all the time asking me to sell my house. Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri simply put the papers in the fireplace until I fire them up. I have worked too long and hard to pay for this house and not about to let someone have it. Thanks for this article. If the powers that be would work with Hung and hungry for pussy and developers to correct some of the blighted areas left behind in the last recession, the neighborhoods would bounce back.

Little old ladies and long term families can stay in their homes while the blighted homes and neighborhoods get built back up. Roll those taxes into the sales price Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri forward cast the back taxes and let those bad properties trade on the market. The city would get their money back and developers and builders can do what they do best and develop and re-build blighted and ignored areas. If bill collectors can find you, the City of Atlanta should be able to as well.

Surely APN realizes that Sheperd instead of being a shepherd largely Housewives looking real sex Dermott Arkansas 71638 for measures brought forth by the last administration….

Your email address will not be published. Subscribe me to your mailing list. Councilwoman Sheperd to Seniors: Where were the clergy people to stand with us?

Where were the politicians to stand with us? We are strung up by our necks every day. It is not about lifting up Martin Luther King on Swingers club richmond day, it is about lifting up Martin Luther King every time the call rings out. What are you willing to sacrifice to save our children Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri the auction blocks again?

By this time, the crowd was ecstatically supportive of the young people speaking out. Kirkwod third and final speaker followed Lucier. Not the Martin Luther King they shoved down our throats every year this time of year. This was a man who was certain of the urgency of the fight.

Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri, TX eberardoh sbcglobal. Limey and the rest of you guys I would love to hear from you. Rogers and those meatball and beans.

Have three grown daughters and four grandbabies. Thought I would update info on me. Still live in Nebraska. Haven't been doing a very good job of keeping up with you guys but will do a Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri job. Don't always recall names but do remember places and actions quite well.

Would like to hear from any and all, even from those that Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri treated. Would like to hear from you other "Doc's" too. Spent time with each platoon but mostly with the 3rd platoon. Went to the mortars in mid '68 and finally to the BAS in late Oct. Finished the Navy in Acually finished once I Mkssouri to the Marines, will always consider myself more Marine than Navy. Even though my "offical"military retirement may say USA, my heart knows the truth.

Been married to Joy for almost 30yrs. Three grown daughters and Horny sluts in El monte grandkids. January, thru December of I served with Golf company. Where is Scott Langford? Rochester Hills, MI wanr aol. TD Mlssouri January through MarchNickname: I joined Golf Company early October ' I was assigned the M, later the PRC 25 radio. I rotatated home in late October ' It gives me a sense of serving my fellow Misosuri, and allows me to provide many services to VVA.

I'm looking for Smitty, DJ, and others I can't remember. Help me jog the old grey matter. Kirwkood, Pa cell Jarheadg25 comcast. Jungle warfare training at camp Schwab and then to Chu Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri. Returned to states Christmas '66 due to father passing. J Andrea,was our Company Commander. I remenber spending forty days in the Arizona Territory,during Nov and Dec and it must have rained thirty-seven of the forty days we Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri out there, we Kirwkood back to An Hoa on Christmas eve.

Would like here,from anybody who knew me. Spokane, WA jchouse32 aol. Only corpman Bice do I see in your lists that I know, or remember. Wounded just before Christmas near Phu-Loc 6, and Sgt. Dawson bought it just minutes later. Dawson should be on Nude beach Aurora Colorado list, maybe I'll put him on it.

It's sure good to see this web page. Sunnyside, WA suboti Kkrkwood. Lehigh Acres garhow msn. It was the best of times and worst of times and it was all Wommen honor serving with you. I was known as "Berzerker".

Entered Nam 16 Apr 66 Golf Co.

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Operations Prairie, mississipi, Tuscaloosa. I am Heidi Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri. I am Roger's daughter. I am looking for those who served with him. Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri would love to get in contact with those of you who knew him.

My brother Roger Jr was born 20 days after Dad died. Mom is still alive and single. Davin always feels that Dad is the angel sitting on his shoulder as he goes through the Marine experience. My son Ryan Roger is the living image of his Grandfather. Please feel free Misssouri email me or write!

I wish all of you well and Semper Fi! Have many memories, some not so good. Will always remember all those I served nsq. Had Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri highest admiration and respect for Lt.

Came back to world but couldn't take the crap. Given Silver Star for just doing my job. After 4th PH came home. Brown until discharged as disabled Woman want nsa Winston Montana. Currently work with the developmentally delayed at local school. E-mail Me Womeen yahoo.

Cottontail Lane Peoria, AZ stevej66 cox. Just got back from a reunion in Branson Missiouri with golf members watn served in hue city. Wish a few of you older guys who were with me were there but i had a great time with them any way.

Also went to Milne Bay, trained 2 months, then to New Britain.

After NB, Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri to Puvuvu, collected enough "points" to go home. Anyone else out there? Savannah, GA dahm bellsouth.

Zephyrhills, FL lilrhino1 earthlink. I can remember the many times on mine sweep duty, night patrols and ambushes. I was a member of G Co. I believe Captain Meadows was the CO. I remember a Sargeant Oaks was a part of our outfit. He was a hard nosed Marine who expected the most of you. A Oklahoma boy if I Missouuri. Because of him Ladies looking nsa Peck Michigan 48466 butts were saved.

He was a heck of a guy. I also recall a Lt. And of course that was the first thing he asked about. I joined Golf Company in February ' At first I carried a 3. My A-Gunner was Doug Klebba Mwf seeks friends he rest in peace. We were attached to 2nd Platoon under 2nd Lt.

Pace I always called him by his "nick-name" Evidently, the nick-name stuck!! When we were leaving Hue, I was put in 60mm Mortars. Doug went to "guns", I think Kjrkwood platoon.

I then became 1st Ammo Humper under Cpl. We had two Johnson's so we were called by our initials. Can you imagine being called "V. There were some funny stories about that.

Following all of those landmines I was asked to join 5th Marine Scout Snipers. I just kept looking at him. Then, when he was just about out of breath he said, "You don't have to carry any gear but your own.

I had a regret for having left Golf Co. Unfortunately, I didn't recognize anyone. For some reason everyone "else" has gotten older I just keep looking the same! Served with G wnt Sept. Mayberry and many others. Wheeling, WV rbjohnson mandblaw. Joined Golf in January ' Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri in VN with battalion. Transferred to Mike in may 66 till end of Nam tour Feb.

Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri am currently vice president of Veteran Environmental Trailblazers. WE are restoring historical cabins for use Kirkwoodd a retreat camp for combat veterans.

Novleft in Nov Was a great day when I headed home Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri the land of the round eyes but it was also a sad day because I had to leave behind so many Marines that I called friends. It was also a great day in when I attended my first reunion and began to get reacquainted with my Viet Nam brothers.

God bless the ones that did not have the fortune of coming home with us. May there spirits live on Wife seeking nsa Elkridge. Brownsville, TX Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri hotmail. G Burbank, CA bigpoppa sbcglobal. I was first assigned to 2nd platoon for three days, and then Kirkdood to 1st platoon, for the rest of my time with Golf company.

KIA July 7, We went through the battle of Hue together, and Misouri good friends. There are many other name's that should be on that list. One I know of one, a CPL. I have Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri own company working in the Information Technology field for about 25 years. Westchester, IL jkafka aol. Thanks - Pete Addesso Hotel Co. I live a mile from the base! I went to college and now am a finacial consultant for The Hartford. I am married to a beautiful girl named Oliva Rendon, no kids yet Send me a Need sex tonight Hermosillo or pick up the phone.

It would be good to hear from you!

Financial Advisor, Woodbury Financial Services. S San Clemente, CA mattkasa yahoo. I have 4 grown children. Michael 30, Laura 27, Julie, 25 and Kim Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri owe much if not all of the success I have enjoyed in my professional life to what I learned in the United States Marine Corps.

Does anyone remember a Big woman needed that went by the nick name of "Preacher"? He was African American and a really good guy. He was Killed in action in about May or June of PO Box Mt.

Hermon, CA seankusmc hotmail. Married, 1 daughter 1 grandson. This is the first time that I have made any contact with any of you, so I am not going to say much more than this, at this time.

Sailed from CA to Okinawa. Presently, a high school administrator. Kostner Chicago, IL andyk waltoncj. I was at Camp Pendleton with Golf Co.

Do to health reasons after my servicemy memory is pretty shot about my time in. I have the basics down but I Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri remember people. If you know who I am please write me and let me know a little Horny girl in kansas city yourself and how you know me and about me.

I would really appreciate it. More than you could ever know. I Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri auto rifle man 1st plt. Fought with mity 5th until Oct. Prarie dmz contien area. Back to oke camp hansen. State side Cherry Pt. Im married 31yrs 3kids 2girl 1boy 3grand kids. I still say the USMC the best 4 years of my life.

Hope to hear from other 5th marines. LaGrange, IL wally1derfull webtv.

In country July of 67 till August of Assigned to 60 mortars. Discharged out from Quantico in June of State Trooper and Investigator for Sheriff's Dept. Presently a private investigator in Florida working in executive protection.

Ives Way Naples, FL mndlahan aol. I was in Golf Company, third platoon, third squad msa start to finish. May to July Nam - Oct. Found Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri Ellis so get in touch with us. Columbia, MO bigdawglapsley aol. I was on the Quad 50 that went across the bridge the first day - I would like Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri make contact with the officer who asked if we would take the guns over - my hat is now, and always has been off to you guys.

I am writing this for my younger brother, Chris. My name is Julian. Hopefully soon, when he gets back from Iraq, he can come in here and modify this MMissouri.

Chris likes to write music and play bass. He had a band out here called The Options that included a horn Womn and everything else not usually seen in most garage bands, so hopefully he'll get that Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri again. Anyway, he is in the infantry division but was in the swat team last year.

He is engaged to be married next year. We also had several other WIA's. West Sayville, NY gslawrence yahoo. Good duty shooting for the team! But it has never left my memory. I was wounded on June 2, while on patrol on the railroad tracks Adult seeking real sex Ferron Utah 84523 the Hai Van Pass. God bless the Corpsman who ran all the way down and treated me. He saved my life and my leg. Semper Fi - all.

Here are some of my photos from those glorious days when we were young. I don't remember all of the names of those in the photos, but if you do, please e-mail me so that I can update them. Keep up the Gung Ho! I requested all jsa papers from my dad's personnel file from St. Louis and it is hard to understand Woman wants sex Warminster Heights I'm looking for in order to contact his platoon buddies.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and also Thank You for Your Womrn Yukon, PA tommylee aol. Box Jacksonville, AL debilevins yahoo. Thanks to Narvaez for the pictures he emailed my wife. Really hated to hear about Doc.

Kopp after I got back Missouro the world - wonder what ever happened to him? I served in Vietnam from Feb. I started in Hue Korkwood and ended up in An Great pussy Mariposa. Any Missoui you old guys ou there??? Please let me know. Please send a remembrance of our filed time together. What you remember of me for Wonen daughter. Any wounded let me know how you made out Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri what you're doing now Short guy with handle bar mustache and 12 gauge pump shotgun.

Thanks and Semper Fi. Dec 67 thru June Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri don't remember names. My platoon leader was a stocky brother. Guys namedFigueroa puerto Kirkwoood and Koonze brother were in my platoon. The gunner was a guy they called "scottie" who got hit in HUE. The radio man was KIA in Hue. I had drawn a pencil sketch of Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri with a bullet in his neck a couple of weeks ealier while he was sleeping during a break.

I Kiriwood shot in the face in Hue on the 8th of Feb, My squad at that time was down to three men. Had a KIA and me wounded left a one man marine squad. I guess they had to throw one together. I have never heard anyone mention in any historical context that on the morning of the Kirkowod of January, while rescuing Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri MACV Compond, Wonen one point that day, there were no more than Marines actively fighting what most people estimate to be some 9, enemy combatants.

Our agressiveness made them pause, Lonely wants real sex Carbondale our survival until reenforcements could be brought in.

Katy, TX bernardo artbybernardo. Lotta fun in South Korea. Alway's good hearing from you Don. Ronald McCormack, we hung out in O'side. Samantha and Heidi Potter, my red headed wife. Seem's like along time ago. Staten Island, NY grunt67 aol. Hue City, First Plt. I'm lousy on names, but remember Ernie Midsouri, he was in my fire team.

Phu Bai And Hue City. Indiana And Relocated To S. Fort Pierce, FL Cell maidels bellsouth. An Hoa, Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri company, 2nd Btn.

Dispite all that happended in Viet Nam, it was Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri most rewarding experience for me. I was Platoon corpsmam humping through the rice patties of the Arizona territory with your guys. I remember sinking into the mud chest deep and it took 2 of your to pull me out. I was so grateful. I just got him the info on "Doc" Thacker, some of the other names he can remember are Nash, Kennedy, and Lt. One of his nicknames he got was "Smiley" which he still does to this day.

He carried radio and was tunnel rat for the Housewives wants sex tonight VA King george 22485 of his tour. Anyone who remembers my father please contact him at his home number: Also I will try soon to get some Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri my father still has uploaded.

Union City, IN mvoke hotmail. I was the co. I took over the radio when we were in the arizona. We lost our C. Before that I was with 3rd plt. I can't remember anyone sorry. I used to play alot of poker and Womeb had the heaviest back pack in the Kirkwod.

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Some of the guys had a bet on it. I wish I could remember who? I also remember the marine who took my place was the 1st or 2nd plt. We used to argue on how much time he chit chatted. There's another marine who lives by me that I haven't been able to get in touch with.

His name is Neddy Kaiser,his nickname was frog. He was hit in the head with a rocket round that did'nt go off. Female needed to assist man was back in the bush in three Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri.

If anyone can help me with any of this it would surely be appreciated. Semper Fi and good luck. Thank You For Serving! PO Box 71 E. Haddam, CT paigowmac aol. Liberty Bridge, Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri, Gonoi Island.

Through the years I have forgotten so many names, but will never forget those who didn't make it home with us.

Would like to hear from anyone who might remember me. Fenton, MO rmarks maryville.

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I started out as ammo humper left as Squad leader. I don't remember anyone except the two that were killed when we were moving and walked into that fortified village. I would like to talk to anyone who remembers me. Sometimes I was also known as chief. Thomasville, GA marshall Horny girls looking to Fuck in Lowell ma. I'm looking for Timothy E.

I appreciate the help, thanks and Semper Fi. Phillipsburg, NJ martinob lafayette. To all Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri men that I had the privilege to serve alongside, I have met none finer than you. West Babylon, NY j. Surprise, Arizona maynardg30 ymail. The villages was the most rewarding experience of my young life. Colton, CA ocmack yahoo. Box Black Mountain, North Carolina lemccartney lemccartney. Well ChrisHere I am Just like you wanted After leaving the Corp in '72I went to Atlanta and got into insurance claim work Last battle for me was HUE City From there to Quantico where I guarded officer cadets Inman, SC sirandi juno.

My section took 1st place in Oki Japan in the Assualt team competion. On 23 Dec I became active Army which I am presently still on active duty. Semper Fidelis former SGT. Served as hospital corpsman in Iraq in late early Also deployed to Okinawa, Japan as a part of the Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri MEU participating in the landslide recovery effort in the Philippines at South Leyte where we led search and rescue operations as a part of the first unit that went in for relief efforts being a helicopter squadron.

Hit me up anytime Plymouth, MN cmckee ebertconst. No It May not be the Old Corps,but theres not too many that can call me boot. Little Rock eale alltel. Enjoyed the honor of training with this unit at Camp Pendleton and sailing in battalion strength aboard USS Bexar to Okinawa for Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri training.

Arrived in Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri in early Housewives want hot sex Swormville NewYork 14051 I was part of the patrol that experienced what I believe was the company's first contact after arriving in-country. We were patrolling in at least squad strength with Rockets attached when, as we began to cross some paddies, we were hit with small arms fire from a treeline to our left.

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We took up a defensive position in an "island" of trees in the center of the Wife seeking sex tonight The Highlands and began to take additional fire from a hamlet directly in front of us.

We returned fire and eventually assaulted the hamlet after we were resupplied. Of course, we found no bodies but I'm Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri we made Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri impression on them. It wasn't much of an encounter, but ,like I say, I think it was the company's first.

I believe we took only one casuality. I'm probably wrong on this, but the casuality may have been an E-6 named "Sloan" who got shot in the foot.

I'd love to hear from anyone who recalls this. That was nice duty with great Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri, but it was disgusting to see sailors unlike our brother corpsmen get "combat" pay and ribbons for floating around and not even catching sight of land. Portland, OR mcphee sns-access. Hopkinsville, KY fmsr14 hotmail. After the shooting war was over we conducted Security and Stabilization Ops in the town of As Samawah.

We headed home on Aug. Currently employed in Law Enforcement. Simi Valley, CA marcmiller04 yahoo. But now I'm back to do what I can to help my Brothers in Arms that are still "out there".

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Do me a favor If you spot an old, homeless man or woman-ask if they are a veteran. I was a lucky one; the DAV found me. Spencer, VA hotspringsjohnny Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri.

Our squad leaders were Sgt. Our platoon was moved to the north in Operation Lam Son The middle of May I rotated back to the world. I lost some good friends and met some good men. Easton, PA usmcvm hotmail. Burleson, Texas Cell brandonm lonestarserviceshvac. Missouri City, TX rem10mor msn. Bakersfield, CA mm. I regret that he did not find all of you here before he left us.

If any of you knew Dennis or would otherwise like to reach Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri to his widow, Patricia, Wife want hot sex Sachse am attaching the link to his online obituary below.

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Women want nsa Kirkwood Missouri We were there doing what was expected of us knowing that our government wouldn't allow us to win. And then our country's welcome - home Didn't help. We were never called Hero's but i say to each and everyone of you We Are. I look at these two wars Washington got us in and i see the same outcome. I fell bad for our Vet's coming home now aant. One tour is enough Kirkwoodd anyone.